How long have you been waiting?

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    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your wait times are for your car orders. I ordered a Ford Kuga St Line X Auto Diesel on Sept 21 and haven’t received a build date yet. Was told by dealer it’d be March/April 22 which I’m hopeful it will not be any longer than that. Very hesitant to cancel the order due to current wait times and the fact that Ford has discontinued the Diesel engine (which was the only Kuga available for under 25s at Q4).

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    James Jones

    It appears as if Ford are the worst manufacturer for giving info, on build dates.

    Going on these pages they also seem the worst manufacturer for any cars coming through.

    I ordered a S Max on 11/6/21

    Absolutely no indication of when or even if ????????

    Anyone else feel the same?

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    Ford times

    Yes I agree as I’m waiting for the focus vingale ordered 8/6/21 you call them an they make you feel like your in the wrong for chasing up information your actively searching for because they refuse to communicate or promise you its the next one that’s being built or that they give you an expected build date,date comes no contact saying if car is there you call them,they seem hard done by that you’ve asked and then they reluctantly tell you one of the many excuses they’ve used before for not having you order  or is that just me lol

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    I  am heading for two year for my VW touran they haven’t even confirmed a build date yet.

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    Hi I am heading for two year for my VW touran they haven’t even confirmed a build date yet.

    Hi Kevin

    Are you actually sure that your dealer has put an order in for the car.

    The Touran is an odd one because my dealer told me last October that the Touran has been discontinued but I’ve heard that many times before. It could be that she meant just discontinued from Motability but at that time it was still on, be it with an inflated AP.

    The Touran can still be configured on the VW UK website to this day and that’s why I find it odd being the car that’s been allegedly discontinued many times the past few years and was on VW site a couple of years ago as being showroom orders only.

    Can you check your order in your Motability online account if you got one.

    All that said I’m 10 months into a wait for a Tiguan with at least another 3 months or even longer to go but I know for sure the order is in but 2 years would really be stretching it..



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    I’m coming up to 4 months for the C4 (after being told 2-3 months originally) and this is after cancelling after waiting 6 months for an MG.


    Are people actually getting cars on Motability at the moment? It really seems like we’re just being pushed to the back repeatedly…

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    I’ve just had my monthly dealer update and not great news I now have a provisional build date of week 3   January  16th 2023  my original build date was June 2022, what I find unusual is that I have a friend who ordered a Cupra Born ev on 2nd April 21 and has a delivery date of 20th August 21 seems that at present VW group are prioritising the Cupra born more than the ID3. I ordered my ID3 on the 20th December 2021 so will be over a year for delivery,

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    I refuse to wait, in conjunction with the pitiful ‘selection’ of cars available. I’ll be leasing a car privately, I hope Motability customers get the opportunity to get what they deserve sooner rather than later, my contract is up in 2 months.

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    4 months and still no update, Kia SPRTG1.6TGD48VISGGT-LnS5dATAWD

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    I’m coming up for 8 months, just received update today that car wont be built until January 2023, Dealer has said this could change as they’ve had cars just turn up at port without prior warning, no issues with dealer they keep me informed every month , just VW that need to get things sorted and be more forthwith with delivery updates.

    ID3 Family pro performance ordered Dec 2021

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    Robin Hill

    Ordered VW Caddy Maxi Life 01/12/2021 … nothing doing as yet 🙁

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    Hi. I ordered DS3 Rivoli in June and was told September. Charger gets fitted next week. But was told on order they were starting to build ds3 in August. French normally get 6 week break too. So take that into account. Which model has been ordered for you ?

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    Waiting times for electric cars 2022 | Electrifying

    ​Audi E-Tron: 12 months +

    ​BMW i4: 6 months +

    ​BMW iX: 6 months +

    ​Citroen e-C4: 9-12 months

    ​Cupra Born: 3-6 months

    ​DS 3 Crossback E-Tense: 3-6 months

    ​Fiat 500e: 4-6 months

    ​Ford Mustang Mach-E: 12-18 months +

    ​Hyundai IONIQ: 6 months

    ​Hyundai IONIQ 5: 9-12 months

    ​Jaguar iPace: 6-9 months

    ​Kia Niro EV: 3-6 months

    ​Kia EV6: 6-9 months

    ​Kia Soul: 3-6 months

    ​Lexus UX300e: 15 months +


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    Dave k

    Renewal November just extended our t4 xc40 another 2years used the online account one click all done 👍

    hopefully 2023 will see some better choice back on the scheme

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    I ordered my new car 15 months ago YES 15 months ago only to be told that they have cancelled my order.  So I’m back to looking for a new car again its a night mare 🙃

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    I can’t help but feel that the upcoming strike at Felixstowe is going to add to delays🙄


    If I seem a little strange, that's because I am.

    Mercedes Benz B180 Premium Plus.

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    I ordered my new car 15 months ago YES 15 months ago only to be told that they have cancelled my order. So I’m back to looking for a new car again its a night mare 🙃

    That’s so crazy and one reason of the many of why I left the scheme. It’s happening way to much. almost a year and a half wait to be told sorry we cannot Provide what you ordered. Also for others the cars arrive minus stuff and I bet now when you reorder the ap’s are much higher as are the prices of those new cars.

    Mb don’t seem to care one bit about it.. what if your condition has changed and the car you have is no longer suitable.

    Totally feel for you Janet.

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    I ordered 1st August 2021 …. So just over a year …. And not even a build date.  In the meantime I don’t have a car and struggle to do anything.

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    If anyone is looking for a small car which can be delivered relatively quickly, you may want to consider the Mazda 2 Hybrid. We have just ordered one last week and Mazda are very confident it should be here by October-November time, which is perfect if it does since that’s when our current lease ends.

    We did prod them about delivery times and whether it was realistic, and they insisted it was. It’s quite strange since the Toyota Yaris (the exact same car with a different badge, from the same factory has delivery times which extend well into 2023) so also queried them about this, to which they said they’re not sure why that is the case, but they’re sure the Mazda 2 Hybrid will be here when our lease ends.

    Of course, I’ll provide updates if this changes!

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    I was looking at the Yaris this week – dealer quoted delivery Dec 22 / Jan 23 & a friend ordered hers last week & told the same

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    I ordered 1st August 2021 …. So just over a year …. And not even a build date. In the meantime I don’t have a car and struggle to do anything.

    That’s the worst situation to be in Alexandra and I totally feel for those in your postion. Who just joining the scheme.

    I guess you could maybe get something used for a bit or try and get something off the scheme. Till things go back to normal abit. Some have even had their orders cancelled and are back to square one.

    Personally I see this going on for maybe another 18 months at least and long waits for cars especially for the most popular cars and ev’s.

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