How long have you been waiting?

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    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your wait times are for your car orders. I ordered a Ford Kuga St Line X Auto Diesel on Sept 21 and haven’t received a build date yet. Was told by dealer it’d be March/April 22 which I’m hopeful it will not be any longer than that. Very hesitant to cancel the order due to current wait times and the fact that Ford has discontinued the Diesel engine (which was the only Kuga available for under 25s at Q4).

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    I’m getting really agitated now, ordered a ford puma mid January and got told delivery would be end of July, got an update today stating there is no build date in sight so haven’t got a chance until at least the end of summer, by reading some of your posts I won’t get my hopes up at all for it this year

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    I think it’s very obvious dealers are being naughty and prioritising cash buyers over people on the scheme – I understand why they would but it’s surely something that needs addressing before it starts to seriously affect people on Motability?

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    I ordered a Honda HRV back in Feb 22. was originally told delivery late May / early June , then moved to October , and was advised yesterday moved again till 30th November . If it’s moved any further I’m seriously considering cancelling and extending my current car again

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    I have just left the scheme and bought a new car. The car I wanted, in the trim and engine combo is not currently on the scheme.

    My local dealer could only place a factory order and said the earliest would be Late September and slots were already filled so it would have to be one of the colours available, to get one then.

    However via what car, I was contacted by a dealer asking if I was still interested from a previous search and offers given to me. He said they had cars coming that was on order that would arrive in 3 to 4 weeks.

    So I ordered on 12th of may and picked up the car on friday the 10th of june. Got free mats and a full tank of juice and didn’t even ask for it..

    So I think it really depends on the timing.

    The dealer I got the car from has ordered the cars but my local dealer has not and I can see why any surplus In the system may not be offered to the scheme users because of the discount they get from the manufacturers.

    There is nothing stopping you placing an order via the scheme into the system but it depends on the manufacturer as to when it will be built and arrive, As I could of done and you’d have to wait and maybe there’s delays and dates are pushed back due to the next crisis and global supply issues.

    I don’t think it’s just mb customers being pushed back.

    The big problem is many cars have more orders than they can supply and the big dealers can place orders before any consumer or pickup any slack in the schedule and have no real issue selling them right now.

    Personally I don’t see much changing anytime soon, it’s the new normal as the vertug roup ceo was saying recently and is one of the reason I decided now was the time for me to leave the scheme.

    I am paying more than on the scheme yes, but when my Hp term is up I will have around a 12.5k asset and I’m paying no interest. Which Is a huge Incentive to me.

    There’s alot more reason’s also, like the wait on the scheme and the huge Ap’s and coming legislation etc etc

    So for me it was the right thing to do, before some say about not getting credit, I would consider myself on a low income, as my conditions prohibits me from working, I got approved on my income alone.

    Right now also I don’t think I could wait a year+ as some are having to do, as the current scheme car was Just not suitable anymore due to condition changes not just in my condition but in my wife’s. We also annually, doing half the mileage we was doing.

    So really the scales have been tipped more in favour of ownership than leasing.


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    Hi I’ve been waiting for a ds crossback etense 3 since Feb 2022 and the build date keeps getting pushed back now they say September till I get it. Anyone take. Delivery of a ds at all??

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    Citroen ec4 shine plus factory order with couple of factory options ..9th march 22 now pick up 21 June

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    I ordered a Vauxhall Corsa Ultimate back in October. Was told delivery would be Dec then Jan then Feb then March and so on. Was recently told the car was on a boat on the 31st May and it was due to be docked on the 3rd of June. I got told yesterday the car was put on a boat on the 15th June at 5am BUT if it doesn’t reach the UK by the 21st then they won’t be able to tax it until mid July as Vauxhall are updating their system which apparently takes 3 weeks…
    I get the feeling they just say oh it’s coming it’s coming just so you don’t leave and go with a different company. I did some research and my numbers show mid October, a whole 12 months later. I’ll find out on Monday if it was actually on a boat or not.

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    Ford times

    Ordered ford focus June 21 and told October then January then June and low an behold still waiting on a build date no communication from Ford what so ever

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    j littlewood

    I ordered my vauxhall grandland 1.5 diesel on 1st April 21.still no delivery date..No sense from showroom.i just get told nothings moving as yet.and im waiting  for over 100 cars.when I know people have been reciving new cars..I think this is disgusting  from vauxhall..I understand the problems but why advertise a wait time of 6 months depending on model.if people are waiting over a year.and still no dilivery date.

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    I went into Listers for an update on our I.D.3 Max Pro a few days ago and was advised week 46 for a build date.

    We ordered 17/09/21.

    So a realistic delivery date of Jan 2023.

    I know VW have recently gone back to 3 shifts and our producing a lot more cars so their’s some hope it might be earlier.

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    Dealer informed me week 33 or before (first week in August 22) for build date ID3 Tour which was ordered  31/08/21. September 22 delivery ? Should have all the 2023 updates.

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    I ordered a Kamiq on March the 13th and it was built the 9th of May and i will collect it this Sunday the June the 26th all in all not a bad wait and a pleasant first time on the scheme purchase from Trust Skoda Wolverhampton

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    Ordered a fiesta st line vignale last November was told Feb/march still no build date but according to the dealer it does have a chassis number. Good luck and I hope you all get your cars soon.

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    I ordered my factory build car in Jan 2022 and the car has now been built and the dealer says it is now about four weeks away from getting to them which is really good an Abarth 595 automatic.


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    Ordered a grandland in feb 2021 and still no build date

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