VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

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    Picked up a VW tiguan allspace Match last week, love the car itself however, discovered the ‘electric boot lid’ is an open only!!

    The button inside the drivers door  and that on the key fob will only open the boot, to close it you have the only option of pressing the button on the boot lid itself!! Not much help if like me you in  a wheelchair and so cant reach the button!

    According to my VW dealer they weren’t aware of this and all just presumed as with the standard tiguan that does have an open/close electric boot, the allspace would be the Same….clearly not!! Even the GM wasn’t aware. They didn’t realise until I got home with the car and rang to say I think my key is broken because i cant shut the boot and they did a little checking that no it won’t do!!

    When I was looking at cars it was one of the tech things I told them I needed an electric boot and the 2 motability sales people I spoke to both said yes it was. I would have not ordered it if it wasn’t, why order it if I then couldn’t close the boot!!

    Even on handover day the chap showed me the button on the car boot but said he just use the key fob buttons to open and close it!

    So so annoying, it’s a really great car, I can get my scooter and wheelchair in the boot together if I need with an autochair hoist,  all my back seats up, and still with some leg room in the back, I just then can’t shut the boot!

    Just wanted to let anyone know if they were considering an allspace and want electric boot, apparently it needs to be an ‘easy open’ option to get both electric open and close, if the adviser says it has and even in the brochure it states Electric boot lid, please check and double check!!

    Has anyone got an allspace that has fully electric boot?



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    Well done Smoo, all it needed was days and days of pestering and the amassed knowledge of all on here dozens of times, loads of calls and extra stress(seems average for getting anything done from a dealer these days).

    Happy Days!

    When naming your car, “Vinalspin” is already taken I’m afraid.?

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    Fabulous isn’t it!!

    Simple, speedy and stress free, don’t know what I was moaning about, or why I’ve got so many new grey hairs!!

    Seriously though, you are spot on! They haven’t made this painless or stress less!  it would be nice to think they’d learn from this and they’d be more aware of their products and end users needs, but I’ve got a funny feeling that’s never going to happen, wouldn’t it be lovely if I was wrong!!

    I think they might be glad to get rid of me nagging at them! I’ve no doubt I’ve  bored and pestered you poor but generous peeps for advice (although I’ve absorbed it all)  and called that poor car all sorts of bad things …..my swear jar is getting rather full!!!

    Now as JS says I just need to let ‘them’ sort through the last steps of finalising it all between themselves and I’ll be a very happy bunny… apparently patience is a virtue!!

    so sad and disappointed you beat me to vinalspin…..? it suited him so well!!




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    I actually put B*****d but I guess the mods edited it for the 5 year olds on here!?

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    Vinalspin.  Thanks for putting me right on that!  its cleared up why I thought seeing your post through my email copy showed “b……”  but then it was ‘vinalspin’ when I came to the forum, I was thinking I’d imagined it!

    So I can call my car ‘vinalspin’ then …..perfect !! Hee hee!!


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    Yes I did.

    Nothing to do with 5 year olds In particular, But we are a open Forum  so do have a duty of care to our users and viewers so yes if necessary will act accordingly.i felt it best to edit the post rather than bring attention to it, I do apologise  I should of put a reason under an edit or simply deleted it, but I didn’t want to bring attention to an individual poster for an unnecessary comment.

    at present we are open Forum. And behind the scenes we are trying to keep it that way, maybe unknown to most users the online laws have changed, where as a rule you have to prove Age etc to post. At  present the site owner alongside the Moderators take responsibility for content, we are trying to avoid going down the full log in criteria as we welcome open content, but hopefully our users will respect and understand we have to  respond accordingly to safeguard  not just our users but those that stumble across us.

    Not pinpointing this thread or any users, but note to All please respect we are an open forum and we all have to  consider anyone can see it’s content at present, with present laws and forthcoming laws we will try and remain open to everyone and hold off as long as we can before registration and confirmation is Necessary. We can only do this by remaining within the rules and with continued support and respect from our posters.



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    No problems at all, in future I’ll Bleep 80% of the word to save you the trouble. ?

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    It’s all gone horribly, horribly wrong !!?????

    Last ‘moan and whinge’ I promise!!

    So I celebrated too early.  The dealer came back today and now said I can’t have the boot closing on the key fob because there needs to be a safety camera at the back of the car to make sure it doesn’t hit anyone and it doesn’t have one, cant add one ….nothing they can do with this car and I dont have any options through  motability either!

    I’m gutted, and sooooooo frustrated all this time and patience and friday being told it would be in this week to have the car coded and now tbis news means I’m left without any fix!! A car that doesn’t give me my independence and is a hazard with trying to get to buttons is no good to me!!

    Gutted!! Thanks though everyone for your input. I mentioned in the garage about all this coding boxes etc and he said if I go down that route it will void my contract and says also any ‘authorised’ VW mechanic would find the same if they tried to code it!

    For once, I’m lost for words!!



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    If It were me I’d get it done privately whether it is someone on here, someone on a forum etc and be done with it and move on to many years of happy motoring

    You’ve tried official channels and this it’s like the houses of Parliament, 10 different people get involved which result in 10 different outcomes

    If you decide to get the key coded and  did this, no one is ever going to search for it whenever it goes in for a service, repair, Mot etc

    It’s never going to flag up as it’s so irrelevant

    I did the exact same to my previous car, and myself and lots of others have no doubt tweaked lots of different things on the cars using OBD11 etc

    So I wouldn’t be scared to go down this route

    I’d just say thanks for your help, do what you want and keep it to yourself

    Don’t be scared of the big bad wolf


    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    Well of course the dealer is thinking it opens them up to lots of others wanting the same coding.

    Id just go down the route of letting them change your car now.

    I think it’s the only way you would be happy everything is above board.

    Stupid salesman giving out wrong information should face Re training.


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    Bloody hell Smoo, what a kick in the pants!

    I would just get it done, how can they say it’s dangerous when they haven’t recalled all their cars that still do it? My Alhambra opens/closes the rear sliding doors on the key fob/handle/door pillar/dash and the boot opens/closes on the key fob/boot lid/dash and I have never had a letter telling me not to use it because it’s dangerous, in fact I once stupidly jammed my hand in the boot as it was closing to save a picture frame that had slid down, whilst it did nip a bit what it did not do was crush my hand or chop it off, it just reversed about 8 inches and stopped, nobody died, nobody sued, no big deal.

    Just find a reasonable guy or gal to reprogramme the key fob and hopefully pay a reasonable amount and say nothing, if you don’t mention it again then neither the dealer or motability will ever even think about it again.

    My car has been in for fixing 6 times and is still not fixed yet because I have got sick of calling them, nobody has rung to try and get it sorted in 8 months now even though the last conversation with them was about appointing me a personal handler?(not sure about the title) to get a resolution, I missed the call and I just lost the will to bother after that but still no call back from them. Out of sight etc etc.

    Get it done and just wait to pop the bubbly this time. ?

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    It sounds like a cop out from them and  I would be mighty frustrated.

    The fact they are willing to change the car shows the implications of doing this for you. As there are multiple others in the same boat as you.

    Do it for you and everybody will be expecting a free dealer upgrade.

    Dealers won’t do anything unless they can bill either Motability or the head offices.

    I’m guessing you’ve started the ball rolling to return it?


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    Ooh, I was pretty upset, so just needed to get my head round it all and decide what I am going to do! I wasn’t expecting that news so it floored me a little.

    If I could have another allspace quickly I’d just go with it, but I’m apparently looking at 2-3 months as it will be a new factory model to get the remote boot option. It’s quite a long time to wait when I can’t really get the use out of the car I have and I’ll be paying the monthly and losing some of my AP that I’ll get returned to me.

    But the dealer said they will cover the cost of me moving my hoist over to a new car (so I don’t lose my one free transfer via motability in the future) and that they will cover other costs to get the car right…. and also if I lose any of what I paid in AP for this car in the time it takes to get a new model they will reimburse me for it! Pretty good of them and really seems that they are trying to get things right this time. I said I’d call them in the morning.

    I won’t celebrate with bubbles this time until the car is at the garage, and I have pressed, prodded and twiddled every button, switch knob and ‘thingy’!

    I wish I was braver to do the gadget thing on this car but I know I’ll be stressing for the next three years ……I know, I’m a wimp!


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    It’s entirely up to you what you do, and you know your own mind

    But there is absolutely zero risk using a tool like OBD11

    You’re not remapping the car or turning it into Knight Rider, you might be scared off from it with all the jargon from ur dealer, vw and mota


    But if you have the car you want, and want an end to all this malarky then I think it’s the way to go

    Remember if you did it via OBD11 it’s not permanent, you can change it back to standard whenever you want

    Anyways that’s just my opinion, but I think you’re worrying over nothing


    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    Good post Winston.

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    Thanks pops ??

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    I’m trying my very best to stick to my promise of no more moaning or whinging, but I do have a question I am hoping maybe one of you lovely peeps can help me with please?

    Does anyone have an Allspace or have ordered one with the ‘easy close’ boot option?  I am guessing it is the same as the taracco with the ‘seat foot dance under the bumper’ but as my dealer doesn’t really know I am hoping someone here might have one that can tell me if it is wiggle the foot only or key fob button also?

    It appears that VW are now on the 2020 model run of the allspace and have removed the option the dealer has been telling me would be a definite on a new order ‘ £70 for a boot close on the key fob’ and they have replaced it with the ‘easy close boot’ option!  But (as predicted I expect by many) they don’t know whether that option includes the key fob control or not or if they can get VW to add the £70 option!

    Ok, I admit a quick moan…..oops!!
    Honestly I am beginning to lose any faith in them!  Since wednesday the VW dealer has been trying to find out from VW technicals whether ‘easy close’ gives me the key option, I always worry when things take so long to answer from them that I’m not getting good news!!… I think my chin fell to the floor completely when they asked if a wiggle under the boot would be any better….given I have only one leg, and no prosthesis and am in a wheelchair don’t expect much imagination is needed to guess my answer!!

    Worst thing they didn’t choose to tell me any of this until after they told me to ring motability and say the car isnt fit for purpose, even in the dealership they didn’t give me this ‘important’ bit of news when they were on the phone to motability saying we were replacing the car!,

    Hope that moan wasn’t too bad, honestly I could go on and on with all that’s gone on again and describe the demonstration of the salesman balancing on one leg hanging on to the car, and pulling himself out of the wheelchair pretending to be me to see if he could find a way of me reaching a button……because of course he’s the expert!! Yes he was trying to help, but it’s not nice!

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    Just to add, I seriously considered using one of the gadgets, but it’s really hard when it is something so alien.  You guys are fab, and I took everything you said  but without someone to go through it with me, I’m just not confident enough I would do it right and  it’s scary when to me the car could be so dangerous if it went

    I should be bolder and braver, but all I’ve ever known about cars is to get in turn the ignition on! I think maybe all this with the VW has left me questioning my skills at car things, its certainly squashed my confidence!







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    Picked up my Taracco yesterday – same as you – no electric boot close on fob as promised by the salesman – it was noted on the hand over note and a manager will call me next week – also no wireless charging pad for my phone – apparently this was removed after I ordered mine.

    To be fair to the salesman – it has been my best Motability experience in the last 4 cars I have had – I will do a separate thread about that.

    Mine has the wiggly foot open/close – it’s going to take some practice to find exactly the right spot ! This morning with the tailgate open I was loading some stuff into the back of the car – my foot must have gone too far under the rear bumper and the tailgate came down ! You have to be so careful with it.

    I will do separate threads for the car itself and the dealership.



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    Oh blimey, isn’t it annoying, I was wondering when you were collecting your taracco and what the boot would be like! So you have the equivalent of VW easy close boot then… and no key fob button… uhhh!!

    Seat told me they were in same position to VW re putting the option on the key without adding a camera additional to the reversing one.  I’d love to know if they can do something though please, and keep my fingers crossed for you…sounds like your dealer has a better practice than mine!!  You’ll have to keep a crash helmet in the boot, Funny how that’s not a safety issue?

    My phones not posh enough for wireless charging, the less tech for me the better….I  chickened out of trying my park assist!!

    Nice cars though aren’t they,  hope you enjoy and dont close the boot on yourself!! Does it have a sensor that would stop the boot if it sensed you are in the way?

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    There is a company in bournemouth who offerred to do it for me for £80

    i am in the same position, my dealer promised me it worked but after order i discovered the issue.

    I am just going to do it myself when i get the car.  Ignore the dealer threat re contract etc. They are highly unlikely to check these settings on service and even if they do they will just reset it and you will need to do it again.

    Just be brave and change the setting yourself, once the dealer has their money and you are motoring just dont mention it again.  D0nt be so honest



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    Does anyone know the codes to do this?

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    Oooh  ….. I got a call yesterday so have they have ordered a new allspace and they’ve spec’d it with the boot opening and closing on its key ………….apparently 3 chaps at the dealer checked it to make sure it was right this time!! I shouldnt have been so pessimistic!

    It’s being made this week in Mexico and he is saying its 5 weeks shipping after that, patience again, but if the car does everything I need, I can do that.  I just hope its here before Nov 1st!!!

    Mark, just out of interest how did you find someone in Bournemouth, what did you search for to find him? only found the guy in charging £300. I’m sure everything will be ok this time, but just in case, would be helpful to know!, that is quite a big price difference!

    I wish I was like you peeps, it’s funny, my dream is to dive with great white sharks, cageless.. i’ve chased a car thief (and yes the police caught them), climbed into a crashed car to get someone out… but programming a car boot myself scares me silly!






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    Great post Smoo. I’m glad things appear to be working out for you, and I love the description of your inner thoughts and turmoil.

    Your human like the rest of us lol.

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