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    This is the place for reasoned comment or questions about Brexit …. Posts must stay respectful at all times even when we believe that other posters are wrong.

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    Some Mp’s are complaining they want an election, some complain they dont, whilst others are complaining their complaints about a GE  have not been heard under the complaints procedure whilst those overseeing complain their complaints procedure workload is high but their complaints fall on ears which cannot hear but complaining is the only legitimate complaints option?

    Will The GE bill pass tomorrow? Some getting together between the parties to thrash out something. It might be nice to have an election on a Tuesday and this may be the solution? The public is tiring of this nonsense and we have in Labour, a party which wishes to remain in opposition.

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    Jo Swinson reminds me of susanna Reid

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    Jo Swinson reminds me of susanna Reid

    Indeed, a good comparison. Who reminds of Corbyn and BJ.

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    But who in Labour would be acceptable to Momentum that the electorate would warm to?

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    Fwippers and wigwam will you be voting for the brexit party if they are standing in your constituency?

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    I will be studying the manifestos of all the parties on offer, reducing my choice to two and talking to each of those candidates before deciding.

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    Fwippers and wigwam will you be voting for the brexit party if they are standing in your constituency?

    First we need to see if an election is going to happen this year, secondly the parties standing and whats on offer. Thirdly their approach to other issues

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    What’s that smell?

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    Socialism in flames?

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    I thought it was more like male cows dung.

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    Brydo, do you get male cows, I thought they were Bull’s, but then again I have had a sheltered life.

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    Ahh John so it’s bull dung lol

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    We have a cow in the field at the back of our garden so I shall not hear a bad word about them!

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    Another important day in the Brexit saga with attention focused sharply on various debates within parliament between the various parties to see if the possibility exists to place before the HOC a bill requiring only a simple majority of MP’s to support a general election on December 12th. Some minor concessions may be required to gain the support of SNP who are desirous of an election now before damaging information emerges re Monsier Salmond and the anti democratic Libs feel they will benefit highly as opinion polls suggest. Will we see debates and if so between who?

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    Do voters want an election, a referendum, or neither?

    Studies suggest that a fresh poll on EU membership is most popular
    In a recent poll by Ipsos Mori, the public was asked whether they wanted “an immediate general election”.

    A total of 44% said they were in favour of a snap poll, with 27% opposed. As many as 29% said they were neither in favour nor against, or that they did not know.

    There were similar outcomes when both Opinium and YouGov asked voters whether a general election should be held if Brexit were delayed, as it has now been.

    A study found recently that 42% of Conservative voters back a general election, compared with 31% of Labour voters who support this as the next move.

    Writing for the BBC, Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, said: “These figures hardly suggest widespread enthusiasm for an election.”

    Enthusiasm is only slightly higher for a second referendum, according to most polls.

    When Panelbase and YouGov asked voters whether an election or a fresh referendum would end the Brexit deadlock, both found about 40% supported a referendum, while around 33% chose an election.

    However, a poll last week by Opinium saw 31% support an election and 23% a referendum, a rare example of preference for an election.

    Many voters now think the first referendum was a bad idea. According to an Opinium poll for The Observer last weekend, twice as many people now think it would have been better never to have held a referendum on Brexit than believe it was a good idea.

    Some 57% of UK adults surveyed said that they believed it would have been better not to have had a public vote in June 2016, as opposed to 29% of voters who believe it was the right thing to do.

    Among those who voted to leave in 2016, 57% said that they believed it was the correct decision, against 32% who now think the opposite.

    Less surprisingly, of those who voted to remain in the EU 87% agreed and only 7% said it was a good idea.

    This article was from The Week and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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    Luckily I won’t be able to watch any TV today.  The major benefit being I’ll miss the Scottish performing seal banging on for 20 minutes at a time.

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    He’s a very decent man wigwam.

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    No he’s not. He’s a nasty piece of work and a blustering bully. I remember his despicable behaviour towards Charles Kennedy.  The simple crofter image of the millionaire banker with his investments sheltered from tax and his list of consultancy jobs in London investment companies?  He’s as decent as any other opportunist politician.

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    Oh   no  he   is not  !

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    Mike 700

    Round and round, up and down in & out, hot & cold – what a shower!

    Most Remain MP’s of all parties, are unrepresentative of the electorate, they know it, we know it, even the most ardent dyed in the wool remain supporters outside of the Westminster Bubble know it.

    The Party leaderships know full well, that remain MP’s will be punished by leave electors, potentially putting up to 150 Labour seats at risk, and therefore they are running scared of an election , but they are not alone, in that Tory Remainers in Tory held leave seats are also at risk of being kicked out by the electorate , or even the local constituency committees getting rid of sitting Remainer MP’s , and replacing them – who knows , this is definitely going to be a bit tricky to predict , although the general consensus is that more Labour seats , than Tory seats will be lost?

    Out of the 399 voting areas in the 2016 referendum, 270 voted leave, and 129 voted Remain, no ambiguity there, leave had a majority!

    With regard to constituencies, which crazily do not follow the same geography as the voting areas above, the best estimates are that 249 Conservative constituencies voted to leave, and 81 to remain (based on the 2015 general election seat distribution) and for Labour it was 148 for leave, and 84 for remain , no ambiguity there either!

    In total the estimate is that 410 constituencies voted to leave – with 240 voting to remain, so no ambiguity there either!

    The electorate voted to leave and the MP’s ignore them at their peril and now they are running scared because they have consistently voted against their elector’s wishes – .squeaky bum time for them, and yup, invariably P-45 ‘s to the ready!

    There is genuine fear amongst , mainly, Labour MP’s that they and their party will be severely punished by leave voters , and be out of work come Christmas, hence the childish antics in Parliament.

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    Well that’s it, nearly, settled, labour say they will back an election, December, sometime, here we come.

    A Christmas GE just what I asked Santa for………not.

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    Its a done deal then Mike 700, maybe we shouldn’t bother with another GE, or maybe, just maybe the Tories will get one in the eye.

    As you, a former remained, know people can change their minds.

    So by mid December we will have a new government, the polls suggest the Tories will win a majority, the SNP will increase their number of seats as will the Lib Dems, so only labour will lose.

    What I meant of course is labour and the rest of the working class folk who will be at the sharp end of the deregulation the ERG led Tory party are planning.

    I had great faith in the UK public during the referendum, that remain would win, that never happened but I still hope they can stop this Tory party from taking this country down a path we will never return from.

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    Donkey Oatie

    I have a lovely ditch ready for Borris anytime he wants it! I vote for Guy Fawkes the man with the solution to unblock parliament.

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    Brydo, how do you think the Brexit Party will do in Scotland in the General Election?

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    Not very well Wigwam although we have nutters up here to, but i suppose it is everyone’s own interpretation of what doing well is or not. They will not win any seats but with over 1,000,000 people voting for Brexit up here i imagine they will get some of those votes.

    I think, however, Farage will be concentrating most of his resources in seats down south where he will have a chance of taking some seats.

    It goes to show BJs stupidity in making an enemy out of Farage.

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