mercedes cla delivery times

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    is any one else being told there cars are being delayed  as ordered 1 nov for delivery 1st feb and heard nothing so chased them up three phonecalls later to be told its delayed and hopefully march

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    hi all


    I cancelled my order after waiting 6 months, after being told the car will be ready for October

    So I approached bmw and they gave me the 2 gran coupe, was in stock m sport and ready for pick up this Thursday

    Lovely car in the flesh

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    That’s it, I cancelled my B class order from Stratstone Glasgow! They won’t answer my emails and I can’t speak to anyone by phone. I think their offers last year were a sprat to catch a mackerel. I’m going to report them to Mercedes head office for treating me so badly! Advice, don’t order a car through them.

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    Gordon this may interest you, Cannot say I’m surprised you cancelled. Whats a person to do..

    NEW – Peter Vardy have eight dealerships across Scotland offering Motability deals from BMW, MINI and Vauxhall.

    BMW – £500 Advance Payment contribution (or Motability Cashback) with new BMW Motability cars.

    Mini – £250 Advance Payment contribution (or Motability Cashback) with new Mini Motability cars plus an overnight hotel stay.

    Vauxhall – £50 in Shopping Vouchers with new Vauxhall Motability cars ordered at Peter Vardy Vauxhall.

    This offer is subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time.



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    Report them to Motability as well, only way anything will ever chance.

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    Thanks Rox, I’m already looking at those as options. I was really disappointed but enough is enough. Vinalspin, thank you, Ive already reported them to motability, they actually had to cancel the order at their end as they couldn’t get hold of the dealer either. As of tomorrow I should be free to order something else, now I’m having to look all over again but there are a few options to explore, maybe not the best quarter to be looking.

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    Menorca Mike

    Gordon as you know I was looking at the Toyota CHR design just £995 but my goodness that Honda Jazz Cross star looks good fab reviews high up to get into 64 mpg plus hybrid and magic seats for my rollator I’m sure it’s not in dealers yet ? Looks fab in metallic red love the digital display

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    Hi Menorca Mike,

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I was shortlisting some cars, the Prius + (outstanding value) the CHR and I have a test drive of the jazz booked for tomorrow morning so will let you know how that goes. Its not going to set the world alight with style but has most of the things Id want. I too would choose the red from what’s on offer. I was also looking at the MINI countryman and negotiated a great deal if I decided to go ahead, but its off the scheme this morning and I fear will come back with higher prices! Sadly my Toyota garage doesn’t have the prius + as a demonstrator and has no plans to do so, Ive tried going up to 120 miles away and none of the dealers have a demonstrator. I cancelled my mercedes order yesterday as I think the dealership was spinning me a line about their fantastic offer and they won’t answer my emails or phone calls.

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    Mike, I meant to ask, did you test drive the CHR the other week?

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    Menorca Mike

    Gordon I’ve not got to order till October time for next March pick up so haven’t had test drive yet are you test driving jazz cross star in morning or normal jazz ? Very well equipped visibility fantastic and nippy 0 to 60 in just over 9 seconds ! What’s puts me slightly of CHR is poor visibility at back

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    Menorca Mike

    Please let me know if cross star in your showroom if so I will go to my nearest Honda dealer 15 miles away to see it can I just turn up or do I have to phone first ?

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    Hi Mike, I think its the normal Jazz but it will give me an idea, he said that they are available in 10 days from ordering but I’m not sure about the crosstar, I’ll let you know how it goes. Yes thats a concern on the CHR, I did like the prius + in terms of space, especially with all the seats folded flat, the boot space was huge and they all go completely flat with no bumps or lips. I think its the style that puts me off slightly but I know thats not the be all and end all.

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    Menorca Mike

    Well Gordon the Jazz hybrid is a bargain from £199 to £600 very well equipped    Looks fab its that or cross star for me in met red after seeing you tube videos be very interested what you think of it tomorrow

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    Won’t you have to wait for December to order for March?

    If so, a lot can happen price wise with two more pricing lists coming out, both good and bad.

    I imagine both new versions of Jazz are being pushed to encourage younger buyers instead of the current appeal to older drivers.

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    Menorca Mike

    Smallcar yes dealer would put order in December but would go earlier to dealer as not sure how many weeks to get car in with my chosen colour ? When are the next price updates ?


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    Apologies only one more Motability Possible price change before you order, 1st Oct.

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    Menorca Mike

    Cheers the Honda May be cheaper then but my dealer is Marshall’s which is big group so may get discount anyway ? Will take my rollator to see if goes behind driver seat with Honda magic seat lifted up ?

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    I am sure it will fit there or upright in boot

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    …..even though Cross Star boot getting on for 20% smaller than last model Jazz

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    Menorca Mike

    I didn’t know that but like look of it 

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    Menorca Mike

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    Menorca Mike

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    Menorca Mike

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    Menorca Mike

    Love the digital dash

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    Yep it does look good, hope it is practical for your dissabilities. Looks aren’t everything – I should know!!!


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    Guys, that looks great. Im thinking that might help me get in and out more easily than the regular model.

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