No More Buying Vehicles from Motability at Lease End

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    As I mentioned a few months back, having ordered a new Landrover Discovery, I will be shortly leaving the Motability scheme as my lease is due to end in a couple of months. I haven’t told Motability as yet as there is no requirement to at this very moment.

    I was toying with the idea of buying my current Motability car as a run about, so telephoned Motability and requested a quote to buy it.

    I was rather taken aback to be told that Motability no longer permit you to buy your vehicle at the end of the lease.

    This seems to be borne out by their website:


    In fact all references to buying a vehicle direct from Motability at lease end seem to have been removed from their website.

    I am not sure when this change of policy occurred, but it may have a bearing on some customers choice of scheme vehicle, if they were looking to ‘load it’ with options with a view to buying it direct from Motability at lease end.

    Of course, one could try to ‘do a deal’ with the car dealer to whom the vehicle will be returned. However, they may want to ‘add in’ a healthy profit margin (knowing you particularly want that vehicle). Or possibly may want/not want the vehicle themselves, or Motability preferring it goes to the wider trade or auction. In short, a dealer/Motability has no obligation to sell it back to the ‘soon to be’ ex-Motability customer.

    My view of this apparently change of policy is that Motability do not want customers buying their vehicles at lease end (and thus losing them) and are making it as difficult as possible, preferring to keep them captive on the scheme as a very profitable leasing customer.

    In my case, they have ‘lost’ me anyway so I cannot really fathom it. Unless some ‘deal’ has been done with the trade/manufacturers to increase sales of new vehicles on the scheme and this policy change has been slipped in as part of it.

    Whatever, it is something to be aware of if thinking about leaving the scheme and buying one’s vehicle.

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    Glos Guy

    I wouldn’t object to buying a car that I have had in my possession for a number of years on a ‘sold as seen’ basis with no warranty if the deal was being able to buy the car at the trade price, which is all Motability Operations get for it at auction or from dealers. Problem is they don’t ask us for Trade prices, they ask for far more, which makes it a pointless exercise IMHO .

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    A few years ago now, my 1.6 automatic Citroen DS3 went back to the dealer’s when I picked up a new car on hand-over day.

    I loved that DS3 and took care of it as if it was my own. I would happily have bought it at the time – but understood that buying the car when your lease was up just wasn’t cost effective.

    Anyway, fast forward a couple of months later and I saw my old DS3 up for sale on the internet one day at an independent car dealer’s forecourt about 40 miles away from where I live at a price of just £4,500 – a price I would have been very happy to have paid Motability at the time. Makes you wonder, at that price, how much the dealer paid for the car at auction? The car had one owner from new of course  – me – low mileage, and was very well looked after.

    You live and learn.

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    Glos Guy

    Almost identical experience to me Solent60. I found our last Tiguan online at a dealer on the other side of the country priced at over £1,000 less than we had been ‘offered’ it by Motability. I suspect that the dealer paid £1-2k less than that for it, to allow for their mark up and having to provide a warranty. Given that Motability make hundreds of pounds profit on each and every lease I guess that they simply offer us prices that would deter the vast majority of people from buying their car and thus leaving the scheme.

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    If that’s the case Glos Guy… then serious questions need to be asked regarding us leaseholders being offered a fair price!

    My DS3 was as cheap as chips at £4,500… meaning the second hand dealer himself paid considerably less for it at an auction. I would have paid that quite happily had Motability said “That’s the price – take it or leave it”.

    I smell the feint whiff of a “cartel” almost…


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    I have no doubt that the prices manufacturers negotiate with Motability for new cars takes into account that after three years those cars will be released into the motor trade where more money is guaranteed to be made.

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    Hhhhmmmm, so after leasing from the scheme, if interested in buying the lease or private car,  you could get a better deal privately it seems.

    Also buy a fully loaded one instead of scrimping on the extras such as sunroof, automatic, etc when placing an order of the scheme lease/ buy car..

    Some go without extras or automatic simply because of the price hike..

    Shame really, however there is always the option to reorder too


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    Motability still offer customers the opportunity to buy the car at the end of the lease of if their circumstances change and they are no longer eligible mid lease. The price is based solely on the standard model and does not include extras which customers have paid for. For example 2 X1´s, one loaded with say 6 grand of extras and the other none would both have the same price from Motability, assuming identical models mileage etc.  I have to say I found the prices quoted to me reasonable. Yes it was possible to secure a better deal from a dealer with a warranty, however there is some benefit in buying a car you have owned and therefore are fully aware of it´s history, similarly it would have the exact spec, colour, extras etc which would be extremely difficult to source exactly in the 2´nd hand market.

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    archie Meghan

    This involves items like hand controls, but not if the car is built to a standard that an able-bodied individual might specify. To put it another way, when people claim they need items like electric seats or leather to make it easier to get around, these aren’t considered “serious modifications” since many able-bodied people will choose them. Hand controls, on the other hand, would only ever be selected by a dis

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