Q3 pricing and Info July 2020

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    With Q3 upon us and the negotiation team finalising pricing, keep your ear to the ground, push dealers for info etc, a lot of dealers will be having meetings and discussions and the revised prices pinged to their inboxes, and some updating their websites before the 1st, it won’t be our usual heads up but let’s see what we can find out.

    Good Luck

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    Menorca Mike

    Terrence what is your maximum budget ?

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    Terry Martin

    Well I was hoping to just use the £600 good condition bonus, But could probably go to £1500 but would prefer not to. This will be the 6th mobility car I have had and there has always been plenty more choices in the past with lower AP. But I understand prices rise but it’s the amount in just the last month since the change from Q2.

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    Terry Martin

    Also forgot to mention the 1 thing I have loved on my latest car is the adaptive cruise control and would almost certainly want to have this on my next one.

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    Menorca Mike

    The new Seat Leon FR hybrid estate has that and fab dsg gearbox but yes £1199  a bit steep

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    @Terry Martin have you considered the Ford Focus estate. It’s just got a bunch of new 48v mild hybrid engines (not yet listed on motability but on fords configurator) and a digital dash on mid trims up. Still an excellent drivers car according to all the reviews.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    Terry Martin

    Yes that would be high on my list but is a bit high AP. I’m in a position where I can wait until the next Q4 prices so think I may hold on until  then and hope It gets reduced a bit or something else takes the eye.
    last month the Skoda superb SE was In my budget and almost the SEL but that went up £700. That would of done nicely.

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    I’m disappointed at the new Seat Leon st being lowered, the car looks lovely but will be a bit low now, xc40 is still tops!

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    Just looking at the kia niro phev on motability the ap has gone up from £999 to £3,049,that’s a total rip off if i have ever seen one,they will not get rid of many at that price ap.

    What's good enough for one is good enough for all,if it's not good enough for all it's not good enough for one.

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    Nope Pieman – you are looking at the Kia Niro PHEV all wrong, it had a waiting list of 8 months BEFORE COVID, it will be much worse now.

    The waiting time was a year and now they got it down to 7 months.
    They cant keep up with demand. It is much the same for most Korean EV’s….too popular. Business users get a lot of tax relief from EV’s – this is stimulating demand.  That i why they are now £3000 AP.

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    I did see this but unfortunately it is not really an estate car and shouldn’t really be listed in the estate search. I need to fit a rigid wheelchair in the boot without removing the wheels and the only way of doing that would be with the backseats down, So not really practical. Think I will have to take advantage of the 6 month lease extension and hope for something to change.

    I’ve noticed that too Terry about MPV suddenly being called estates as I noticed awhile ago that the VW Touran is now listed as an estate.

    I wonder what that’s all about, only thing I can think of is that MPV’s are becoming unpopular so maybe they think we would be fooled by the classification name change.

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    Terry Martin

    Yes and also the driving seat is higher in mpvs and suvs and make it very difficult to transfer from a wheelchair so are not really of any use to me, but the suvs seem to be very popular. If I could get it one easy enough I’d happily have one as there’s more choices.

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    @Terry Martin not sure if this is any use to you but he reviews vehicles from a wheelchair users view


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    Terry Martin

    Hi I would be happy with one of those but unfortunately there is no way I could get into the seat without a massive struggle as it is too high. The Lad in the video was able to do so as he has some movement in his legs to help him but unfortunately I’m completely paralysed from the chest down so need a seat height almost level with my wheelchair seat so I can just slide across.

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    Simon Taylor

    Hi can anyone advise us please

    we were in process of choosing first car when covid hit the country we eventually got to nissan dealer 4th july to test drive and applied for the juke but after waiting till tday only to be told my wifes allowance is due for renewal on 18 june 2021 meaning it diesnt have full 12 mnths left now as required by two weeks as we are new to this any advice would be gratefully appreciated kind regards Simon

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    as far as i know you need 12 months left to get a car on lease , when you don’t have 12 moths left motability usually extend you current lease , as this is your first car i don’t think you’ll be able to lease a car, you would be best to speak to motability, they might be able to help , there may be special circumstances because of covit 19

    good luck

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    Simon Taylor

    Thankyou martimo will call them tmrw and find out details kind regards Simon

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    I’m sure they changed it from 12 months to 6 months left because of covid, don’t think it’s changed back yet.

    FAQs from the Motability Scheme regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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    As per your link, the 6 months is for existing customers only.

    As Simon (who posed the query) is a new customer, it is 12 months requirement.

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    I did notice it was in the existing customers but took a leap of faith it’d apply to new as well.

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    Best bet is to just give mota a call.

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    Simon Taylor is that when her current allowance expires or just when she will be contacted for renewal?

    If it is PIP then they usually contact 1 year before it expires for a review. Check her paperwork for the actual date if that’s the case. If not I’m surprised she hasn’t been contacted already.

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