VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

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    Picked up a VW tiguan allspace Match last week, love the car itself however, discovered the ‘electric boot lid’ is an open only!!

    The button inside the drivers door  and that on the key fob will only open the boot, to close it you have the only option of pressing the button on the boot lid itself!! Not much help if like me you in  a wheelchair and so cant reach the button!

    According to my VW dealer they weren’t aware of this and all just presumed as with the standard tiguan that does have an open/close electric boot, the allspace would be the Same….clearly not!! Even the GM wasn’t aware. They didn’t realise until I got home with the car and rang to say I think my key is broken because i cant shut the boot and they did a little checking that no it won’t do!!

    When I was looking at cars it was one of the tech things I told them I needed an electric boot and the 2 motability sales people I spoke to both said yes it was. I would have not ordered it if it wasn’t, why order it if I then couldn’t close the boot!!

    Even on handover day the chap showed me the button on the car boot but said he just use the key fob buttons to open and close it!

    So so annoying, it’s a really great car, I can get my scooter and wheelchair in the boot together if I need with an autochair hoist,  all my back seats up, and still with some leg room in the back, I just then can’t shut the boot!

    Just wanted to let anyone know if they were considering an allspace and want electric boot, apparently it needs to be an ‘easy open’ option to get both electric open and close, if the adviser says it has and even in the brochure it states Electric boot lid, please check and double check!!

    Has anyone got an allspace that has fully electric boot?



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    This thread has me more confused then when I started looking into it!  I have a year 20 Allspace match currently on the boat the same as OP, I too want the bootlid to close on the key fob as it’s such a pain having to press the button with my walking stick and then try and manoeuvre the wheelchair out of the way before the boot hits me!  What are options if the dealer can’t or won’t enable it?


    How much is the equipment needed to do it myself? The cable or if and the software?  I do quote like the idea of tinkering with the other option that uses in those YouTube video’s above!


    Is there anyone in the rough vicinity of Hampshire that can do it for me and how much roughly would that cost?


    Thanks in advance and sorry for the hijack ?

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    OK so I am near Canterbury Kent I can offer anyone help but only can 100% code to button on drivers door to close as mine closed from factory anyway (r line tech) so if your willing to come to me I’ll do it for free.

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    Good for you Rico ?? that’s a great offer on your behalf!

    I’d do the same if anyone wanted to drive to Glasgow ?

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    How do you get all that info about what boat your car is on and arrival dates etc.

    I have the tracker app and all I get is “in transit” .

    Meant to be enroute from Mexico to germany.

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    How do you get all that info about what boat your car is on and arrival dates etc. I have the tracker app and all I get is “in transit” . Meant to be enroute from Mexico to germany.

    ask dealer for boat name the check on marine traffic

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    Rico (and Winston) that’s a very generous offer  and one I will definitely bear in mind if I can’t get it sorted, thank you so much.

    After a bit of googling is this the hardware and software license that you use, or rather can be used? https://obdeleven.com/en/products-page

    I quite like the idea of having a fiddle with some.settings and the total price isn’t too bad if it, at the least, can operate boot close by button, and hopefully by the fob also.  Thanks again for everyone’s help.

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    No problemo Matthew

    Yep that’s the one, I think the Pro version is 45 to 50 bucks, can’t go wrong with it ??

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    No reply from my dealer with regards to the modification – after waiting 4 weeks for a call to be returned whilst they contact “service at seat” or whomever.

    I have decided against the OBD11 option and really want to dealer to sort this out with my TARACCO.

    It was the first thing I asked when ordering the car – hopefully will get an answer soon.




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    If your just after boot options the cheaper route of carisita will be fine

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    EMS Highway sails from EmDEN to GRIMSBY (KESS Shipping)


    Cant find a ship that does Bremerhaven????


    Any ideas

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    I have the CARISTA as recommended above (£15.99 from amazon with 1 free month of usage) – but no remote boot close option on it.

    I did switch on the “locak doors automatically when keys removed from car” option – but that didn’t seem to work……………not sure what I’m doing wrong ?

    I did manage to get different logos on infotainment system – but thats not much use !

    Can anybody enlighten me ?


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    You can download the OBD11 app to your phone free of charge to have a look before you buy.

    When you open the app click on the 3 lines in top left corner then click on supported vehicles then follow the steps to put in your car then click on the “apps” option.

    Then on the next screen you’ve got 3 headings at the top. Adjustments , retrofits and workshop.

    You need to go into adjustments but sometimes when it first loads it gives you nothing so click one of the other headings then click back to adjustments and it will populate with a list of stuff available for your car depending on the spec.

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    Update, Well 2 months of waiting and I got the call to say my replacement allspace had arrived at the dealer, hooray, celebration time, pop the champagne bottle……oh no, silly me!

    To those who guessed this might happen, yes no key fob boot closing again, furious but not that surprised!!

    The dealer asked for 24hours to find out what they could do, which again came back as VW cant do anything…….’dejavu’!! Omg I was furious, but to be honest not that shocked…I’ve been here before! I told them to either sort this out or they would be getting this new one refused and the current one returned!

    So back when I found the problem with my current allspace in august I found a VW and Audi retrofitter who could sort out the boot but there was a £300 cost, I passed all the info to the dealer but they said no, it has to be through VW. However this time they have now agreed to go with that same company they previously refused and have the module thing installed by them and the dealer is covering the cost!  Motability have agreed to it, so now it’s just waiting to get the job done! And the frustrating thing is we are doing it to my current allspace, the same one they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it to in August! It doesn’t make any sense to change to a new car, this one is only a couple months old, it would need a hoist fitting and other than the boot I dont have any issues with it, (and I prefer the colour of my current one!)

    Why the heck couldn’t they have just gone with this in August, it would have save so much stress and worry and me having to always have someone to help when I needed to use my boot!!!

    So I think this confirms whatever the Dealer says there is not an option of having a boot open and close on the key fob… I don’t know what VW are playing at? I was even with the dealer when he called VW to confirm again for me it would have boot closing on the keyfob, so goodness knows what they thought…perhaps they thought my leg would grow back again in 2 months of waiting so I would be able to stand up to press the button so wouldn’t need to use the keyfob to close!

    Absolutely crazy and infuriating but I guess I have to now move past that and be pleased there is a fix at last.  Just wondering if I can sue the dealer for hairdresser costs of covering up all the grey hairs they’ve caused me!!??





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    Just for Men works wonders 🙌🏻

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    Thanks for that tip….I’ll have to see if they do ‘just for women’ though!! 🤗

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    Hair is hair , I’m sure it’s Gender Neutral lol

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    Why am I not surprised, but I’m amazed nobody at Vw UK knows how to Re program code on their own cars? So pay a third party £300 to change a few numbers of coding.

    You would think VW would sell their own module to customise comfort settings.

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    Just taken delivery of my VW Tiguan allspace match.  Having the same problem.  Strange thing is, when I first went to look at this model months ago I asked the salesman if the boot would close with the key fob, he tried it and it worked! Not working for me though. I’ll be going back next week to find out why. I too am disabled so really need this to work. Great car apart from that. One disappointment though, I ordered an electric seat but when it arrived I found they hadn’t fitted one.

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    That is annoying about the seat too, it can’t be that hard to tick electric seat option on an order.

    Are you sure it was an allspace  and not a tiguan the salesman tried James as key fob close isn’t even an option?  As others have found out.


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    The confusion is down to VW. I reordered my allspace at the end of October and the configurator on their web site was still showing a £70 option for fob/door switch and wavey foot boot control.

    It’s only when I tried to order it that they came back and said no.

    It’s been taken off the website now.

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    Willem Bat

    Thanks for this topic just ordered the AllSpace 2020 and i’m also in a wheelchair so same problem. This is new on the 2020 release and not on the previous model.

    Have a BMW X1 2017 and no problem at all open/close with one button on the key. Canceled the order because it’s one of the options I need to have. They also offered to put the button next to the taillight but the lid closes so fast I’m afraid to get the lid on my head. Only option was to put it in the refueling case but VW Legal says no for the explosion danger .

    You can do it yourself with the https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Wireless-Control-1-Channel-Transmitters/dp/B071WM1YGS/ref=pd_sbs_107_4/144-5176804-0795154?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071WM1YGS&pd_rd_r=fd0975b2-6e72-4e34-9ef5-4050ff70d24f&pd_rd_w=EJ4Op&pd_rd_wg=eO7o6&pf_rd_p=bdd201df-734f-454e-883c-73b0d8ccd4c3&pf_rd_r=2N3HNEQ6ZG62SDRDD97H&psc=1&refRID=2N3HNEQ6ZG62SDRDD97H

    You can control the switch with your phone

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