VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

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    Picked up a VW tiguan allspace Match last week, love the car itself however, discovered the ‘electric boot lid’ is an open only!!

    The button inside the drivers door  and that on the key fob will only open the boot, to close it you have the only option of pressing the button on the boot lid itself!! Not much help if like me you in  a wheelchair and so cant reach the button!

    According to my VW dealer they weren’t aware of this and all just presumed as with the standard tiguan that does have an open/close electric boot, the allspace would be the Same….clearly not!! Even the GM wasn’t aware. They didn’t realise until I got home with the car and rang to say I think my key is broken because i cant shut the boot and they did a little checking that no it won’t do!!

    When I was looking at cars it was one of the tech things I told them I needed an electric boot and the 2 motability sales people I spoke to both said yes it was. I would have not ordered it if it wasn’t, why order it if I then couldn’t close the boot!!

    Even on handover day the chap showed me the button on the car boot but said he just use the key fob buttons to open and close it!

    So so annoying, it’s a really great car, I can get my scooter and wheelchair in the boot together if I need with an autochair hoist,  all my back seats up, and still with some leg room in the back, I just then can’t shut the boot!

    Just wanted to let anyone know if they were considering an allspace and want electric boot, apparently it needs to be an ‘easy open’ option to get both electric open and close, if the adviser says it has and even in the brochure it states Electric boot lid, please check and double check!!

    Has anyone got an allspace that has fully electric boot?



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    VW advised me that it was not possible on motability to add this option

    What have they offerred you and what have you been promised

    The MATCH does not have this option available and the SEL is not available on Motability unless in Manual

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    they cant order a car and have it built a week later.


    I ordered mine in april and its only being built next week…..which dealer is it

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    Hi mark.

    I must admit I was surprised they could do it on the match 2020 as the only option they showed VW lists is an ‘easy close’ boot, (as you say) but on the 2019/2018 it apparently was an option that they say could have been ordered on my current car if they’d realised it didn’t have it already.  They’ve promised close will be on the key and the dealer said they are covering the costs… perhaps that means open to other options? I did ask them if they were 100% positive as I wouldn’t go ahead unless they were.  they said three of the agents checked and double checked with VW. I know when we were looking to fix my current car, the tech was already in the car, but it needed a camera or sensor to be able to activate the feature…perhaps they’ve added that?
    Re the build being so quick, they called me to ask if I was particular about my colour choice, (which least of my concerns) as I could get a platinum silver one built this week, so I just went with that.

    Ummmm,. I’m worrying now!!
    maybe I’ll pop in the dealership again, and pretend I just want the order number but do some investigations.


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    …. and of course any info they give me I’ll come and post….unless I end up in the pub drowning my sorrows!!

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    what dealer is it – mine are saying its too late to amend my order despite previously telling me it worked then telling me it wasnt possible


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    Mark salesmen are notorious for telling us tall stories to make a sale, remember we can cancel right up to the day of collection.

    If the car doesn’t have the features or options promised then don’t put the PIN number in and walk away until they can fix the problem.

    Again salesmen will say anything to make us put in the PIN number as then we’ve excepted the car, it goes down as meeting their target for the month, then they can take their time changing stories on who said what, hoping you back down and make do with the car you have.

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    Sorry peeps, but I’m now stressing again, I’ve either got the greatest dealer (which I’m forever appreciative if it’s so) who’s found a way round what others seem to say isnt possible or I’m being led down a route that’s going to leave me in an almighty mess again!

    Just wondering is there something the dealers should provide or will on request that can prove exactly what they’ve promised to be in the cars? I have a vehicle order form which just states the car model and selected factory fitted options, but given the colour is wrong, and when they gave it me they were still investigating what the boot option comes under, it’s not right anyway?

    Sorry, I hate to keep to coming back asking for anyone to share knowledge again, but recent posts on several threads are making me panic. If I stop in the dealer tomorrow, I’d like to get something from them to show what exactly I’m getting? I’d would be great to know if I can ask or even demand something from them!

    Thanks anyone who can help, I know I probably seem pretty clueless…. but I’m trying!!

    I was having such a lovely week with the car seemingly sorted and my nephew got 3 x A☆ in his A Levels, yeah I know its clear he got those brains from me……hee hee!


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    Well, I dont know what to think.

    I’ve just spoken to my dealer and he said he’s just spec’d it out as ‘soft close option’, and VW have confirmed that option includes boot close button on key fob.  I pointed out other customers of VW are being told soft close does not include the key fob option, but he’s adamant it does as he checked with manufacturer?! Maybe it’s one of the older models, not the 2020 version?

    I dont know, but I guess I can’t do much else but wait and trust!

    Build week confirmed as week 35 (apparently that’s next week).



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    A distinct whiff of bulls**t in the air there Smoo, I wouldn’t believe the dealers if they told me they were all a pack of lying a**holes who were only interested in getting your money and once they have it you stop existing(I actually might if they admitted that).

    I really hope you’re one of life’s lucky one’s and a car does turn up with the boot closing on the key fob but after doing a lot of searching into specs and options offered it does look like it’s not available any more and nowhere in any of the official literature does it actually state the boot can be closed anywhere else but on the boot lid button or the stupid leg dance, not one phrase about pressing the button on the key fob anywhere.

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    Smoo ring motability and ask them to help you as you can’t see the spec on the scheme and have little faith in what the salesman is telling you, surely a definitive answer isn’t impossible?

    Unless the key fob function is an extra nobody else can seem to order due to safety but you? I think they are still giving you the run around and will plead ignorance.

    Do you have another car on your short list as a back up just in case.



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    I have ordered an Allspace and had the same concerns re the rear hatch

    The UK price list which lists the standard spec for each model does only list the “Match” as having “electric opening” on the rear hatch.

    Only models from SEL up list a fully functioning rear hatch.

    There wasnt an option to add it and I just hope OBD11 can do it. The OBD11 app does list the function as addable on the allspace.

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    Fingers crossed the OBD11 works for you! I chickened out of that one.  I too saw boot close on keyfob wasnt listed on the function list on the OBD11 website for the allspace, when I looked in to it, someone very clever on this topic said it needed a code? Maybe they can help? It’s on the much earlier posts?

    Update. My ‘replacement’ allspace with boot opening and closing on the key fob (????) has left the factory last week in Mexico and on it’s way!  So far the dealer promise of being built within a couple of weeks of ordering has been fulfilled…..yippee!! Sign of good things I hope!!

    I spoke to the dealer again saying I’d looked at a kodiaq, that does definitely have it (much appreciated pointer from a forum member)  as I would change to that car if any doubts, but he assured me not to worry the allspace has been spec’d to have both operations via the key fob. Confirmed by someone at VW!

    It is the Match, same as I have now but 4wd compared to the 2wd I have at the moment and the newer model. As the dealer are paying for my additions Inc boot and hoist etc, if the allspace works out it’s a lot less ££££s than moving to a different car at this stage and time when I looked to see how long I would need to wait for a kodiaq, wait was months away! Going through winter, rain etc with the idea of  of being able to close my boot straight, away is another big factor I’m persevering!

    I’m trying my best not to think about it….it completely consumed me worrying over it all,  when all I can do now is wait!  let’s just say I’m going to be more shocked if it does work out than if it doesn’t,!

    As soon as I see the car,  and know whether it does or doesn’t work, I will be back …. happy tears or sad tears, or should I say happy tipsy or sad drunk!!!




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    I’ve got the OBD11 app on my phone and key fob and switch activation for tailgate is on there for the Allspace.

    As I understand it OBD11 dont offer options you need a dealer code for. For example I was toying with the dealer option of voice activation for the stereo at £185. OBD11 dont offer that as it needs a dealer pin.

    From what I understand your only adding a partial feature as the electric tail gate is already active so no pin is required.

    I’ll see when the car comes what the options are.

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    Yep that’s exactly how it works,  all the hardware and kit is there, it’s just turned off be default and all you’re doing with OBD11 is switching

    I did the exact same with my last Q3 and plenty more besides

    Absolutely nothing to worry about


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    God some of my text was missing there sorry

    I meant, the car comes with it turned off by default, with OBD11 all you are doing is switching it on

    Piece of cake

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    I’ve done most of them and few others on my tiguan, but Id like to be able to use the central locking with ignition on

    That would be handy especially as the winter is just around the corner

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    What is this OBD11 and can i get it for my current Tiguan to tweak stuff on that ???

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    i cant find the key fob activation for the closure of the tailgate on the Allspace. i have odb11 ion my phone but cant find it

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    Which Mobility Car

    This is a good introduction to all that obd eleven is:


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    <p style=”text-align: center;”></p>

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    That’s a screenshot from the OBD11 app on my phone. When you put in the Allspace as your vehicle this comes up as one of the options.

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    so my car is halfway across the pacific ocean onboard MEDITEREAN HIGHWAY heading to Bremeharven

    Does anyone know where it goes next?  I know its arriving in Grimsby UK due to arrive Germany Oct 8th

    Does it go straight to grimsby or via emden?



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    Bremerhaven is one of VW’s shipment ports in Germany (you are correct, the other one is Emden), it will arrive there, be off-loaded, checked, then reloaded on another ship and sent to Grimsby for forwarding to your dealer.

    Unless the ship goes to Bremerhaven, unloads EU bound vehicles, loads up again for the UK & then goes to Grimsby…

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