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    £35k imo it might be more like 40k and is not really what i’d call affordable, but it is a step in the right direction. I have bought a house cheaper than that. allbeit it was in 2002.

    10% t0 80% in 18 mins and a range of 300 miles but in the real world thats 70% off  the 300 mile, so thats only 210 miles, Thing is how big is the boot..

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    Guessing this guy is not a member of sage and could it be all the lockdowns are for nothing at all in the end.

    Coronavirus will not be wiped out, expert suggests

    Coronavirus will not be wiped out and is likely to become an endemic infection, an expert has said in light of Boris Johnson’s comments that there is no “credible route to a zero-Covid Britain”.

    Speaking as he announced plans for England’s path out of lockdown, the Prime Minister also said any lifting of lockdown restrictions would lead to more cases and deaths.

    Professor Lawrence Young, professor of molecular oncology at Warwick Medical School, said the virus cannot be contained worldwide and there has to be an acceptance that there will be some deaths.

    Mr Johnson told the Commons: “There is therefore no credible route to a zero-Covid Britain, or indeed, a zero-Covid world and we cannot persist indefinitely with restrictions that debilitate our economy, our physical and mental wellbeing and the life chances of our children.”

    Speaking to the PA news agency, Prof Young said: “Just worldwide, you’re not going to be able to contain this virus.

    “There’s already millions of people infected, we know that it’s going to continue infecting.

    “And we know that whatever restrictions that we put in place, whatever we do, with vaccinations, etc it’s not going to stop them.

    Already over 111 million people have been infected with it around the world, so it’s going to continue to infect and continue to change.

    “I think that’s why it’s really quite difficult, if not impossible, to have a sort of zero Covid strategy really in this country.”

    He added that realistically the only way to wipe out the virus was to get the whole world vaccinated, but that wouldn’t happen for a very long time.

    Prof Young said: “So I think the general sense is, not only from those issues but also from the way the virus behaves, and the way that other viruses behave, the way that coronavirus has behaved generally, is even though we hope to be able to stop it causing severe disease, it’s very likely to become an endemic infection.

    “And I think that’s what this strategy is all about. It’s accepting that actually, that’s what’s going to happen.

    “And the hope is it will eventually become part and parcel of seasonal winter flus and colds that you get with or without the need for subsequent vaccinations.”

    Prof Young explained it could be that the virus adapts to humans, as is being seen with the variants, and it may be that the virus becomes less harmful and does not require repeated vaccinations.

    Asked if there was now an acceptance that there will always be some death from Covid-19, he said: “Yes, because we do that for other infections.

    “It’s a horrible way to think about it, but why should we think about it any different from the way that people die from flu and pneumonia every year.

    “What you can’t have is the number of people that have been so poorly and the pressure that puts on the NHS, aside from the obvious horrible effect of people getting poorly and dying.

    “I think it’s almost a societal issue about ‘well if you’re going to learn to live with something like this, what is an acceptable level of being sick, and actually what are people prepared to live with?’.”

    Prof Young said that vaccines are not 100% effective and there are always going to be many people who are vulnerable and don’t get vaccinated, and there is always going to be an underlying level of infection and illness.



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    I closed my reply page by accident and had to have dinner and it was a good one but cannot be bothered to type it all again.  so i will try be short as there never an easy or short answer to these questions.

    It was more the totalaterion of the state i was refering to, but as we head more into the great reset or as the many leaders of the world call it “build back better” choice is not an option and any vew against it is crushed and lets not talk about the police, who don’t understand that guidance is not law and the facts that our rights have been taken away and given back in drips and draps.

    Labour ain’t done much and starmer has said hancock should not be sacked and only today this lockdown should be the last, I bet he is calling for more soon enough and tuffer actions and more restrictions of our freedoms in the name of public saftey. Over and over they play it out like good cop, bad cop, so we think they not working for the same paymasters, who will give them a nice little number after leaving goverment.

    As for the nhs most of us all pay NI as well as taxes, so we do pay towards it and so much theses days is out sourced to 3rd parties not only in the nhs but local goverment, prisons, policing etc etc companies like serco who i believe are owned by the crown and the likes of richard branson who sue the nhs also. Costing us the tax payers even more.

    I am all for the nhs but how long will it be used as a reason to keep us from having our god given rights taken away for..

    Save the nhs when the nhs should be there to save you, but in some case that is not true either. Why because of the bigwigs ego’s imo and they don’t want to look bad.

    It turnsout the nhs under this pandemic has been blanket putting dnr’s of those with learning disabilities as they deem there lives are not worth saving i guess.

    I do get that they have to make hard choices but in the same vein, they also have to be judged and held to account. like for the descion to release people into care homes that had covid and infected those in care homes.(1/3 of all covid deaths have been in care homes)  I do not blame the doctor’s and nurse’s they are treated so bad by the nhs also imo.. but the manger’s of the trusts whom was balled out. for all the wrongs before covid.

    like my local hospital who had a refit and borrowed i think 250million under a pfi and has to repay 1 billion pounds 300% intrest and they have to pay the pfi company as part of it to change a light bulb for instance at £100 a pop and any other maintenance.

    So it was no wonder the trust was in money trouble and who was that deal setup under the labour goverment as well as the schools and alot oare now academys, some which never been used as they was not fit for purpose, but still being payed for. So many ways to fleece us and again we hold the nhs dear and they know that and will use it aginst as they are doing right now..


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    Me also wmcforum, could of almost got 2 houses for that..

    I am so glad there is not a mercede’s dealer close to me and on the the one visit i did make to one nearest to me, I’d have to say I’d give them 0 out of 10. I was tempted but as soon as i foundout that adaptive cruise comes as part of a pack at a crazy price on top of the ap on any car.. It was not for me.. Seems it’s saved me alot of grief, I’d still be waiting for my next car by all acounts and i have been in my honda sport since june 2020 (should of been april)order in jan and was delayed due to covid but was at the dealers well before 3 month handover date..


    That truely is crazy abercol, what will be the point working and commuting, if it just becomes so expensive it’s not viable. Plus public transport is not cheap at all and often not as useful as they tell you it is..

    Although one maybe able to operate a jcb digger say from your own home at some point for example so there will be no need to got the the actual site day after day..

    just like drone operators and i do think this all is to stop people using personal transport altogether.

    All by pricing the poorest out of the marketand making the car not viable anymore..

    Like also closing off roads to cars and forcing al of them down main routes / ring roads they cause more congestion, and as you have to travel further create more pollution.

    They do this so they can then complain about it and offer the new solutions which often are more restrictions. Rather than just ban stuff they do these underhand tricks to make you do what they want and condition you to the new norm..

    Just like the wef predictions for 2030 is everyone will own nothing and be happy and rent everything.. It no joke at we all will eat less meat and it will be a special treat. I wonder how they will look to achieve those goals as that’s what they are really..

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    They have been lieing to us all again, which i have known for sometime, as why would the goverment be funding apps for a covid passports since last summer.. Seems we are now a communist state or heading towards one. All in the interests of public saftey, you can lose your human rights and freedom, anytime they choose. If you let them that is..

    and now it seems.

    The Government has ordered a review into whether “Covid-status certification” should be used to speed up the end of lockdown.

    Mr Johnson admitted the passports were being considered when he unveiled his plan to end the lockdown in England.

    Addressing MPs in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson said a review would be carried out to see if the introduction of such measures could play a role in “helping venues to open safely”.

    The announcement comes after weeks of the Government ruling out introducing vaccine passports for Brits to go about their daily lives.

    So pubs can open but only to key workers and those over a certain age(who have had the jab) or those with real bad conditions, who have had the jab also, can go to these event’s.. BTW i don’t go to the pub, i don’t drink. but it’s the principal. Or you had a negitive test withing 72hrs, will be needed to goto a show or the cinema. how is that normality.

    Can you take your child with you, who have not had the jab and are at very low risk and at more risk of the flu, but a sage scientist thinks they need to be jabbed asap and tested twice a week to go to school and wear a mask pretty much all the time..

    What of the psychological damage, how about a review into that..

    At some point we will have to pay for the jab. Twice a year maybe 5 different jabs for the worst strains (who know’s) out of the thousands out there, known as the common cold and flu of which corona is also classed. It seems whatever they dream up is accepted right now by many, without questioning it all..Because they scared or the emotional strings have been pulled. Thats social engineering imo

    The use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behaviour of a society.

    I would not be surprised if this is not the last lockdown at all and come next winter when the nhs is overrun again or whenever the pollution levels get abit high and human activity needs to  be stopped a lockdown will be put in place.. again and again…

    It will be the goto tool of control for the masses and the big pharma will roll the cash in and those offering the tests and covid services, and lets not talk about the dodgy contracts and missing money.. Which we the people will be picking the tab up for decades, our kids and grandkids, nothing is free from goverment, it all is raised from us.. In one way or another many taxes by stealth, like the council tax rises coming soon to many threw the post..or fuel tax, capital gains tax. etc etc. goverment makes no real money it’s self.

    After a bit, will it then be  the supermarkets / uk holidays, even visiting the car showroom and doing a test drive.  be next to need the passport for, no going out anywhere unless you have it and a green light , just like china..

    no job, no school just like i said, many times before and i am a called a conspiracy theorists by some. but it seems what i have said is happening.. slowly slowly they roll it out so you do not really notice, like you gran kid you ain’t seen for a while, oh look how much they grown, they say but when you see them everyday you do not really notice as much.. this is how they do it…

    Really i am a realist. Imo It’s all to force you to have this jab, a jab any jab they pick for you.. For what reason exactly.

    when 5% of the population are effected and only 1% of those need hospital treatment. The other 95% have to suffer, I don’t even get offered the flu jab, so why this one….

    I really sense something very very fishy in all of this..

    meanwhile in lyon (FR) meat is no longer allowed in schools as the mayor is a vegan..

    If we was in america we would have to sign the waiver as it’s an untested experimental medicine.

    This slow rollout out of lockdown is pre-planed imo as the natural nature of virues plays out as we go into the season of spring and summer it mostly goes away.

    Just like in the southern hemisphere, around christmas is there summer.. our summer is there winter or rainy season.

    So it is no surprise to me that the numbers have fallen and will countinue to fall just like they did as we went towards last summer.

    It’s all a plan to rollout what comes next the great reset and the green revolution and i hope i am wrong poplulation reduction as that is not sustainable also.. To many people will harm the planet. So they need to reduce it and that is also in UN agenda 21

    Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the can download the pdf here  from the un site and has been updated to Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    No chance is missed to meet these goals setout even covid. The wef are funded by the un, so many grass roots organisations are also funded so from the top to the bottom the agenda is at play, Many don’t even realise what is going on, they just doing there job, or happy to still have a job and some just don’t care. but the facts are there for all to see, if you want to and make your own mind up. but i bet some would rather just ignore that and follow the other sheep rather than look for themselves and accept every lie they told and ever excuse offered as a valid reason. Not me..



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    If you mean showroom’s mike then yes i would imagine as they classed as Non-essential retail.

    I don’t see why they cannot opener sooner not as if you have lots of close contact like with a hairdresser.

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    We are not buying the car from the dealer, we are leasing the car from MBO, Which Motability pays for outright at a set amount that is agreed with the manufacturer, The ap is bascally the difference between the price set out and our benefit over the term of the loan.

    A dealer may ask you for a deposit but you are not obliged to make one. If they say you must as they cannot or will not order they are lieing imo and personally i’d say thats ok then, I will go elsewhere or get another manufacturer’s car on my list. cya I have never been asked once and onto my 4th car on the scheme now.

    Imo The AP is not their money to demand, as they are only the broker in the deal between us and Motability. Thus the Ap is taken by the dealer on the behalf of Motability.

    Where it is different is if you order added extras(I never add extras)

    Then that is between you and the dealer and is nothing to do with Motability and any agreement is between you and the dealer on the added extras, Motability do need to authorise those extra’s, but when your lease ends or say if you was to cancel early you will not receive any refund regarding the extras, even if they make the car worth more at the end of the lease.(That’s why i don’t add extra’s) If i intended to buy the car then maybe i would, but i see no value there at all… but if you do that’s ok but it’s up to each of us at the end of the day..

    So the ap and the extra’s are two different things. On the back of the invoice they gave with the order will be the terms and conditions, which is mostly consumer law(The small print) i would read those sections on cancellation and it will set out the time scale and details of how and when you can cancel an order (this is also the same for them) often they do say no fee if you give notice within 14 days before you are due to collect the car, as they would not of registered the car and would have no actual loss.pretty much thats the law.

    The point is though as we are not buying the car, those terms may not apply to us either as our terms are with Motability and they actually apply to Motability. Unless you have ordered extra’a that is..

    So they cannot lawfully keep your deposit and glos guy is quite right it maybe an issue as they currently closed. i would call them up rather than emal or message them and if you still have no joy then contact Motability again and tell them about the situation and tell them i cannot now order a new car because of this situation and want something done about it asap. other than that it would be a small claims court which is easy to do and then you charge them interest and costs on top of what they owe you..

    We do have the right to cancel upto when we put in the pin, that starts our agreement with Motability and the lease and then Motability pay for the car and the dealer gives the funds from the ap to Motability and they get a fee for being the broker of this deal.




    I can see alot of scheme users, not being able to afford to travel in our cars if we are not exempt like we are from road tax. Which may lead to a flood of early lease terminations. as £6100 is a huge rise in costs to travel 10k of miles a year.. plus also the cost of fuel or energy is also not included in the 7.5k figure quoted at 75p permile. So it’s likely to be around 8k to travel 10,000 miles. how many will just refuse to pay it..

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    Yes I feel you unfortunately there it not adaptive cruise control,but lots to offer as standard features I will post some picture later on

    The acc has become so vital for me and has made driving alot better for me and a joy again rather than a chore (on those days when you in lots of pain) stop start traffic is a killer but with the acc the car can brake to a total stop for you as long as there is a car in front of you and then go back to the speed set you was crusing at at the press of the resume button.

    Often in town if i am driving and one needs to stop i often just click on the acc and it brakes for me. I had a hire car on holiday and it only had normal cruise and i really did miss the acc so much, it was top of my list of must haves when getting my latest car, along with a comfortable seat.


    Erosion of freedom’s and will affect the poorest in society and those in rural areas.

    That’s their ultimate plan and it’s one of the reasons on parts of motorway where they putting in low speed limits to stop pollution ev’s are restricted to the lower speed as well and

    Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) Streets in the City Fringe which prohibit petrol and diesel cars from 7am to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm. The ban, which is enforced Monday to Friday, restricts users of these roads to walking, cycling and driving a low emissions vehicle (a vehicle which emits less than 75g/km of CO2). Anyone in breach of the rules will face a £130 fine.

    In total, nine streets are affected (full list below) with the strict CO2 limit meaning only fully electric, hydrogen and the cleanest of hybrids will be able to enter the areas. Just like the congestion charge, cars will be monitored using automatic number plate recognition cameras.


    Private cars will banned from taking “through trips” across Birmingham city centre under plans to cut pollution.

    Cars would be able to drive into the city, but to get to other areas they will need to use the ring road.

    The city council wants to encourage greater use of public transport, walking and cycling and have presented this as a draft plan for 2031 to tackle air pollution.

    Birmingham is not the only city in the UK to look at changing the way people use cars.

    I wonder if due to our disabilities and getting free roadtax we would be exempt. I highly doubt it though.. plus one will still have to pay for the fuel to travel on top of the fee per mile.



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    Volkswagen Group’s Seat unit will cut production at its Spanish factory in Martorell, near Barcelona, because of a shortage of microchips.

    A production line that builds the Seat Leon and Cupra Leon compact cars, and the Cupra Formentor crossover, will work on two shifts per day instead of the current three from Jan. 25 until April, Seat said in an emailed statement on Wednesday.

    This will reduce the number of vehicles produced per day to 600 from 900, with a loss of 18,000 units over the period, according to the Spanish business daily Expansion.

    Some workers will be transferred to a production line that builds the Seat Ibiza small hatchback and Seat Arona small crossover, which will add a third shift because of high demand for those models, Seat said.

    The Ibiza and Arona are based on VW Group’s MQB-A0 platform, which is not affected by a global shortage of semiconductors.

    The remaining workers will be temporarily laid off.

    Seat says production of the missing units at Martorell should be recovered during the rest of 2021, unless there is further disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Seat told unions that its 2020 production will be down 30 percent to 350,000 after a two-month production stop early this year because of the pandemic, according to Spanish media.

    Production is expected to rise to 483,000 in 2021. Seat built an all-time high of 500,005 cars in Martorell in 2019.

    VW Group said on Dec. 18  that it is adjusting production in Europe, China and the U.S. because of a shortage of microchips. The move will affect production of VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat models based on VW Group’s MQB architecture. The platform underpins car such as the VW Golf, Audi A3 and Seat Leon.

    Semiconductor manufacturers reassigned their production capacities to other sectors such as consumer electronics during the slump in car sales earlier this year caused by the spread of COVID-19.

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    will be given between £1,500 and £3,000 to spend on alternative transport.

    They will be given between £1,500 and £3,000 to spend on alternative transport. So some won’t get the full 3k and it has to last 2 years..

    I wonder also where all this free money is coming from seeing as soon, we will all will findout the goverment has got to loan another £60,000,000,000 due to lost revenue and the blackhole caused this tax year from lockdowns and covid restrictions etc.

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    Same with the Golf match edition i had sif, After a while driving my back would hurt more and more and that was the one thing that i could not wait to get rid of the car for, Then covid came and i had to wait longer to exchange and that was torture knowing the new car was sitting at the dealers for 3 months while i suffered everytime i drove it any real distance at all. The new car the seat is much better as soon as i sat in it after driving to the dealers to look before ordering, my back was hurting and i sat in it and was like this is comfortable, the test drive was in leather so not the trim i was geting, but i knew it was alot better anfd i have not been dissapointed so far..

    so if you can get an extended test drive thats good but it’s not always the trim you will get, so one need to be firm with the dealer and insist on sitting in the same seats you will get, even if it’s a trip to another dealer imo it’s worth it..To me the seat is one of the most important factors. As i broke my back in a rta when i was 9 and has always caused me issues.

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    Hard to see how this would work. What would stop anyone buying a replacement car?

    Nothing i would guess…

    If you used the cash to buy a replacement car, Boris would hunt you down and kill you.

    he would not catch you, you only have to look at how poor track and trace was.. Maybe though the ai will..

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    lets hope so glos guy, just a thought was there not an issue with dealers not so long ago, not being able to place orders on the system at some point. Sure i heard that on here. Cannot remember when though. that’s another condition i have no concept of time..

    If the sales manager cannot help imo it’s deffo worth carl  giving mb another call and clearly us on here, who are a bit more knowledgeable of the scheme the info we give others helps people like carl alot to standup to dealers and not be made mugs of, which can make you feel like it’s all your fault(when it’s not) and that is the great thing about this forum. Not everyone is good at complaining.

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    Hard to see how this would work. What would stop anyone buying a replacement car?

    Nothing i would guess…

    If you used the cash to buy a replacement car, Boris would hunt you down and kill you.

    he would not catch you, uyou only have to look at how poor track and trace was.. Maybe though the ai will..

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    Three grand would just about cover 18 months of taxi to do shopping. After that it would be back to home delivery. Well, thanks, Boris – just when we might be getting near a normal way of going about things, I have to go into a different type of lockdown. Can’t ride a bicycle; very difficult/dangerous getting on/off buses; can’t walk more than 10m. GP surgery, local shops, etc., all about a mile away from house… I assume the government plans to bring in jet-boots for us all!

    Indeed they don’t seem to include us with mobility issues in any of the plans like the ones to close roads and access because of covid, which imo is just an excuse for rolling stuff out to go so called green, but with no regard to the actual cost and practicality for many.

    People behind desks who imo are very anti car dream up these schemes and have no idea, The smart motorway rollout sticks out as another example. As most peoplewhen asked say they is a dangerous stupid idea, but still they backing it.. Smart means something else imo.. as we roll towards 2030 more will come to light of the stance of the goverments and the rollout of the un agenda 21, paris climate agreement etc.. In which it’s states the driver must pay for the demise of the car and in our parliment they ask the govermnet what they are doing to meet the un directives and to impliment them.

    in reply to: Golf GTD or 1.5 tsi #140719

    @zohaib what i would say is look at as many cars that meet your needs and then when dealers re-open test drive them all and decide.

    I really do find the civic sport ride perfect for such a car as it’s not as firm a ride as i would of thought and is glued to the road,  I have a bad back and very long legs. So i have come to the conclusion that it’s when i am sitting in the car that really matter and how it feels. Plus there is very little side to side roll at all, which is great for my back.

    The one downside for some it’s very very low to get into and maybe some will not like it, but for me getting into or out of anycar is not an easy task.

    My 1st ever car was a honda back in the late 80’s and I have not had one since. Deffo is the car i have been the happiest with on the scheme with all things considered and alot has to do with the power and i would not be put off looking at cvts if you need an auto like me.

    The paddles work great to exploit the full power of the vtec. Which some astra driver foundout the other day. The rest of the time it’s so smooth as well and floats along effortlessly as it has no gears as such then..

    in reply to: Urgent advice needed #140717

    What i will say is i have noticed a real difference in attitude of mb to new customers to the scheme over that of us who are members of the scheme and have a car already, I guess you don’t actually become a mb customer until you pickup the car and enter your pin and thus the T&C’s don’t really apply until you are on the scheme and the attitude of mb imo reflects that, if something is to go wrong before that point. It’s truely is a tuff one.

    What would give me the motivation was be asked to  to pay 1k more and then it was reduced to only £500 more which is still imo alot more, 1p more is more than i would feel comfortable accepting as imo it’s a matter of princple. but as i said new customers to the scheme are treated differently in some cases as i have seen on this forum.

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    Great movie that…

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    So they are now actively discouraging car ownership, So i guess it’s now not a conspiracy theory.

    Yeah they give you credits or vouchers i guess to be spent on bikes public transport and even taxi’s even on electric scooters. but they not so good when its cold and wet and there’s also us the people with mobility issues my days of doing that are over.. Plus covid and being safe in your own car and it’s ok if you on your own what about families a trip to see my family in london would cost me alot more getting the train than us all going in the car. Crazy really how they rollout these things to get people out of cars totally..

    in reply to: BMW 320i sport finnally collecting on 16.02 #140695

    That’s good to hear, glad you is happy vlad. I really am liking my civic sport unfortunately bmw don’t offer adaptive cruise as standard and is part of a pack which increasces any ap to way to much for me to justify, which is a shame. look forward to the pics

    in reply to: still cant go look at cars because of lockdown #140694

    Indeed but that’s where they mb can be liable in the situation it is not suitable imo, as to order a car you are forced to sign it, albeit digitally right now, but it’s the same as signing it physically. If you tick this box you agree.. but under the law i am pretty sure it don’t mean anything now as you cannot in anycase be sure that it is.. This is what i would use if i was in that situation and unhappy with my choice. Luckily i am very very happy with my car right now. I am only unhappy that due to constant lockdowns / tiers i have not been able to drive it as much as i would of..

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    So they are now actively discouraging car ownership, So i guess it’s now not a conspiracy theory.

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