How long have you been waiting?

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    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your wait times are for your car orders. I ordered a Ford Kuga St Line X Auto Diesel on Sept 21 and haven’t received a build date yet. Was told by dealer it’d be March/April 22 which I’m hopeful it will not be any longer than that. Very hesitant to cancel the order due to current wait times and the fact that Ford has discontinued the Diesel engine (which was the only Kuga available for under 25s at Q4).

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    Thomas Carson


    Thanks for the response re  dates and dealers.

    Again  this reinforces the overall belief that dates are movable feasts.  Also,  while it’s an unpopular notion,  I have asked my dealership if any identical cars to my order  have been  provided for cash customers.  I don’t expect any reply  but  wanted to check a crazy rumour.

    Fortunately  my current vehicle is in better condition than me, so I’ll keep moving.

    Covid rampant here in Cornwall after the half term invasion.

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    As I am likely to come of the scheme, the cars i am interested in purchasing Kia picanto ,Hyundai i10 ,and Dacia Sandero , told 8 to 10 weeks for picanto , 8 to 12 weeks i10, Dacia 4 to 6 months , but most coming nearer 4

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    Called Vauxhall. Getting a call back tomorrow as the motability specialists don’t work on a Tuesday 😀 Asked a lady there to just be straight with me, when she thinks my car will arrive. She said “Mid April to end of April”

    Ordered end of December 2021

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    David Hargreaves

    orderef my qashqai  26 weeks ago, no build date yet.

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    Glos Guy

    orderef my qashqai 26 weeks ago, no build date yet.

    Interesting as the CarWow link on current lead times posted the other day had it down as 10 weeks, one of the shortest waits that there was. I thought that seemed optimistic.

    I have to say that I think that the new Qashqai is a great looking car. Looks are obviously a subjective thing, but I much prefer it to the styling direction that the likes of Hyundai and Kia are pursuing. Sadly it’s a bit too small for us but if it wasn’t I could be tempted.

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    i ordered  xc40  october last year and volvo canceled my order 3 rd april  need to start looking again

    so thanks volvo


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    So, yesterdays mid-April to late April delivery time is now late May to beginning of June.

    What a difference a day makes.

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    Tomorrow i have been waiting 200 days already and still no information on a build week.  Sept 21 i ordered a ID3 tour.

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    Has anyone ordered a Focus? I now have no build date after in

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    Has anyone ordered a Focus? I was given a build date of 31/03 now no build date? Not able to order on Fords website, just a little concerned my order will be cancelled.

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    Ordered Peugeot Traveller Allure Long in June 2021 with expected 7 months wait, regular updates bumping build dates, this week told at least end of September 2022 for estimated build (if not bumped again) plus transportation etc so possible delivery Jan, Feb 2023 at the earliest.  Absolutely ridiculous and so annoying that there are dealerships with ore registered vehicles available but they won’t release on motability.

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    Tiguan 1,5 R-Line Black – Ordered October 2021.

    Was advised of delivery around April, then August.  Spoke with dealer last week, and he said “honestly, I really cant give you a date”, possibly build date of July, but cant confirm??  At least he is being honest.!! Seriously considering canceling, but I would be in the same position, or worse, with another manufacturer..?? Scunnered!!

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    Thomas Carson

    One less thing to  moan about now that ‘my’ dealership has made unsolicited contact to ask me to collect an electric Corsa on May 4th.

    So just  cost of living,  fuel prices,  getting a gp appointment,  water outages  ( again), builders taking the Michael,  neighbour’s burning of tyres and my damaged toe nail!

    Still,  one down.


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    Jeff Schofield

    Ah well all good then.. Cough cough haha

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    James cheer

    Im in the same boat ordered the id3 tour oct21 told april – may delivery then had an email beginning of march telling me its not even been built but scheduled for September build then received another email today telling me its been pushed back to November build date now will have ben 13 months since order if its built then probably wont see it till 2024 at this rate!

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    James Jones


    Ordered a new Ford S Max 2.0 Ecoblue 150 Auto with the Luxe Pack on June 7th 2021.

    As of today 22/5/22.

    Not even a build month.

    When asked, the dealer just says he has no idea when?

    Just wondering if I am going to get it at all, or as appears to have happened on here is the car going to be cancelled.

    It is the not knowing.

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    1. Nail on the head.  It’s lack of info which is the most infuriating.
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    All of this is why i have decided to get a car outside the scheme, Dealer contacted me a few days ago and said car will be with them this month and it is the dealer that’s ordered them, he said they should arrive in 3 to 4 weeks, that was when i agreed to buy on the 12th.

    I was told by my local dealer, If i wanted to order one i was told prob September.  I didn’t ask about how long for one on the scheme would be as i’d already decided to leave the scheme.

    I’d imagine though it would be longer, as when i mentioned i had a car on the scheme, he had a dismissive look on his face. Till i followed it up with but i’ve decide to buy instead of lease.. Then it was a total change.

    The car I am getting is via another dealer so seems to me like, dealers are snapping up all the excess supply.

    vertu froup ceo was saying other day they’ve made there biggest ever profits, even with reduced supply.

    After speaking with Mb on phone and telling them why i am terminating the lease early they fully understand and it’s partly to do with the wait, but for me there are many others reasons also., but waiting a year / plus is out of the question.

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    I ordered a Mini on the 6th of April with a delivery date of 22nd of November, but Mini have removed most of the Models from the scheme.

    Maybe it’s due to the War in the Ukraine or the semi-conductor shortage?

    So I have no idea what is going to happen, but I am lucky as I already have a car.

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    I ordered my crossland late august 21 and now 1 day away from June 22 . I still have no build date.

    was told that I would have the car by jan 22.

    Motorbilaty sent pub to collect new car as vauxhall hadn’t updated anyone with order. Like a lot of people have written it’s the not knowing anything just told when you call they will contact you when they have news. And that should be enough for us all.

    My biggest problem is they still advertise everywhere and give lead time of 3 to 6 months, maybe clear the back log first !! Motorbilaty themselves say nothing they can do even though the contract is with them.


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    Ordered may Kia Sportage 1.6 HEV GTline-S on 19th April and give me delivery date for January but last week I received updates from my local dealer was saying “Your car should be ready before Christmas”..

    Fingers crossed 🤞

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    Like Asc I have ordered exactly same spec sportage on the 1st April. Emailed dealer today for update, they said no specific date but Kia have assured them that the vehicle will be delivered some time this year. Probably another six months to wait.

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    I did have a order for the sportage, but test drove the 308 plugin hybrid and like that, phone around and found one on wed last week and picked up today, So so lucky.

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    Ford times

    Ordered mine in June last year still waiting on build date no updates from dealer either always one chasing them up

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    Ford Galaxy 2.0 diesel unbelievable wait since 01 March 21 build date cancelled then reinstated and cancelled again now no build date is available. What are Motability doing to help ?  even advising customers on their options would be a start as Ford cancelling this order looks increasingly likely even after 456 days.

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