mercedes cla delivery times

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    is any one else being told there cars are being delayed  as ordered 1 nov for delivery 1st feb and heard nothing so chased them up three phonecalls later to be told its delayed and hopefully march

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    Lord Muc

    I asked about a cla, at the brooklands super dealer, he just looked blank, several other dealers, said they don’t even have a demonstrator, and can’t get one, could be a six month wait. A pre owned 2019, was snapped up in five minutes, when I was there. Popular.

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    The dealer said March for delivery on a 180 CLA Premium Plus and confirmed it recently.

    I am curious, which CLA did you order? Colour?

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    We got ours last September and had choice of black, silver, grey or white all for collection within two weeks

    I’m guessing demands changed now and people are buying

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    I ordered August and was told November delivery. Still waiting and they have no explanation…… 🙄

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    i ordered the cla premium in grey  ive even said im willing to go to the premium plus if needs be and be flexible on colour but nothing

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    i should add ive had a nightmare with mercedes i had to visit three different showrooms to even get someone to take the order , then before xmas i got a weird phonecall of the rep who asked for another 500 deposit so i ve paid the same as a normal customer so i could get a build slot which i never paid and surprise surprise i dont get my car on time , well ive contacted mercedes uk now and if needs be ill contact the main hq to take this further as thinking about it isnt what the rep asked me to do discrimination against

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    Seems crazy when we was looking in September they seemed desperate to offload these and for sales that they even paid £1750 towards the advance payment, have you been on Mercedes stock locator to see if other dealers have these available now

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    If they are going to treat you like that when you are trying to order and and pay them the 30+ grand(even though it’s a lease they get paid in full) for a car then why would you want to stay with them, I dread to think how you will be treated once you’ve got the car and there’s no more money in it for them, I would talk with my feet and walk(slightly drunk looking stagger) away!

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    That’s pretty shoddy treatment.

    I’m with vinalspin on this.


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    Ordered 180 premium plus in August or September I think, dealer still hasn’t placed an order with the factory and is awaiting an allocation still……he blamed Brexit and election, also said it was nationwide problem.

    Now thinking of ordering through another dealer and just getting the 200.

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    Ordered 180 premium plus in August or September I think, dealer still hasn’t placed an order with the factory and is awaiting an allocation still……he blamed Brexit and election, also said it was nationwide problem. Now thinking of ordering through another dealer and just getting the 200.

    That’s dreadful service.

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    Lord Muc

    Seems like something happened with production in September, maybe a massive surge of orders, as it was so well reviewed, and does stand out from other cars, maybe the A class Saloon, is very similar, so they concentrated on that, the 4 dealers I went too, in the south, as private buyer, really didn’t want to discuss the CLA, but tried to push the A or B class as they share the same dash. Surprised it’s still on the scheme. Some one, did post they had suspended sales on motobility NI .

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    Lord Muc

    James. I don’t think there are any, hardly any pre-owned, maybe the concerns over brexit were genuine, and they focused on their European customers?

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    Hi all,

    Having read some of your experiences, I’m now getting worried. I placed an order for a B class before the end of December so not that long ago but the garage can’t tell me when they are getting any build slots. I don’t want to wait months and months, even if it was a good deal with the AP. The fact that they don’t have basic information like that is a worry for me.

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    This seems a real shame and I’d be concerned that the dealer is lying. Maybe try another dealer and if no luck another manufacturer is your best option

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    If you can, stick with the wait as it’s an amazing car. As a first time motability user I ordered the 180 premium plus in August with a November delivery deal through exeter dealer. Picked up a different colour of the same model in late september as one had been made available to the dealer. It’s a great drive, economic and the tech is amazing.

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    My only worry Paul is the low torque on the 180, how have you found it…does it seem to pull okay, or is it a bit slow in lower gears?

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    Jack. This is my first petrol in about 25 years, and I’ve found the 1.3 petrol in the cla much more responsive than 2.0l diesels. I had similar concerns to you on power, but they were unfounded.

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    Oh, okay that’s good to hear.  Current car is a c200 c class with a 1.6 diesel, that has similar horsepower to the 180 cla but more torque. I had the same concerns with this initially but it’s been more powerful enough, Hopefully this will be the same.

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    Donald Maclean

    ordered CLA premium plus on Sep 15th from Merc Glasgow., Was told 1 week before expected delivery on 15 th Dec  2019 that Brexit was to blame, for delay. however I was” lucky to have a build slot” ..on the 27th of feb, asked if I still wanted car..and told that a build slot would be the next step, I have not changed my order once from 15 sept 2019, this doesn’t feel like a premium car experience,. As a Motability customer, this is the worst service I have had in the 20 odd years that I have used this service.I currently drive a c class from the same franchise, so every month extension that passes they get paid on the long end of the deal. does Motability not feel like they are being taken for a ride or am I missing the bigger picture….?..P.S I don’t think so… oh yea..btw..I’m sure the corona virus will be to blame for next delays…

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    Hi Donald,

    This is truly shocking service and I really feel it for you. I honestly don’t know how dealers think they can get away with this. Do they think we are stupid? The sad thing here is that any complaint to the dealer principal (main manager) may fall of deaf ears as he/she will probably have authorised the sale of your car to a private customer while chasing sales.
    My suggestion would be to complain to Mercedes UK via email and social media (ask friends and/or family if you do not use it) and quoting your order number and promise date. Try to keep it brief but include the main points, including the point about Brexit!
    Also, please make sure Motability are aware via email. We should all do this if it happens to us so they can see how often this happens to their customers. In no way is this Motability’s fault but I’m sure they’d want to know and may decide to add some leverage by rollocking the dealer.

    So there we go folks. The answer to the post title? Six months and counting.

    Good luck sir and please keep us posted.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    hearing your story about the Glasgow branch and the lies they spout comes as no surprise to me, I’ve witnessed first hand the under hand tactics and incompetence that is rife there

    if I ever decide on a Merc I will save the absolute ballache and travel further to avoid them

    this type of incident and many others are not exclusive to the Motability side of their business , its across the board

    they’ll talk a good game at first , but it’s all baloney

    i every customer has a different experience but I’ve known far too many let down badly at this dealership

    anyways I hope you find a resolution ASAP mate 👍🏻

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    That’s real bad customer service from Glasgow Mercedes. Did you put a deposit down on the CLA?

    I ordered a CLA shooting brake 220d a couple of weeks ago, had to pay deposit. They had a problem getting a build slot, They said it’s because I want red and black leather interior. They contacted me on Monday confirming build slot acquired and expected delivery 28th April.

    Anybody wanting to test drive the 220d may struggle to find one, Best to test the lower powered 200, then request a test drive any Mercedes with the new 2.0 litre Diesel engine in, That will give you a way of comparing the engines.


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    well finally i get a phone call yesterday im getting my car in the morning 04.03  and i complained on facebook and a bloke from Holland rang me up about it and got me a car finally but if i hadnt kicked up a fuss id stil be waiting and they knocked 200 of for the trouble if your ordering dont go to ls auto i dont recommend them at all and tbh they bleated on in brexit about the super supply chain theyd lose with brexit if it s that super why the hell is my car delayed

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    Donald Maclean

    Thank you all for the support and kind words, I did pay a deposit and I e-mailed Motability. So I am hopeful that I may get a build slot this time. My family and friends have bought a number of Mercedes from this franchise over the years, I will be making sure that this is the last.

    Thanks all

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