VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

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    Picked up a VW tiguan allspace Match last week, love the car itself however, discovered the ‘electric boot lid’ is an open only!!

    The button inside the drivers door  and that on the key fob will only open the boot, to close it you have the only option of pressing the button on the boot lid itself!! Not much help if like me you in  a wheelchair and so cant reach the button!

    According to my VW dealer they weren’t aware of this and all just presumed as with the standard tiguan that does have an open/close electric boot, the allspace would be the Same….clearly not!! Even the GM wasn’t aware. They didn’t realise until I got home with the car and rang to say I think my key is broken because i cant shut the boot and they did a little checking that no it won’t do!!

    When I was looking at cars it was one of the tech things I told them I needed an electric boot and the 2 motability sales people I spoke to both said yes it was. I would have not ordered it if it wasn’t, why order it if I then couldn’t close the boot!!

    Even on handover day the chap showed me the button on the car boot but said he just use the key fob buttons to open and close it!

    So so annoying, it’s a really great car, I can get my scooter and wheelchair in the boot together if I need with an autochair hoist,  all my back seats up, and still with some leg room in the back, I just then can’t shut the boot!

    Just wanted to let anyone know if they were considering an allspace and want electric boot, apparently it needs to be an ‘easy open’ option to get both electric open and close, if the adviser says it has and even in the brochure it states Electric boot lid, please check and double check!!

    Has anyone got an allspace that has fully electric boot?



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    You could of course return the car and order a different model if the dealer can’t program or set up the key fob so that it can close the tailgate as well. However all yourself do you love the car and wish to keep it? If the answer is yes then try the following….

    While in your wheelchair can you see the button for closing the tailgate? If yes does it need a slight press or a hard press?

    If you can see the button get a stick and see if you can press it.

    If the answer is yes then get one of those telescopic pointer like a retractable car aerial or a slim folding stick contraption. You can use it to press the button and fold it for easy storage.

    I know it is a bit like Heath Robinson but you could try this if you love the car.

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    Sounds like the type of thing that they should be able to reprogram to add the functionality for you. I had a Golf 18 years ago and even back then it was amazing what could be done with the VAG software and a bit of know how.

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    Mike 700

    I have the full Kessy kit on my Tiguan, which came as an extra on a cancelled order, and I am really glad that it was already on the car, as without the experience of living with it, I may not have ordered it, especially at £600 plus, but that would have been a mistake, as it is worth every last penny.

    Sometimes I am loaded up and the boot is open, with the keys buried deep in my pocket or a carrier bag etc, so I gently push one of the close buttons with my walking stick and it all works a treat?

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Stuart Bush

    Have you tried pulling the button up on the drivers door and holding it for several seconds it should close and beep at the same time mine does. Not sure if it needs the full KESSEY adding though for it to work as mine also has the virtual peddle but try it and see, remember you have to hold it for several seconds before it will start to close.

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    No joy.  Tried pulling up the button in my door and the boot stays open… Did 5 seconds 10 seconds and even 30 seconds just in case but  it doesn’t work.

    I do really, really appreciate the tip though.


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    Stuart Bush

    Worth a shot, you must need the full KESSEY package for it to work then.

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    You definitely are within your rights to give the car back, I had heard other people complain about this, apparently it’s a safety feature, the seat Tarraco is the same.

    So it’s a known issue and from what I’ve heard there is no dealer fix, I’d  get onto motability.

    My Tiguan has the full functionality and I’d be lost without it.

    No idea why vag made them like this from the factory? But you’re dealer would have known I’m sure.

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    Stuart Bush

    I agree, my dealer knew which is why he sourced me a car with the upgraded full kessey fitted.

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    It can be reprogrammed via VAGCOM, don’t let the dealer fob you off, I think it’s something to do with changing the region code from “UK” to “Rest of the World”, if you look round on the forums it’s been done on quite a few.

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    Menorca Mike

    I saw a lady just touch her BMW 3 series boot and it went up

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Thanks peeps, I am very grateful.

    Well the VW dealer havent rung me back as promised, so no more news.

    That thing about the VAGCOM, sounds interesting, if its just that simple it would be amazing!!

    I’ve tried reading up on it and have completely confused  myself. Is the VAGCOM the same thing as when I see VCDS mentioned? I’d like to have some knowledge about this so I can bring it up with the dealer if they say cant sort it out!

    Went out today for the first time in the heavy rain, OMG the wipers are so noisy. it’s that awful screechy scrapey noise every wipe, like nails on a blackboard!  Do wipers need wearing in before the stop being so awfully noisy?





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    were you based, I can code that with my mobile phone and dongle mate so it works via the key.


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    Lee Edwards

    I was just about to say you can get an obd11 device and code that with your phone

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    Thanks chaps,

    I’m actually down in sunny (well not today) Dorset.

    It sounds like a great idea as I’m presuming I dont do anything to the car it’s just the key fob?

    I had a quick look at the obd11 devices on the web, is that like what breakdown companies used to use?




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    People have found a dealer won’t code it as it’s supposed to be a safety feature?

    But if Rico can do it or show you how, that’s your best bet.

    I used to have a cable when I owned my Rs4 and 6.

    I know there is a free light version of vag con but I’ve got no idea if it will allow this function?

    Rico you could  make a fortune on some of the forums as there are quit a few unhappy customers out there.

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    Lee Edwards

    Ye the obd11 plugs in can read faults and clear them

    But also has what they call apps so it can unlock different features on cars as most cars are a standard things now and it’s the software different

    I’ll be buying one once the software is upto date for the tarroco

    I was going to explain but I’ll link you to a video



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    I’ve had the OBD11 for a couple of years now

    On my old car Audi Q3 S Line Plus did the following

    Activated tailgate closing via key

    You could open it as standard with your key, but had to press the button on the inside of the tailgate to close it, or Audi would happily activate it for close to 600 bucks..

    1 nil to me

    Activated the auto folding mirrors via my key

    Again they came as electric folding mirrors but to actually get them to fold when you parked you had to turn a little dial

    Again Audi would happily activate this for me for around 400 beans

    2 nil to me ?

    Then I did a few things like the needle sweep on ignition and a few other small but worthwhile doing things

    It’s cost me about 50 bucks. For the pro verson of OBD11 and I still log in once a day every day to get my free credits

    So to unlock things that made a difference, especially the tailgate and mirrors it cost me. About 60 quid, Audi wanted over a grand

    No brainer for any VW family car

    It’s not like it’s some VCDS 4 or 5 hundred pound system

    I’d happily help out anyone with it if they lived close enough to me

    Sunny Glasgow ?

    No charge, maybe just a packet of orange clubs or mcvities choc digestives lol

    Actually need to go on a diet, so scrap the biscuits ???



    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    Thanks peeps,

    I was panicking, couldn’t find all helpful posts from 31st July, but I see now there has been tech issues with forum…. poor thing!

    So I’m trying to remember all things you gave me tips on to do to sort my boot, and it all came in very helpful, Thanks.


    Two days ago motability and VW came back to say they were going to put a button lower in the boot of the car for me to shut the boot! Not ideal but easier to cope with I guess. But then the issue/debate with who was going to pay for adapting it arose. I dont think I should have to, neither do I think motability should have to, so told them it was VW gave me the wrong info, and left it with them to speak to VW and they were going to let me know yesterday…I didn’t hear from them.

    But VW rang me again last night as the motability sales adviser at the dealership doesn’t think putting a button on the boot lower is ideal.  They said they were going to call motability to discuss options.  You kind peeps should be very proud of yourselves, I asked why they couldn’t just recode it via the VAGCOM or vcds,  there was a  definite silent pause when they realised maybe I might now know a bit more than they think I do!!  There was no way without the forum members help I could have done that, i felt chuffed! They mentioned about it being a ‘safety’ issue, but I said to them well how safe would it be for me to keep trying to reach a button or waving sticks around trying to poke it, even having to ask a stranger to help makes me feel a little uneasy, and leaving the boot raised when I cant get someone to close it straight away, ksnt that safe either…isnt it my safety they should consider as well as anyone walking by the car!  I managed with a key fob control previously and didn’t hit anyone.. I think!!!

    However this morning motability called to say VW have appealed to VW HQ for the ‘codes’ to make boot open/ close via the key, but i need to give them more time. They are hoping to hear Monday. of course to get the best result I will wait for a little longer .They also raised maybe they will need to change the car…oh crikey bob, no thanks!!!

    I guess I have to let them try and sort it out to get the key fob to work it before I look to order one of those dongle mates or OBD11 devices.

    Anyway, please, please understand how amazing I think this forum and its wonderful members are.  I’ve gone from despairing thinking this was a no hope situation to understanding that there are ways around this boot issue I’d never heard of.  if I cant get ‘them’ to sort it I have other options that I can look to and that is such a peace of mind, and that is only because of you lovely peeps. I’ve learnt some stuff too and thats brilliant.

    One day maybe I can help someone I  return.




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    Smoo it seems unbelievable they don’t have the knowhow to recode a car?

    surely someone at the dealers knows how to do it.


    Maybe it it will then set a president that they would have to do it for all owners, where previously they’ve been saying no, which is why they sell so many dongles and there’s a market for the apps.

    Hopefully they just do it, good luck.

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    Smoo it seems unbelievable they don’t have the knowhow to recode a car? surely someone at the dealers knows how to do it. Maybe it it will then set a president that they would have to do it for all owners, where previously they’ve been saying no, which is why they sell so many dongles and there’s a market for the apps. Hopefully they just do it, good luck.

    HAHA of course they dont know, I had to educate my salesman why there were two buttons on boot instead of one, hoping they know about coding…. well… Smoo, if they have to give you another car dont panic you will keep your car until new one arrives, but that would be extreme when they could code it.

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    The thing is Smoo that when these things are installed they are always pre set as active and have to be coded to turn certain things off for specific models, they don’t put a different part in the car that doesn’t have that option as standard it would cost too much to make different versions of everything they just turn it off before it goes out of the factory so there is no way that they couldn’t turn it back on but whether they have the knowledge to do that or not is down to how thick the specific technicians are at your local dealer!

    Craig at GasGuzzlers in Barnsley could do it in 5 minutes for you so it can be done, he did all sorts for me on my Alhambra that has the same system.

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    let us know how you get on smoo.

    Im sure your not alone with this.  Vw are shooting themselves in the foot with there artistic license, The dealer told me my seats were 14 way electric adjustable seats.

    Straight away I could see they were manual? Turns out just the lumbar is electric.

    It doesn’t bother me as my kids return the seat to how I have it after they use it. They are well trained. ?

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    As always, most sincerely thanks, I appreciate you kind peeps!

    I’d be a mess and have no clue without your help.

    All this is more annoying and frustrating as it seems to be so easy to fix.. surely an easier option to code it than when they were thinking of outsourcing it to have  a new button put on the back of the car/ boot somewhere, which isnt really ideal for me and must cost more to them.

    If this isn’ sorted, perhaps I’ll have a weekend in Burnley or hire Rico!!

    I’m learning  it’s not so easy to trust what the dealers etc tell you, and thinking they are the gospel of all things cars is a little naive!!

    You guys have taught me so very much more and I’m hating the mixup and situation I am in, but love all the knowledge I am gaining!

    Fingers crossed they come back with the best and easiest option later?! Uummmmm!!

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    The dealers are only as clued up a they can be arsed to, if they really want to know all things about the cars they sell then every possible scrap of information is available to them through their own network, the problem is that to gain the knowledge they would have to spend time researching the info and more time actually reading it when all they really care about is how many sales they can get and how much money they can make, I bet not one of the staff has done any extra research out of office hours ever!

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    Sorry if this appears twice, my last post is missing…thought I pressed the post button, but perhaps I didn’t?

    Any way, UPDATE is nothing! Spent 2 days ringing the dealer, wh nevers calls me back. So this am I called motability who called the VW dealer.

    They did come back with a kind of option…not exactly any better though. Now put the close button on the dash, or the drivers door, or in a different place on the boot.  But problem is trying to drive a scooter up the side of a car in a car park space, and try and open the heavy door whilst manoeuvring the scooter,  getting close enough to the door with the scooter and leaning over the top of the scooter to press the button, or getting off the scooter to get in the car and press it on the dashboard….  easy of course…oh and of course whilst I’m doing al, this make sure I don’t hit anyone with the boot coming down! Seriously…! So I’ve told them that it’s no to the button option!  Now apparently it’s in VW legal departments hands….. not looking good. Motability are great but it’s down to the dealer on this, so again I have to wait!

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