Q3 pricing and Info July 2020

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    With Q3 upon us and the negotiation team finalising pricing, keep your ear to the ground, push dealers for info etc, a lot of dealers will be having meetings and discussions and the revised prices pinged to their inboxes, and some updating their websites before the 1st, it won’t be our usual heads up but let’s see what we can find out.

    Good Luck

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    Yes the problem for me coming off the scheme is you basically have 0 NCB for insurance that is the big killer its an difficult decision to and i cant decide whether to get a 4k car or carry on with the scheme.

    9k over 3 years is alot of money plus whatever Ap you go for will see what Kuga and 3008 prices are like on scheme.

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    Anyone got the Seat or Skoda list?



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    not the manufactures list but skoda seem to be here.


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    Dave G

    BMW 3 Series 320i Sport gone up by £450! I believe they didn’t want to raise their prices but had to be done which is a joke. GCB would take off the AP but what’s the point when metallic colours are at prices like £670 which is frustrating. Hopefully the dealers can come up with a discount. 2020 not looking so great guys and don’t expect Q4 to be any cheaper wouldn’t be surprised if most of the cars got removed!

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    Has anyone seen a price list yet for Toyota?

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    @JS what about if you are a first time Motability customer who held off or couldn’t order till the 1st? Is it still advisable to contact Motability. These prices are shocking I might just look at lease deals. The 3 series was my first choice and cla and tig after. Prices are horrendous

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    I can’t find anything. Lol. Just keep finding q1 and q2 pricing. Going off the rest of the manufacturers it’s not looking good. The APs are looking high.

    I can’t even get a car on finance. Just keep looking.

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    Is there a reason, they don’t offer to pay the AP over the 3 years you have the car.

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    It would be a nice idea Stevie not sure why they dont do this.

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    Hello all

    I received a letter from Motability a fortnight ago stating that I could now order my next vehicle so I emailed my preferred dealer and Someone I had dealt with before requesting to place an order for a Tiguan r line and also asked if there were any in stock but the rely stated that there were some in order but not already built but I emailed back wishing to order but no further reply and my argument would be that I requested to place the order in Q2 but with no reply going into Q3 with the price increased should I not receive the Q2 AP as it was no fault of my own to purchase in Q3 and find that the price is higher ?

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    It’s because payments would not be guaranteed and so too much of a risk.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    BionicRusty, I would get that if the car was actually owned by us.

    Wonder if its more to do with, if you loose your pip. They loose out on the AP.


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    Just seen on the scooter part of motability that prices updated in “late afternoon”

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    Looks like the Tiguan R line is existing stock only and i know how difficult it can be to get an outgoing model as i done this with last car i had on scheme.

    Not that many will be getting one though at those prices

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    Fish insurance  will  take your NBC from mobility

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    Sorry Stevie, perhaps I didn’t explain properly.

    The lease cost comes direct from your PIP payment so is a guaranteed payment.

    An AP spread over three years would be dependent on the customer keeping up with the payment out of their own pocket.  i.e. not dependant on a benefit.

    Motability, as a risk averse body, would see this as a risk unworthy of taking as some will have a poor credit rating due to circumstance.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    No claims bonus

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    @JS what about if you are a first time Motability customer who held off or couldn’t order till the 1st? Is it still advisable to contact Motability. These prices are shocking I might just look at lease deals. The 3 series was my first choice and cla and tig after. Prices are horrendous

    i did say for those in that position, but as the site is down you could try it on at the dealership as you can officialy order today ask them to try the Q2 VTN if its able to go on their system you may well be lucky, it makes no difference to the dealership what the AP is. but i would imaging the IT problem doesnt include the  dealers back office system.  but its always worth talking to Motability tell them youve done test drives etc and had decided on a vehicle and was going to order today but now the increased AP has put it out of reach, they can only so No, but you never know they have spent alot of money trying to get the 1million users eligible on the scheme, your worth more to them on the scheme than an increased AP.

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>No because if you loose it the AP I’d paid back to you based on how long you had left on your lease. I think it’s just so the company is guaranteed the money and so they don’t have to chase it should you fail to pay. Saying that the AP are crazy and the lack of specs in the lower models are useless for a lot on the scheme as some things are actually essential to allow for useage.</p>

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>From Motability Website </p>

    Pricing temporarily unavailable

    Unfortunately owing to technical issues we have been unable to update the website with new pricing due from 1st July 2020.

    We are currently working on this and expect to publish new prices

    late this afternoon.

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    I need a 7 seater, that’s high and with an Auto box. I the Vag brands seem to fit the best from a driving perspective. I have test drove a lot of cars.

    They just seem to have high APs. Will probably have to go without for now.

    Thanks guys.

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    Just came accros this



    Says July to Sept and 2.0l xcelent lux has gone

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    Just seen the new prices for automatic Vauxhall’s and it’s enough to make you cry. Due to my partner needing a powered hoist to move from wheelchair to car we are very limited on suitable vehicles. We’d decided on a 1.2 auto Vauxhall grandland x se premium. Yesterday this was £299 but today it’s now £949. The manual versions for all Vauxhall’s are a reasonable price but the automatics have increased dramatically. Unfortunately this now prices us out of the automatic and not having driven a manual for the best part of 13 years I’m not sure I want to go down that route.

    Prices for an automatic Astra hatchback now start at £2449!!!!! It’s just an Astra!


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    I actually thought prices would drop given you would think they would want every boost to car sales they can get after Covid.

    But yes £2449 for an Astra is absolutely ridiculous

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    vauxhall Combo Life, virtually same overall diensions as Grandland, bigger boot

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