VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

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    Picked up a VW tiguan allspace Match last week, love the car itself however, discovered the ‘electric boot lid’ is an open only!!

    The button inside the drivers door  and that on the key fob will only open the boot, to close it you have the only option of pressing the button on the boot lid itself!! Not much help if like me you in  a wheelchair and so cant reach the button!

    According to my VW dealer they weren’t aware of this and all just presumed as with the standard tiguan that does have an open/close electric boot, the allspace would be the Same….clearly not!! Even the GM wasn’t aware. They didn’t realise until I got home with the car and rang to say I think my key is broken because i cant shut the boot and they did a little checking that no it won’t do!!

    When I was looking at cars it was one of the tech things I told them I needed an electric boot and the 2 motability sales people I spoke to both said yes it was. I would have not ordered it if it wasn’t, why order it if I then couldn’t close the boot!!

    Even on handover day the chap showed me the button on the car boot but said he just use the key fob buttons to open and close it!

    So so annoying, it’s a really great car, I can get my scooter and wheelchair in the boot together if I need with an autochair hoist,  all my back seats up, and still with some leg room in the back, I just then can’t shut the boot!

    Just wanted to let anyone know if they were considering an allspace and want electric boot, apparently it needs to be an ‘easy open’ option to get both electric open and close, if the adviser says it has and even in the brochure it states Electric boot lid, please check and double check!!

    Has anyone got an allspace that has fully electric boot?



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    Hmmmmm I pick up my TARRACO Next Thursday and was told close boot works from the key – but as it’s based on the Allspace/Kodiaq I am beginning to doubt it will.

    Really don’t want to have an argument with the dealer.



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    White swan it depends on the spec you ordered,

    but rather then go through the argument with the dealer a few messages with some more tech savvy members on here and you can reprogram the car to allow the key fob to work. ??

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    White swan,

    I have the Tarraco xcellence and was annoyed to find out the boot does not close from the switch in the car nor the key fob (it just opens that way).  To close it you need to press the switch on the boot lid. Really annoying as I had an Alhambra prior to this and the boot lid could be closed from inside the car or the fob!! Seems really stupid that a newer car doesn’t do the same.

    Am I right from reading this post that the update for the Tarraco is not yet available to reprogram it myself the same way as the VW Allspace?


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    It should be the same or very similar or all vag cars.

    I would think it’s in the comfort settings within the cars software.

    Someone I’m sure will come along and confirm.


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    Vag say it’s a safety feature? Yeah right it gets a few extra pound notes to add as an extra.

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    For some reason,  my posts aren’t all appearing, am I moaning too much?!

    Anyway after getting told this morning coding my car/key was unlikely, and they were looking at having to scrap the car, I managed to track  down a more local VW etc approved garage/programmer and asked the question about programming the key on the Allspace through the VCDS.  At first he said that last week when he looked for someone else, for my car there wasn’t a code available, (apparently he has to say no to quite a few asking as it wasn’t available)  but as he was on the system double checking for me, was surprised to see one has now popped up!

    He has sent a request to someone in Germany to confirm it is applicable for the allspace and will come back to me as it was such a new code.  I told this to my dealer earlier and coincidentally think they can also now reprogram it to be on the key…. very different to this mornings, no thinking it was very unlikely!!

    I am pretty sure I heard him include the SEAT TARRACO when he read out the car models this code applies to, but I am  not 100% but it might be good news if there is now a code for both.

    Funny VW direct told me today the allspace doesn’t have the technology to do it through the key! Crikey!!!

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    It can be for various reasons from duplicate posts/accounts some links included etc the spam/security filter works in the background and where it feels necessary acts, at times it’s because you may of pressed submit twice but the filter reads it as a duplication so doesn’t allow, other times it may not recognise a valid email address or conflicting accounts as not signed in users etc etc,  I’ll check the spam file to see, but as it reads and reports using Binary and code it may not help unless We see an issue ourselves .

    Sign out and back in again making sure your email is correct as if incorrect it won’t leave a report just refuse post, if a none signed in user it is more sensitive to post and links, it can be over sensitive at times but overall does a great job keeping us all safe in the background.

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    Thanks JS, I have logged out and back in again.

    As clever as ‘it’ is to keep us all safe,  you do a fantastic and brilliant job of keeping such an awesome, brilliant and helpful forum and resource running. I had my head in my hands when I came here with a prob on my car, if this hadn’t been available and the members weren’t so generous I dont know what I would have done.



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    Nothing showing under Smoo and No deleted posts on this Thread.

    Signed in is best and allows more posting privileges advantages,  log out check your sign in details are correct Name/email and sign back in hopefully it will all be ok.

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    Its doesn’t close I have an excellence and unless it’s a feature on the lux it’s the same as all vag group vehicles


    Worst bit is the tarroco isn’t on the obd11 yet so I can’t even program  mine

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    Hi Js

    Thanks for looking into missing posts for me. I have Just gone through my emails and I am seeing copies of these posts as if they have been published but I apologise it looks like I’m doing something wrong. When I go to the details of where some of my posts are going, its stating they’ve gone to enquiries@whichmobilitycar.com , not the actual link address is (if that makes sense) obviously some have gone to the correct ‘address’ but some haven’t…I dont know what I am doing differently, but clearly something  wrong.

    I’ll stop using my emails to take me to where I can reply to posts. usually I get an email notifying me of a reply to something I am following and click on the link within it, it takes me to the page with the little box to fill in and that shows me the previous comments, I fill it and and post it, but I’ll go in via the browser directly from now on

    Apologies again



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    My dealer says not to worry as I can close my Terraco with the “virtual pedal” – wave my foot underneath the back bumper twice…………great for a wheelchair user !!


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    Wonder what he says to those without a foot.

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    Menorca Mike

    It’s the Seat dance you put your left foot in your left foot out open the boot and shake it all about

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Re Heard back from the VW car /computer chap confirming there is now a code for my allspace.. he wants £299 to reprogram my key using the VCDS so i can close my boot from the key fob!  I’m hoping my VW dealer can do it in house, but on the chance they can’t add close to my key,  does anyone have any knowledge whether that is expensive.

    Sorry, I know I’m a nuisance but don’t know how else I can find out?


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    That’s helpful to know.  If I was brave I could do it, but I’m not when it comes to tech.  The thought of me playing with my cars ‘computer bits’ gives me cold sweats! I did all the reading and watched vids on that OBD11 box and yes it looks quite simple but I’ll be paranoid something will go wrong! I’m not as clever as you peeps and dont know anyone who can help me with it! I’m just hoping VW do it.

    VW dealer has now said they will foot any cost to put the car how it was ‘sold’  to me, so I’ll send them the quote anyway, I certainly  couldn’t afford that. if they don’t do the fix in house, they can pay it….umm!





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    Well they were willing to pay yesterday,  but then they were also saying that they would be looking to change the car earlier, and at one point they would only move the button…it seems to change  everytime I speak to them, so I’m covering all my bases…

    I’m at the point I cant do this with them for much longer.



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    £300 for a single long code mod, the guy is taking the piss, it’s a 10 minute job tops(and that’s if he stops to scratch his balls in-between).

    Mercedes Benz only charge £150 per full hour for full diagnostic work!

    Nice that he can do it but unless the dealer is going to foot the shamen’s bill then I’d look elsewhere as the code exists now.

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    It surely would cost the dealer nothing?

    One of there master techs must know how to change code they could even ring the company that sells the dongles and ask. lol

    £300 is taking the p*** but yes if the dealer is willing to pay I’d take there offer.

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    Scouselee it will have an obd2 port in the same place as vw’s under the glove box passenger side.

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    Ooops ….. Someone saw me coming then!!



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    Smoo I think they must have picked up on the fact you don’t know much about what’s needed?

    when I had my Audi Rs6 and 4 the forum I was in, we would scan or change code in other members cars for petrol money if needed a full scan would take about 20 mins, if something needed coding then a few minutes if you known what you’re doing.

    charging £300 is a bit steep.

    Where abouts  in the country are you?

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    Hip hip hooray, I’m a happy girl today …….Well fabulous news, the dealer have agreed to reprogram the car (hopefully next week, in house) so I can control opening and closing from the key fob, and it will not cost me a penny, or motability anything, …..YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!

    Only hold up is they have been trying to get motability to agree to it for last couple of days and no one is coming back to them to give them the go ahead. The dealer has said he will try again tomorrow (saturday) and if he is still having problems getting authorisation he is going to ask to be refered to one of their customer managers to make sure that it gets done asap!

    I’m chuffed, chuffed, chuffed….happy, happy, happy, so very, very, very relieved! From my chat earlier in the week with motability, they know that was what I was asking them to do so I can’t imagine there would be any problem that end and I’m always a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal so I’m celebrating early with a packet of maltesers and a glass of Baileys …… party time!!

    Seriously though, thanks for everyone’s time and advice. You’ve  been fantastically supportive and given me that belief and conviction in pushing this was the right and just thing,  that has made a real difference for me. the knowledge of what to ask them and belief they should do and how bits of this tech stuff works, I would have never gained without you peeps!!!  I’d have been fobbed off and at a loss as what to do, where to turn for advice and no doubt well and truly out of pocket, possibly a unuseable boot or even a car!

    Next week I should have a lovely car, a boot with a hoist that can stow my scooter and wheelchair at the same time, and them not encroach into the passenger seats and a finally a boot that I can open and close without doing acrobatics, to press any out of reach buttons….. ooh heaven!!!

    I can finally give the car a name … or at least rename it to something other than the many non repeatable things I’ve been calling it lately!!


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    Post Test

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    Brilliant news Smoo.

    im sure Motability won’t have an issue with it as it’s being done by the dealership, it may take a couple of days to confirm paper work as they will need to inform RSA (insurance company) of modification, a little bit of two and throwing, but they have an internal live back office system so hopefully will all be sorted in no time so you can enjoy your freedom and independence a fully suitable vehicle provides.

    And well done for pursuing and sticking with it,


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