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    ho all .. this is available on the website…



    Wednesday 8th December  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 994        Change -4

    AUDI -4

    Audi Q2  -4  Diesel cars removed. 4 petrol Q2’s remain


    Wednesday 1st December  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 998       Change -23

    Renault +9 (8 petrol 1 electric)

    Captur +6

    Clio +2

    Zoe +1 (new number for GT line car)

    (These are new trim lines, the Iconic becomes Iconic Edition and the S Edition Becomes SE Edition, the +9 is because they have not taken the old cars off)


    SEAT -7  (6 petrol, 1 diesel)

    Tarraco -7  (removed from Scheme)


    Skoda -9  (6 petrol, 3 diesel)

    Kodiaq -9  (removed from Scheme)


    Volkswagen -16  (5 petrol, 3 diesel, 8 electric)

    ID3 -6  (removed from Scheme)

    ID4 -2 (removed from Scheme)

    Tiguan -8 (removed from Scheme)



    Saturday 20th November   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1021       Change -24

    BMW -8 (6 petrol, 2 diesel)

    X1 -8  Removed from Scheme


    Vauxhall -16  (10 petrol, 3 diesel, 3 electric)

    Corsa -1

    Crossland -3

    Grandland X -2

    Mokka -10



    Friday 19th November   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1045       Change -11

    FORD -7

    Kuga -7  All Diesel Kuga removed

    (Diesel offerings now only make up 12% of vehicles on the Scheme, with the removal of the Kuga, Ford no longer offer a diesel powered car on the Scheme.)

    Skoda -4

    Fabia removed (new version pending)


    Wednesday 17th November   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1056      Change -4

    Volvo -10

    XC40 -10  Removed from Scheme


    Peugeot +2

    208 +2 (electric)

    2008 +1

    3008 -1


    Hyundai +4 (petrol)

    Bayon +4 (Premium and Ultimate now in both 99 and 118bhp versions)




    Tuesday 16th November   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1060      Change -22

    KIA +4 (3 petrol, 1 electric)

    +1 Soul Maxx trim 64kWh £2299 Advance Paymnet

    +3 Pro ceed shooting brake 1.5 petrol from £899 AP – £2799 AP


    Suzuki -26

    -6 Ignis  (removed from Scheme)

    -6 S-Cross (removed from Scheme)

    -6 Swift (removed from Scheme)

    -8 Vitara (removed from Scheme)

    (only 2 Suzuki Swace remain)



    Friday 12th November   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1082       Change +62

    FORD +66

    New Fiesta +66 (all petrol)

    Renault -4

    Kadjar -4 (removed from Scheme)



    Monday 1st November   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1020       Change -19

    Citroen -5 (4 petrol, 1 diesel)

    Berlingo -2  Two cheapest Berlingo removed, now start at £1795 AP for a diesel or £1695 AP for an electric.

    C3 -3

    Nissan -14 (petrol)

    Juke -8  (removed from Scheme)

    Qashqai -6 (removed from Scheme)


    Saturday 30th October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1039       Change -29

    Hyundai -4 (petrol)

    Bayon -4  premium trim in 120hp and ultimate trim 100hp

    Mazda -25 (petrol)

    Mazda2 -7 (removed from Scheme)

    Mazda3 -9 (removed from Scheme)

    CX-30 -9 (removed from Scheme)

    only 4 electric MX-30 remain


    Friday 29th October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1068       Change -12

    FORD -4 (hybrid)

    Mondeo -4 (Removed from Scheme)

    SEAT -8 (PHEV)

    Leon -8


    Thursday 28th October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1080       Change +3

    KIA +3

    Niro PHEV +1

    Rio +1

    Stonic +1


    Saturday 23rd October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1077        Change -3

    KIA -3 (2 petrol, 1 PHEV)

    Niro -1 PHEV

    Rio -1

    Stonic -1


    Friday 22nd October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1080        Change -5

    Toyota -5 (petrol)

    Aygo -5


    Thursday 21st October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1085         Change -23

    FORD -23 (20 petrol 3 diesel)

    Focus -23  (Removed from the Scheme)


    Wednesday 20th October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1108         Change -45

    FORD -45 (34 petrol 11 diesel)

    Ford Focus -45

    Previously 68 Focus on Scheme now 23. 24 hatchback removed 21 estates. Only 3 diesel remain. Cull seems to be across the range, ST Line cars hit the hardest with 13 being removed.


    Sunday 17th October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1153         Change -6

    Kia -1 (hybrid)

    Niro -1 The affordable (£499 AP)  ‘2’trim removed, Niro’s now start at £1599 AP in ‘3’ trim


    Toyota -5 (hybrid)

    Rav4 – 5 (removed from Scheme)


    Friday 15th October   –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1159         Change +17

    in reply to: Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today #160375

    From the Motability website…

    UK car production slumps to lowest June level in almost 70 years

    What does this mean for me?

    Supply issues mean that some manufacturers are removing some models from general sale until production can catch up, which means they will also be removed from the Scheme. It is expected that this will continue for the rest of 2021.

    If you’re looking for a car on the Scheme, our car search tool has the most up to date information on what’s currently available on the Scheme, but supply issues mean that the list of available cars is changing more frequently than you would usually expect.

    Search for cars

    Speak to your dealer about any specific models you are considering, and they will advise you of any current delays and provide more information on whether the vehicle you’re interested in is available in stock, which will mean minimal delays. Remember, if you are an existing customer, we can arrange to extend your lease to keep you in your current car until your new car is ready.

    Find a dealer


    I am currently on our 2nd Nissan X Trail and to be honest am thinking of a 3rd when the new model comes to our shores late this year/early next. Roomy, comfortable and fully loaded 🙂

    could’nt agree more mate. IMHO it is an absolute disgrace that we can still only order 3 months in advance, should be at least 12!

    in reply to: Peugeot 3008 Hybrid review #141370

    Firstly, I think it is soo refreshing having the choice of anything with this power output.

    Secondly, the 300 BHP is NOT available on the scheme in GT Premium trim (which is why its cheaper).

    Finally, why oh why is there no heated steering wheel???

    in reply to: Super Excited #138967

    @ Daf  ‘I went for about 2 months using the 3 pin plug supplied. It gives you about 8/9 miles of range for every hour of charging. O.K for me as I only do about 30 to 40 miles a day.’


    Hi Daf,

    Forgive my ignorance but the 3 pin, is that a standard domestic that you plug into a ‘normal’ house socket?

    If so, can you please tell me what fuse is fitted?

    Thanks 🙂




    in reply to: Just lost my pip award, any advice? #137905

    Good advice ChrisK, the only other thing I would add is that if you post anything, send it by recorded delivery. Again, good luck!

    in reply to: Just lost my pip award, any advice? #137894

    Sorry to hear that.

    My wife had hers back end of last year and after prepping prepping and more prepping not to mention the stress, worry, 2nd guessing etc.. we had already had plan B if she lost.

    That was to Fight!

    Research the official steps, but I would advise..




    Hope this helps and good luck!


    in reply to: New Hyandai Tucson Opinions #136199

    I too think  the Tucson looks fantastic. As for AP go off existing model APs as a guide and check out the following link for new cars coming on the scheme including the Tucson 🙂

    My advice – start saving!

    The all-new Hyundai Tucson has been revealed with a completely fresh design, loads of advanced safety features plus a new range of hybrid powertrains.

    It’s bolder than you’d expect a practical, family-focussed SUV to be, with a huge grille at the front that incorporates the vehicle’s daytime running lights and headlights sat in separate pods underneath. 

    On the inside, the new Tucson gets a completely new design that’s both futuristic and minimalist, with a large central touchscreen and a smart glossy black pane of touch-sensitive buttons just below. 

    The new Hyundai Tucson will be available with a range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, including mild-hybrids and a plug-in hybrid option featuring a powerful electric motor mated to a 1.6-litre petrol engine.

    Expected Hyundai Tucson Motability launch date: TBC


    in reply to: How many miles since covid struck. #135965

    BTW a friend (also has an X Trail) had a problem where the car would not go more than 15 mph. Took it into the garage and the repair bill was £3,500, something to do with exhaust system not getting hot enough due to very few short trips. MB told him that if it happened again he would have to pay for it! Really???

    in reply to: How many miles since covid struck. #135964

    Collected X Trail August 2019, filled up 2x since pandemic and covered total of 4,500 miles 🙁

    in reply to: Most popular Motability vehicle 2020 #131151

    Morning All,

    23 ‘ish ‘hits’ so far with quite a range of scores illustrating some enlightening views.

    Keep ’em coming please and remember to include your score 🙂



    Car ownership for many will be a pastime, alot cannot afford a mid/large new car right now and even 2nd hand ones will be out of reach for many and then there’s the schemes going on aimed at solely cutting car usage like closing roads to all cars etc, alot like the war on smoking or sugar. I deffo think by 2030 i will have left the scheme or it will have to be closed and at some point we will all just get driverless taxis at extortionate prices. As that will be the only option for us with mobility issues.


    Well said Rox. I agree completely.

    As for this Rav – Motability are going to have to radically change their approach to pricing/performance structure in the immediate future to allow for electric/hybrids etc.. Especially with UK Gov ban on new ICE sales by 2030!

    in reply to: Most popular Motability vehicle 2020 #131023

    @ Martinod @ Russ – score please ?


    in reply to: Taking the P with these prices #117280

    Got to agree guys this is getting beyond a joke. Just did a quick check on SUVs and there must be 10+ models that have been bumped to the max £3749 mark.

    Just as an example… we got our Nissan 1.7D Tekna 4WD 7 seat manual last August for an AP of £1750 – Same car today is £2999  an increase of over 71% in less than 12 months!




    Better dust off me Bren guns 😉

    in reply to: Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today #105626

    ‘There is a dreadful trend developing at the moment for cars to be removed then when they come back the price has increased.’


    At the risk of being cynical (moi) I think the manufacturers take an initial ‘punt’ on AP and then sit back and watch the orders come in (or not). If they have set the AP too high/no orders, after 1/2 quarters they will drop the AP. Conversely, too low an AP and high demand results in the car being removed and re-introduced at a higher AP.

    Question is… why do Motability allow them to do this?




    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104500

    We test drove both the 3008 and 5008 and whilst they both have the internal WOW factor, I could not get used to the small steering wheel. Felt like I was driving a go kart.

    Also, when I asked about heated steering wheel the assistant said ‘whats that’. Deal breaker for me with my arthritus 🙁 Maybe they have them now?

    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104479

    Sorry Wayne,

    No memory function 🙁

    BTW we test drove an X1 and yes the mechanics/interior were far superior to the X-Trail but like many others we did not like the seats and the cost for upgrades is diabolical imo.

    Each to their own 🙂

    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104461

    Hi Wayne,

    CVT box’es are ‘continuous variable transmission’ as averse to dual clutch variants and the most noticeable difference between the 2 are lag or delay.

    Imagine you are at a roundabout in fairly heavy traffic and a gap appears and you think ‘i can get in that – just’. You put your foot down, the engine howls and you don’t move. After a second, the car jumps forward BUT that gap that was safe is now downgraded to buttock clenching.

    Believe me, I have been there on more than one occasion. Never again.

    The other auto box’es do not suffer from this anywhere near as bad.

    Try a google search on….

    Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) …
    Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) …
    DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) …

    for a full technical breakdown.

    Good luck with whatever you choose mate 🙂



    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104374

    Hey Brydo,

    Storm white (Pearlescent at no extra cost), the seats are comfortable, the compass is simply an optional feature and yes it is oriented correctly (before you ask) – 😉


    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104359

    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104358

    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104357

    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104356

    in reply to: Bang for your buck #104355

    Hi Wayne,

    One of the things that I really appreciate is the leather seats and the height as getting in and out is noticeably easier than with cloth. 1st leg in, slide and spin – a lot easier 🙂

    Here are a few pics… not very sunny today 🙁

    As for a (brief) review, this is my 2nd X-Trail, manual this time as the CVT box is awful!

    This is the 7 seat 4WD version so I lost the Bose sound system but the grand kids love the back seats.

    Driving/parking is easy thanks to responsive controls and 360 camera plus sensors.  Blind spot monitoring is good, as is emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, lane departure etc…

    Seats are comfortable and access (especially passenger) is excellent. Electric adjust on both front as well as all seats (except Grand kids) heated along with the steering wheel.

    To top it off, hands free boot opening, pano sunroof with blind and ‘intelligent’ 4WD. You may just be able to see a nextbase duo cam and echo dot auto 😉

    All in all, very happy with it (best mpg so far – 1.7 diesel – 47 mpg) roomy, stylish (outside) and practical.

    Anything specific, just ask 🙂




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