Q3 pricing and Info July 2020

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    With Q3 upon us and the negotiation team finalising pricing, keep your ear to the ground, push dealers for info etc, a lot of dealers will be having meetings and discussions and the revised prices pinged to their inboxes, and some updating their websites before the 1st, it won’t be our usual heads up but let’s see what we can find out.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for explaining that one Mitch.

    I forget that the lease extension refund only applies to us war pensioners on WPMS, perhaps (if I had remembered) I should have clarifed that point in my inital post. I can see why people get confused by it.

    Thanks anyway.


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    thats ok bigdave, i am always posting and putting wpms prices up there forgetting that pip etc is different so i am just as guilty.

    mind the last salesman i dealt with turned round after i told him i was wpms and it was different, and said  “i thought you lot were all dead now”. an encouraging moment in the day lol.

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    ok i thought i was missing out on something,

    If you don’t mind can i please ask why is WPMS more per week than pip . Do you need to go through a similar application procedure as PIP to get it , sorry for showing my ignorance

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    ok i thought i was missing out on something, If you don’t mind can i please ask why is WPMS more per week than pip . Do you need to go through a similar application procedure as PIP to get it , sorry for showing my ignorance

    Technically, WPMS is more difficult to get as it requires a pre-qualification of being at least 40% disabled (thus a 40% War Pension) to apply and that 40% percentage disablement for WPMS must be mobility related. It cannot be made up of 20% mobility and 20% mental illness, or 30% mobility related /10% other physical disability etc.

    However all single/double leg amputees and those deaf/blind automatically qualify.

    Veterans UK who administer the scheme have contracted the DWP (who in turn contracted ATOS/Crapita etc) to do the medicals for all War Pension cases, so you maybe able to guess at the quality or accuracy of some of them. Plus all War Pension percentage disabilities and allowances are decided by Veterans UK medico’s as opposed to lay ‘Decsion makers’ and they can be quite tough on applicants.

    As to why it is more per week, well WPMS pre-dates the DWP ‘Mobility Allowance’ by quite a lot of years. When the government of the day introduced the then civilian ‘Mobility Allowance’ (which eventually became part of DLA then PIP etc) they set it at a lower rate than WPMS.

    It has thus remained lower than WPMS ever since.

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    wpms has been replaced by afip in 2012 which is the same rate as pip etc, it depends on when you served as to which you qualify for and as bigdave says invariabley it is a pain to get. it took 3 years and appeals and the intervention of the rbl to sort mine out.

    that said i am currently waiting for assessment of an additional injury and have been waiting for an appointment for a year. as i discovered when my back blew up that my award doesnt include my ptsd or my back.

    the whole thing is complicated and affects all sorts, there are now 3 i think different pension schemes for the forces as well so working out what you qualify for can be fun. i was royal army pay corps for most of my service so dealt with some of it as part of my job, but it even confuses me.


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    Just to add a bit more to my post above for completeness (and to confused you further) back in the early 2000’s the government decided that the entire War Pension Scheme (incl WPMS) was no longer ‘fit for purpose’.

    Thus in April 2005 a new armed forces injury scheme called the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) was created and then the Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) was established so those on the AFCS could use Motability etc but the rates for AFIP were capped at enhanced PIP Mobility and Care rates.

    If you were injured before 5th April 2005 you were placed on the ‘old’ War Pension Scheme. If you were injured after 5th April 2005 you went onto the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and if severely injured enough receive the Armed Forces Independence Payment for life. What you cannot do however is move between schemes. You either get a War Pension (and any additional benefits) or AFCS/AFIP depending on your injury date.

    Thus, over time the number of War Pensioners (and WPMS recipients) will decrease due (albeit hopefully not at the rate mentioned by Mitch in his post above his last post), eventually leaving only those on AFIP which is paid at the same rate as DLA/PIP.

    *** Sorry mitch, your post appeared whilst I was typing this! Had to edit it a bit)


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    Yes I ordered the BMW x1 30th June and was told September/October but today the dealer has come back and said December. I don’t mind as I like my car now and it gives me time to save the AP but those who don’t have a car at present would be stuck. I think most car companies will be the same unless it’s a stock car as the factories are running at a lower capacity.

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    John Newton

    I have been quoted end of October for my Mercedes B class but I am not counting on it being delivered thenbut that’s okay we have to expect these things considering what has happened in the world

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    Don’t know if it has been posted already, but anyone for looking for a small Duracell powered toy, Days in Swansea and Haverford West has the Peugeot e208 100kw Active 50kwh 5dr Auto at Nil AP (DLA/PIP/AFIP) – listed on Motability currently at £899 AP. Comes with a free wallbox as well apparently.

    Vehicle must be purchased before July 31st 2020 and registered by 31st December 2020

    Link: https://www.days.co.uk/news/peugeot-e208-nil-advance-payment?fbclid=IwAR0oUb-VD6HR3U5VokLvFl8efasO_evw65ne0v97-jakUmW6VIFuS-DW2n4

    Edit: Didn’t we used to have a sticky page for offers found every quarter?


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    Terry Martin

    I need an automatic estate car of which there are none with no advance payment, But 15 are available with manual box with no advance payment. Including an astra estate available with £0 AP but the only auto astra estate is £2249. Seems a bit crazy

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    I need an automatic estate car of which there are none with no advance payment, But 15 are available with manual box with no advance payment. Including an astra estate available with £0 AP but the only auto astra estate is £2249. Seems a bit crazy

    Welcome to the club Terry and it’s the one big bear bugs I have with Motability being an organisation who’s supposed to look out for we disabled drivers as they let us down on automatic premiums and it’s not as if we have a choice because we don’t drive auto’s because we like them, no, we drive them because of our disability.

    Wish I had a better answer for you but that’s the way it is.

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    John Morris

    Closest you can get (better in my opinion) is the skoda karoq 1.0tsi se dsg. £0 advance


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    John Morris

    Sorry kamiq….

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    Unfortunately, Some used cars with an auto box people just don’t want to buy after 3 years as much as they want a manual and alot has to do with the cost of repairs to one if it goes wrong. So this is reflected in the huge differences in price on ceratin cars between the two gearboxes. If it really is an estate you need and an auto box then maybe you could ask for assitance in the form of a grant. Once they reopen that is..

    But as john says there is one available SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI SE 5DR DSG

    Plus also you could get the gcb of £600 early as well if you ain’t already asked for it or been sent it like i was, because of covid so could that could open a few other cars up to £600 which would still be £0 outta your pocket

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    Terry Martin

    I did see this but unfortunately it is not really an estate car and shouldn’t really be listed in the estate search.

    I need to fit a rigid wheelchair in the boot without removing the wheels and the only way of doing that would be with the backseats down, So not really practical.

    Think I will have to take advantage of the 6 month lease extension and hope for something to change.

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    Terry Martin

    Funny you should say that I got sent my £600 GCB today. So will help towards an AP but think I will hold tight for a while.

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    SKODA OCTAVIA ESTATE 1.5 TSI SE DRIVE 5DR DSG £395 Car boot capacity 610 litres

    210 litres more space sel trim is £795. What you currently driving terry. If you happy with it you could extend Only most of us will still be paying the same everyweek from our allowance for an older car than for a brand new one. I do get Ap’s are rising but so are prices of new cars as they get more and more tech.

    I just recently changed and is nice having a new car again..

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    Terry Martin

    I currently have a Seat Leon estate which I am very happy with. I did look at the Octavia but as with a few other makes there seem to be several new shapes about to come out and I don’t fancy ordering a new car which will become the old model not long after I get It.

    There Is a new Leon estate listed but It says It’s a petrol hybrid which I believe is incorrect and not too much information about it on the Seat website at the moment.

    My current lease should of ended on July 1st but I will take advantage of the 6 month extension and see what options become available as there is nothing that stands out for me at the moment for less than about £2000+ AP.

    Shame I couldn’t order at the correct time as there were a few options back then.

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    I think the new leon is a mild hyrid, Not due out till the summer whenever that is.. I did have a golf until a few weeks ago. Luckily i ordered back in Jan,  Some cars have risen in price alot. Guess you can always wait and try and Pickup a dealer offer but cars are getting far and few between as everyone seems to want an suv or crossover right now. toyota do the corrolla hybid touring the 2.0l versions ap’s are way to much now imo only the 1.8 is good value for the Average miles per gallon* 85.60 mpg which is great.

    You can always test drive them and see and then decide that’s another option.

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    John Morris

    The Octavia Estate will be a brand new version as well and its huge. And for 2k you will get a high spec model comfortably I hope.

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    Only 2 listed right now but i guess Yeah. Seems they all doing model refreshes alot to do with hybrids and eu regs and fines if they don’t reduce there co2, no’s levels.

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    Terry Martin

    The Corolla was one of the ones I was interested in but the model 2.0 GR I was interested in the AP went up £800 in Q3.

    I would be interested in the Octavia but the mobility site lists it as a 1.5 engine but on the Skoda web site the new model is only available in a 2.0L auto TDI on the SEL only, Which makes me believe it must be for an old from stock model.

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    The 2.0l corrolla has more range as well on the hybrid and works at higher speeds using both engines than the 1.8l does. It’s a sad one though why so much difference in AP, i dunno?

    When i was looking back last summer they was new out and alot cheaper for all versions No gr trim then though.

    As for the skoda I dunno you’d need to ask the dealer. As the golf 8 is coming Mb had them listed but the local dealer said there was none anywhere.

    The civic i got is the refreshed 2020 version, they don’t do an estate anymore though. So do agree it’s better to get the new version although i am not liking the golf 8 inside or outside at all..

    Plus if you extend you will only get more gcb for each whole year if you keep it for another 6 months you’ll still get only £600, which suxx



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    Menorca Mike

    Well Rox I’m wanting the 1.8 hybrid Chr as a lot more economical than the 2 litre see honest John real mpg ! And Terrence you have plenty to choose from

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    Terry Martin

    Hi Mike I’m not disputing there’s plenty to choose from as long as you can afford the advance payment..

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