Q3 pricing and Info July 2020

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    With Q3 upon us and the negotiation team finalising pricing, keep your ear to the ground, push dealers for info etc, a lot of dealers will be having meetings and discussions and the revised prices pinged to their inboxes, and some updating their websites before the 1st, it won’t be our usual heads up but let’s see what we can find out.

    Good Luck

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    Am I right in thinking that VW’s APs for the new Golf 8 “hybrid” hatchback are massively less than the previous Golf? Sure I remember the, relatively ordinary, 1.5ish petrol having AP of around £3k. New model seems pitched at around £1k.

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    I don’t think the previous golf always had a really high ap, it seemed to me that it increased towards the end of its life cycle and then the diesel was quite a bit more than the petrol. I think £999 ap is pretty reasonable for the top spec golf

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    Dave G

    Hi @elliot, thanks for responding. So i’m guessing Sytner are a big fat no in negotiating (as they’re the only ones around me in the Midlands). I have to rely on my GCB to take off the AP which is a bit of a joke but I can’t complain. Will they not even give a discount on the colour? This will be my first time paying for a colour as VW gave me a pearl effect on the house! (Thanks VW)

    @richard Hewett: The big question is if the journey is actually worth going there to Hampshire as I don’t want to order one and to be given a terrible service but £500 to Sytner for extra reliability/service, a gamble here. A side to me is saying go to Hampshire *facepalm*

    @Zohaib, no complaints there mate, the M Sport would have been a bonus but the Sport looks well great too iny my opinion, I mean most complain of no digital dash not on but I prefer the classic analog display, the downpoint to the Sport i’m guessing is no rear privacy glass too? Just realised!

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    Dave G

    @tharg, was just looking at that yesterday, not bad also for a R-Line spec but the front design of the golf is horrendous which is letting me down. I got my Golf for the similar price with a free Pearl effect colour and one modification. I think it’s time to move on from hatchbacks for me as more boot space is required for wheelchair access.

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    Why no Audi A3’s on the scheme when similar priced BMW and Mercedes equivalents are on?

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    Menorca Mike

    Kids my Golf 1.5 tsi se nav dsg was £500 two and a half years ago but I got the £500 off at Johnson’s solihull

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    3 years ago, the AP on my Golf 7.5 2.0TDI GT DSG Estate was £1249

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    I’d definitely be looking at a new Golf if the it  suited my needs. Some good prices for the top all round daily drive.

    Tiguan fan boy

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    dave g, most manufacturers metallic paint is foc on motability the only one that began to charge was volvo but its free again. the exception is the special paints you pay the difference between mettallic and special. so if the metallic is £500 and the pearlescant etc is 750 you pay 250. eg the mazda fancy red that a lot like is about 250 more than the mica blue etc.


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    Menorca Mike

    I’ve had 3 Golfs all lovely ride and as quiet as a mouse but it’s time for a change next March by the way the yellow mark 8 on the advert with Martin and Ronan Kemp is full of extras don’t be fooled !

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Dave G

    @mitch ,Thanks Mitch, I don’t want to get my hopes up, some dealerships are kind, dealers would do anything to rip off customers. But if anyone who has purchased the BMW 3 Series clarify this? Now i’m thinking of heading to Marshall’s Hampshire next month to put in a order for one!

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    Metallic paint is included, if the BMW dealership says otherwise ask them to print of a Q3 Motability price from BMW UK then point them to the small print about 5 lines up on the last page.


    for those that dont like opening attachments:

    Prices are correct at publication for orders placed and accepted between 1 July – 30 September 2020 with participating BMW Retailers and subject to availability and can change
    without notice. All models on the Motability Scheme include optional metallic paint at no extra cost.

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    I’ve had 3 Golfs all lovely ride and as quiet as a mouse but it’s time for a change next March by the way the yellow mark 8 on the advert with Martin and Ronan Kemp is full of extras don’t be fooled !

    Indeed. I had a look at the VW website last night because the new Golf 1.5 mild hybrid R-Line looked good & has some decent reviews. So… I went on the configurator and was really surprised at the lack of equipment that even the top level R-Line has – or rather hasn’t. If you want heated seats, nicer wheels & a few more little things that make driving all the more enjoyable – you’ll have to add another £1,500-£2,000 – and that’s on the top R-Line model!


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    Dave G

    Thank you for confirming! Saves me ALOT @JS *sigh of relief*

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    I ordered my BMW x1 on Tuesday and the metallic paint was included didn’t have to pay extra.

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    Sometimes its better to wait until the new quarter price list is published.
    The XC40 is now a cheap car. I was looking at an auto T3 Inscription the past few weeks and sure it was about £1990, it is now £1399. It wasnt £1399 last night…lol.

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    Ade so it reduced in price overnight from 1 july ,


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    Think I may have gone from the Tiguan rline tech to the mg hs exclusive and seem happy enough with it after reading some reviews and watching some tubeyou moving image fingys.

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    Yes Martino, it is £1399 on motability.

    I look at another site for pricing as well, and they still have Q2 prices for the XC40 Automatic T3 Inscription and its £1899.

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    Hi Brian, How did you manage to get £500 AP discount?

    And ordering pre Q3 was a clever Idea, I wish I had done that now, looks like im going to go with Volvo T3 R design for £1200. The CLA is beautiful though.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    @BionicRusty I am considering purchasing a BMW 3 Series 320i Sport as I can start ordering in Aug, that is a great offer but sadly my nearest Marshalls is 2 hours away in Hampshire. The only ones around me is Sytner BMW hope they can provide a discount. Not going to bother waiting for Q4, I can’t see the prices going down for 2020.

    Hi Dave, we’re over 2 hours away as well but the thing to do is speak to your local dealer, tell them of the deal and ask them if they’ll match it. If you drop in to the discussion that you’re having one either way but will travel if needs be, your local dealer may match it. It’s worth a go. Either way, for an outlay of the fuel, it’s worth a drive. It will be uncomfortable for me and will need numerous stops but I’m willing to do it. I need to try a local dealer first to see if it’s suitable for me. If it is, that’s when I’ll discuss the offer.

    Good luck whatever you decide, Dave. 🤞

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    @DaveG    I know it’s possible to get Sytner BMW to match the Marshall £500 Dealer Contribution and also give a 10% discount on factory options…. Try Harvey Sandhu at Sytner BMW Coventry….

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    Brian-My tip… always order before the next quarter, you can always cancel if prices ever go down. That CLA has gone up £650 today….. phew!


    Brian, say I ordered a car today, but there’s a 4 month order date, so that would mean Q4 would be out before I got my new car, and in Q4 prices were to drop, I could simply cancel that order and re- order it at the new price?


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    Does everyone pay a deposit? If so should you make sure its refundable?

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    Hi Chefo, it took about a dozen phone calls to various Merc dealerships countrywide to ask for a discount… when I got one I asked my local-ish dealers if they would match it. Pre lockdown they said no problem, by the middle of June they said no, but the original offer was still ok, so I’m off on a 550 mile round trip to pick up my new car.

    I nearly went for an XC40 but after 4 SUV type cars I wanted something more laid back (I’m getting on a bit now!).

    If you order now, and the price goes down in Q4 I would inform your salesman what he recommends, as you could cancel and re- order but your salesman may agree to give you a discount to match it…. I’ve done that before.

    Good luck chefo.

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