mercedes cla delivery times

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    is any one else being told there cars are being delayed  as ordered 1 nov for delivery 1st feb and heard nothing so chased them up three phonecalls later to be told its delayed and hopefully march

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    Which Mobility Car

    Wow, I’ve bought houses for less!

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    Me also wmcforum, could of almost got 2 houses for that..

    I am so glad there is not a mercede’s dealer close to me and on the the one visit i did make to one nearest to me, I’d have to say I’d give them 0 out of 10. I was tempted but as soon as i foundout that adaptive cruise comes as part of a pack at a crazy price on top of the ap on any car.. It was not for me.. Seems it’s saved me alot of grief, I’d still be waiting for my next car by all acounts and i have been in my honda sport since june 2020 (should of been april)order in jan and was delayed due to covid but was at the dealers well before 3 month handover date..

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    I placed an order on my CLA180 premium plus on 27/11/20 and now had an email from the local Mercedes dealer to say that car is arriving/ ready for collection on 3rd March 21 which I think is pretty quick turnaround considering COVID and another lockdown.
    gone with digital white , 2 tone red and black leather.

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    I have been missing a few days, why did @rox get blocked, he was always a regular poster and never seen any issues

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    I ordered the CLA Coupe 250e AMG Line Premium Plus in Feb for an April 2021 delivery. That was delayed until June/July and the fleet operator was then sent a Q code warning that the CLA 250e AMG Line Premium Plus will not be available until December 2021!!! The dealership handling the fleet orders is based in Edinburgh. Exasperated is not the word. I missed out on the C300d offers in Dec 20 and early Jan 21 and thought the 250e would be a good bet and the opportunity to go Hybrid. I have only ever driven Mercedes diesels for the last 27 years but the latest pricing in Feb/Mar 21, for those in particular, were more than I was prepared to pay.

    Anyone else received such bad news? My last fleet contract ended at the start of March and it appears I am without wheels for the next 9 months!

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    Hi Daniel. That’s a quick delivery time on your CLA, About the same as I waited for my 220d CLA Shooting brake, in mountain grey with that lovely red and black interior, you will love it, I do.

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    Hi I ordered a Motability Car 5th December Mercedes Bath told me it would be Mid to End of May that was less than a Week ago now I have been told that My Motability car a B Class B200 will Now be Ready any time up to 6 months putting it October so if you ordered yours in say February you will not probably get it until December if anything like what is happening to me

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    All to do with semi conductors ( chips ) getting worse Jaguar Land Rover closing for a week waiting for these Peugeot changing digitial speedo for the 308 back to analog as a way round,backword for the sake of production, they are saying shortage could last until 2022 lets hope not as car factories will keep slowing or come to a stop even more than now and build times a lot longer

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