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      Hope things soon improve.

      Terrible leaving you without hot water,hope its now been sorted


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        Original post

        Good evening, can anyone tell me how long before your pip runs out do they send you the papers to start renewal proceedings and can you get it for longer that 3 years if your condition isn’t going to improve but is getting worse.

        any help is very much appreciated.


        In Answer and only based on my own experiences whilst having to navigate what was and continues to be a very fluid system of benefit entitlement

        I have gone onto expand and explain some additional things that may be of some help to others

        Expect to be contacted by the DWP  12 months before an award ends ( official line) in reality this can/has varied depending on the DWPs workload and priorities at any given time

        I personally have in the past waited yrs past award end date to have my award reassessed

        Award lengths’ can be given longer if the condition and the way it affects you most of the time are more stable/has strong medical support and is deemed to be a lifetime condition as is my case

        Even my own ongoing award (usually given for 10yrs ) could be reassessed at anytime the DWP feels it wants to.

        My 10 yr award is due for review and I have been told and expect this to be a light touch review

        Be aware that

        Any reported change of condition can result in the whole of any given award to be looked at again from scratch/afresh ( not just the changes reported)

        Be aware that

        CAB are funded huge sums by the DWP and imo/experience have found them all but useless,this may vary

        Suggest seeking the best one to one individual help possible

        Remember its best to hand in a well written and supported award application from the onset as a poorly written/supported application can be hard to distance yourself from at a later date

        Any application should be detailed/medically supported because nothing must be left to misinterpretation as to do so will enable the DWP to award on their own interpretation of events which may well differ greatly from your own

        Remember keep a detailed diary of all events calls/times/dates/letters/GP/hospital visits also photocopy everything sent to the DWP and only do this using recorded delivery

        Term life award explained

        In the past, the use of the term “Life Award” proved to be confusing amongst people who
        received Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance (AA). It was taken by
        many to mean that once awarded, benefit could not be taken away. That is, and was never,
        the case: in order to receive benefit the conditions of entitlement must be met and continue to
        be met. Benefit recipients, therefore, have a responsibility to tell the Department about any
        changes that may affect their entitlement and which may lead to their benefits being increased,
        reduced or disallowed.


        This above is based on my own personal experience and is intended as a guideline only and advise everyone to seek their own legal advice

        Sorry as this started off as a short reply lol



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          Agree lol

          in reply to: BMW iX2 – Could this be on the Motability list in 2024? #250849

            BMW look so boring imo and wish they would follow renaults stylish lead

            The brand will need more than its badge as competion hots up

            Predict some bargain 2024 APs coming up


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              Order and cancel next quarter if AP is reduced

              Austral for example same as BMW imo APs are £1000 over priced

              Competion will force things down imo

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                Seems your going through the wars

                Trouble is as each stage progresses it brings different challenges

                Was told from the off that surgical intervention was ruled out due to being complex multi level

                Like you Im waiting for the spine to fuse,

                Cant complain as childs play compared to my 6 weeks in ITU in 1986 with a brain/cerebral abscess that led to temp paralyzed arm/face

                Anyways thats enough of all that as tomorrow is another day

                And everyday just like today I intend to make the most of things

                Best wishes fella and roll on summer





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                  Looks a nice car even with ( 1st 4 me) all the big plastic arches

                  Looks a nice car to be in and to drive

                  Konas heading in all the right directions imo

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                    Live in hope lol

                    in reply to: Autonomous Braking! #250823

                      If you read my past posts you may well understand why I switch off most of the Autonomous features

                      Blindspot monitoring with steering intervention gets a tick as does tyre pressure warnings and 360 camera and braking if going to collide

                      Google do this do that is cool

                      Cruise control even regen thumbs down dont need or like it

                      47 accident free yrs later

                      if it aint broke

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                        @DumfriesDik I’m about as mended as I’m going to get, until my spine has cleared whatever disc is between the affected vertebrae and they fuse together.  Until then it’s just back ache🤦🏻


                        Blimey a first 4 me

                        A decade on and I find someone with the same chronic condition as myself

                        Unfortuantly my all 5 lumbar collapsed causing stenosis which  lead to neurogenic claudication (For others …..This is a narrowing of the space around your lower spine, which can put pressure on your spinal cord directly. It can and did in my case also compress the blood vessels around the spine, depriving it of oxygen-carrying blood) nutshell not enough required oxygen being supplied to my legs result cannot walk very far

                        So far shit decade lol

                        in reply to: BMW iX2 – Could this be on the Motability list in 2024? #250786

                          BMW imo need to relook at their EV Designs and may well have to take an even closer look at their inflated APs

                          The latter going forward will be dictated by strong competition

                          in reply to: Motability Scheme Vehicle numbers #250780

                            Check in here every day

                            Why? Not to sure habit I suppose

                            I have a nice car for the next 3 yrs

                            Note to self

                            Must get out more

                            in reply to: What a F(&*%*ng year #250746

                              Sending my best wishes and I do hope that things improve for you

                              My take on things

                              When challenges are thrown at us without any choice

                              You have to combat with everything you can muster in the hope that it is enough,even though by doing so can often make us difficult to be around

                              All we can do is

                              Stay strong

                              Stay positive





                              in reply to: Screen wash in an EV #250715

                                @joss you can’t beat a windscreen cover, especially if going out early morning before the winter sun is high enough. Better than a credit card or scraper.

                                Even better press the phone app and car screen is defrosted and inside as warm as set temp in 10 mins no need to be plugged in to do so

                                No need to warm the engine up first in an EV

                                Car keeps on giving

                                in reply to: Motobility change the rules #250702

                                  Wouldnt want mine after the way its been driven

                                  Just kidding

                                  In the future motorbility users who for some reason may have wanted to buy an unwarranted car for more than its worth have now been saved from doing so due to motorbility policy change

                                  Bravo imo

                                  in reply to: Honda e:Ny1 Apparently available on the scheme #250657

                                    Link also highlighes the £1,899 AP for the Honda Jazz

                                    That has to drop to at least £999 surely

                                    in reply to: EV how’s your cold weather range? #250605

                                      Tbh I only glance at the range left in the car and not bother about what has already been used and I simply top it up as and when needed

                                      I still do the same as I did with my ICE cars drive it as I please summer and winter

                                      low on fuel top it up

                                      Driving style/speed may vary according to my mood and type of journey the same as it has always done

                                      No need to have a Carol Vorderman moment like many other EV drivers

                                      Quick glance low on fuel top it up

                                      Not an ounce of Eco in me and would not dream of driving in so called eco mode as imo the mode is not only rubbish in all circumstances but can also be dangerouse in certain circumstances

                                      I will continue to drive enjoyably as I always have done and I will leave saving the planet in the so called experienced hands of king charlie and his v12s

                                      The Eco mode is dire and once its turned on it handles like a tractor and ruins an otherwise beautiful driving experience

                                      Seeking great experiences is one of the main reasons why I chose the car in the first place

                                      I can understand those that often travel long distances wanting to keep costs down, and having to worry about their KWs used and when and when not to regen

                                      luckily thats not me




                                      in reply to: I saw the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen today #250602

                                        As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

                                        Beat me to it lol

                                        in reply to: Motability Scheme Vehicle numbers #250599

                                          Volvo will have to drop its APs andcthey will

                                          I suspect sooner rather than later

                                          Predict base EX30 to drop to £1500  and thats £ 500 to much imo

                                          in reply to: KerboCharge – Update #250381

                                            Durham originally wanted £600 for the install but then offered a 50% discount. I did wonder that if it was part of the Motability package it may be able to be covered by a disability adaptation/facilities grant?

                                            Disability adaptation/facilities grant?

                                            Cant see why not as its a reasonable request and worth a phone call for sure.


                                            in reply to: KerboCharge – Update #250379

                                              Great idea and like most things imo its continued success in being widely accepted may in part depend on everyones adherence to agreed installation conformity.

                                              I do not know if this is already the case or even if such a thing already exsists but Im just thinking out aloud as I want this to succeed and  benefit millions of others

                                              Without conformotity

                                              Poor choice/use/application of material when making good around the finished job may affect its long term ability to remain flush with the surrounding surface.

                                              Being flush to the footpath and remaining so is its safe selling point and thats something that can easily be lost

                                              For instance/example only

                                              A sub-contractors use of mortar to marry to Tarmac imo should be avoided

                                              In a nutshell imo when fitting these things best to do them all in a proper agreed and conformed manner


                                              in reply to: KerboCharge – Update #250345

                                                Great news

                                                A tale of tenacity and what it achieves

                                                Whilst all the time dealing with your own health issues

                                                Amirable as you have opened the floodgate for others



                                                in reply to: Saw Volvo EX30 at dealership today #250340

                                                  Plastics aside the thing that would put me off is having to keep touching a screen whilst driving just to enable basic controls

                                                  Not safe in that respect

                                                  Gear lever on the steering wheel is great and love this on my Iconic Etec

                                                  Nippy enough

                                                  Size wise suspect its like the E Tec ( think the Volvo is a bit bigger not 100%) 2 adults 2 under 10 kids would be Ok imo

                                                  Different story for some depending on what is intended to be carried in the boot

                                                  Mixed bag and a shame as the outside looks the part imo




                                                    Now you are aware

                                                    The choice of paying £250 or not is up to you

                                                    tbh first Ive heard of a renault dealer wanting extra for combo paint on the Etec


                                                    in reply to: New Electric Scenic #250277

                                                      Wonder what its like to get into the back as have to say my Megan E Tec front seats are the most used but I had to get into the back seat for a few minutes for the first time and even tho 5ft 9 I couldnt get my head in the opening

                                                      The seat is so high I had to some how duck down head in raise head and sit my bum down.

                                                      Not something my condition appreciated lol and I soon got out maybe its not so bad for those a lot more flexable

                                                      Wife and I always said rear space wasnt a choosing factor but blimey it was a bit of a surprise

                                                      Still love the car but will keep out of the back lol

                                                      Hopefully the Scenic is better in this dept

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