mercedes cla delivery times

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    is any one else being told there cars are being delayed  as ordered 1 nov for delivery 1st feb and heard nothing so chased them up three phonecalls later to be told its delayed and hopefully march

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    well i finally got my car today a little late but i didnt like the news for anyone ordering  one theres a 6 month wait now according to the salesman but its so worth the wait

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    Looks great Paul lovely colour that mountain grey. I ordered 220d shooting brake in same colour with black and red leather, Hope i don’t have to wait 6 months for it like you.

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    Carl Williams

    There are some stock cars still available with immediate delivery.   I have today called into my local Mercedes dealership in South Wales and they had one available, a cla200 amg line and in silver which is the colour I wanted,  I also negotiated 500 off the AP as it was a stock car.

    Due to pick it up next week, can’t wait 🙂

    Worth ringing around and checking dealerships near to you to see if they have any ready to go.

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    there ones with no packs on them available but no premium or premium plus ones


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    i should add if your in two minds about the packs on the merc cla take it as omg its so worth it  although got the shock of my life when i went to close to a white line when it brakes and steers away lol  the safety kit is tremendous

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    Paul…you are spot on it, cla without packs are available, if you want the premuim/plus amg line models they need to be factory built.  But the amg line comes fully loaded with  gadgets and tech, certainly enough for my needs. 🙂    one week and counting to get it.

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    Lord Muc

    Carl, do you get the ambient lighting, in the amg?

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    @Paul she looks absolutely gorgeous. Lovely shine on her. I hope you enjoy. Please give us an update soon on how you’re getting on with it.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I rang a few Mercedes dealers to try and get a CLA 220d shooting brake, was told no stock cars with new 8 speed auto available so having to wait for factory built. I prefer  to have 190hp engine only available in AMG spec, instead of AMG premium with 1300cc engine with ambient lighting etc.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Lord muc…. I have checked the spec of the cla200 amg…. you get all the same tech but without the ambient lighting inside.   To compensate thou there is a more powerful 161bhp engine as opposed to the 134 Bhp in the standard cla180 model.</p>
    It is a coupe afterall so I prefer a bit more power under the hood, rather than pretty internal lights! And the £500 off AP was a winner to 🙂

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    Lord Muc

    Brilliant. Thanks, enjoy.

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    Stuck with the original order that was made in August, finally got a call the other week saying that it’d be ready for collection from Last Friday, arranged a date for handover then the lockdown happened.

    Might have to wait another six months now 😭

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    Cla car

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Anyone heard of any further delays if the cars are taking longer ?? Thanks</p>

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    Ravi chopra

    hi all

    I’ve been waiting 5 months now for my cla

    Not heard any from Mercedes i.e delivery

    Obviously current situation has holted things wondering if any one has heard any thing recently

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi,</p>
    I was expected to pick up my CLA in March, the same week when lockdown started. After speaking to my dealer (MB Leicester) I have been told I should be able to collect the car within the first few days of them opening (1st June), in line with government’s rules.

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    Even if the dealers will be ready on 1st June it looks like Motability won’t be.

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    Cla car

    Surely if the cars been ordered and recieved pin from motabilty it is just pick up then no need to deal with Motability

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    Cla car

    Think the online handover needs to be active in order to put the pin in. If the online handover is active due to Motability still not being open, they cannot do the changeover.

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    Meant to say inactive.

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    Cla car

    Yeah. I haven’t heard anything about delay or anything as of yet but I haven’t even been given a date ordered february

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    Hi all,

    I am still waiting for my CLA35, my dealer said it’s already produced, but there are delays with final inspection. Does anybody know what could be the reason of that? It’s 3 weeks now, the car is ready, but they change the date of final inspection every day. The initial production should take place in March, but due to COVID-19 it took place in May.

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    Hi, Ordered Cla shooting brake 220d February, Garage where I ordered still closed, Spoke to Stratstone Bradford, waiting to here back with delivery date. How did you manage to order a Cla 35 Adrian?

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    when I spoke to stratstone was told waiting time on cla would be feb 2021 as there is a production issues ? any1 else had this info

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    CLA35 not on scheme

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    But the car is ready, it only needs final inspection. Does it change anything?

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