How long have you been waiting?

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    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your wait times are for your car orders. I ordered a Ford Kuga St Line X Auto Diesel on Sept 21 and haven’t received a build date yet. Was told by dealer it’d be March/April 22 which I’m hopeful it will not be any longer than that. Very hesitant to cancel the order due to current wait times and the fact that Ford has discontinued the Diesel engine (which was the only Kuga available for under 25s at Q4).

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    I wonder who will have the longest wait – they should get a medal.

    You are beating me, my order went in beginning of November 21. I am hoping for delivery before June 22.

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    XC40 ordered in June, being told February but not holding my breath.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    1. orderd july 2021 bmw x1

    was told end december 2021

    Then i found out the order went through 15august now the car not coming untill may this year

    we will see nay cancel to be honest if i hear long wait times it’s unfair now

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    Andy Wood

    BMW X1 xline xdrive – our Motability order went through 20 sep, and we collected 20 December, dealer had in stock at start of December but we had to wait till our 3 years were up on previous car. Dealer ordered with bmw 2nd week of august after we went for test drive and said we wanted it. Well done Halliwell Jones wilmslow.

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    VW ID3 tour ordered 1st of aug 2021 first was told would be end of jan 2022 now got up date from vw now its tbc they told me that vw have stopped production so god knows when i will get it but at least i have my pod point fitted ready lol

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    at least i have my pod point fitted ready lol

    Yes, that is the good news!! Have you got an installation date yet?

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    Hi it was fitted 8/1/2022 and its the new version solo 3 its called just wish i had the car lol

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    @coralie you are at least ahead of the curve. Fingers crossed for the car arriving soon, it has to, right?!

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    5008 14th August 2021 was original told December to receive it , gave them a ring then still had no idea on a build date, couldn’t even give me any clue which  I find ridicules they have no idea Communication is so bad at my dealership. I’m thinking got a 6-9 month wait if I’m lucky.

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    Put my order in 14/10/21 approved by Motability 15/10/21 dealer put through the order about 10 days later because of a problem with an adaption code on my driving license requiring approval from Motability.

    Told by dealer car will delivered in April / May 22 so about 7 months for a VW Tiguan.

    Out of interest if you have an online Motability account it tells you in the agreement when they expect the lease of the car to begin with mine saying “commences 04/05/2022”.

    Just wonder if you guy’s also have that and does it match up with what the dealer told you the delivery time is.

    Of course it can and probably will change but at least Motability are aware of a delivery time should it become a stupid amount of time in the future.

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    @chrisk yes on the lease it tells you when it expected but that just an ruff idea mine said december but not getting it untill june now

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    “How long have you been waiting?”

    Seven days.  It’s a nightmare!


    I was told the ‘Party line’ is about 12 weeks (Ford Puma) but I’ve also read elsewhere that some are being told 30 weeks, so I’m assuming that nobody really knows anything for certain.  It will take as long as it takes and there’s nowt I can do to change that, so I will try not to stress about it.

    Que sera, sera . . . 

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    Like @ChrisK I placed an order on October 28th for a VW Tiguan and was told roughly 36 weeks, paper work shows 2/08/2022 as expected lease start date.

    About 4 weeks differences but it is not an issue, I will be happy whenever it arrives.

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    Waiting for my Corsa-e Nav Premium. Ordered Dec 28th, was told middle of March but probably middle of April 😤

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    Like @ChrisK I placed an order on October 28th for a VW Tiguan and was told roughly 36 weeks, paper work shows 2/08/2022 as expected lease start date. About 4 weeks differences but it is not an issue, I will be happy whenever it arrives.

    Hi Masquerade

    I’m not worried about the wait myself as my current car is still handling my disability. Slight discrepancies there but these delivery dates are just coming out of thin air at the moment so could have been anything.

    I read a few days ago that VW are not taking orders, Motability or anyone else, for the rest of 2022 for the iD 3 and 4. Not sure how reliable that statement is but it was from a credible car source.

    What is worrying with long waits with what’s seems an eternity looking for another suitable car in the first place is I keep looking out for something that is better and would have loved a Plug-in Hybrid but can’t afford the AP’s but after waiting 3 to 7 months I’m prepared to cancel right up until the dealer tells me the car has been shipped if a suitable plug-in came on at a reasonable AP but the ways things are I don’t think cancelling is going to be a thing.

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    lol I ordered my golf in April 2021 and still no confirmed build date ………..

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    Paul Short

    Now you have me concerned, we did a test drive in a 5008 on Sunday & was told it would take about 12 weeks, thats for a GT with the sunroof added as a extra!  I think the salesman might be telling me porkie pies lol

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    Damn his nose must have grown a few inches when he said that to you lol it seems real time frame for a 5008 right now is 6-9 months.

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    Ordered Golf GTD May last year I spoke to dealer now say week 8 but no confirmed build date thinking it’s going to be a full 12 months tbh.

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    I ordered a Hyundai Tucson Phev Ultimate +Tech Pack at the beginning of November. The dealer contacted me last week to say its still ontrack for the end of February.

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    I picked up my Peugeot 3008 up on December 23rd (lovely Christmas present) after placing an order on September 14th.  The delivery date was pretty much bang on with the info my dealer supplied, which was confirmed prior to ordering.

    Just out of interest, which dealerships are people waiting on 5008s from?

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    chris m

    hi my5008 was orderded 25th july from stoneacre peugeot still havnt got build date

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    I ordered through Robins and Day – they provided me with build dates for the various 3008 engine options before I placed the order. It seemed that the powertrain influenced the build date, suggesting that Peugeot allocate build slots based on the engines.

    Hybrid 225 were scheduled to be made in November, the Hybrid 300 was December – these dates actually came forward based on my collection date.

    When I had an ECO wobble (long story) mid-way through November, I enquired about the e-2008 and was given an indicated build date for that model of January or February, the dealer was confident that this date would be met without an issue.

    I’m puzzled as to why the 5008 build info is so difficult to obtain from some dealers.  Robins and Day had the info on a screen which they shared without any hesitation when asked.

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    33 weeks 5 days
    or 236 days

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    Ordered A class beginning of June was due 31st October, then was told beginning on Jan just received an email saying they don’t have a clue when it will be but they will keep me updated.

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