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    I can’t remember a more quite end to a quarter. Usually by now we would have had a few rumours, usually untrue, to discuss but nothing so far. Is it that there are no, positive, expectations for Q4?

    As a result of the chip shortage I don’t expect much in the way of change but sometimes surprises happen when you least expect them.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Very underwhelming at the moment, every quarter. APs going up and no sign of it changing.

    I only hope the new Kia Sportage gets a good welcome in Q1 2022 – looks like a great car.

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    3008 PHEV removed?

    That’s harsh.

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    Andy Wood

    BMW prices all seem to have gone up, by around 400 across the x1 line, glad I got my order in as soon as possible in september

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    Glos Guy
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    Cant see Kona Ultimate on this list let alone at £499

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    So, this is interesting already.   I’m ready to order late Oct and the only suitable affordable car was the AWD diesel kuga St Line x.  Now its gone.  Face lift again or chip shortage?

    I don’t know if I can extend my current lease sitting on 28k miles. I’m actually getting anxious about being forced to get a car thats not entirely suitable.

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    So far on the released details, there is absolutely nothing that is affordable for me.

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    daveH, given the situation i dont think there will be any problem extending.

    i think thats probably everyones default at the moment.

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    i feel so fortunate that I could change my car last year.

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    Component and/or microchip shortage is a problem not quickly resolved.

    Motability has 630000 customers, perhaps over 200000 changing vehicles every year. Huge buying and bargaining power.

    Retailers will want to clear old models even though new models will be in very short supply.

    Like thousands of others I’ll try to extend my current lease.

    My question is…..who, if anyone, holds the stronger hand? The buyer or the seller? Or is it too complex to assess it as a simple supply and demand scenario?

    A unique situation with many interrelated worldwide difficulties.






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    Harry I don’t claim to be an expert on this but looking at it based on the information out there about chip shortages etc. I suggest the manufacturers hold all the cards at this point. Motability demand major discounts based on the figures you have listed above, but this power only exists if there are cars available. At present the car manufacturing numbers are down drastically therefore they don’t necessarily need motability sales as they can sell most of the cars they make at a higher price to Joe public.

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    As with everything its all about supply and demand. A person gets on a crowded commuter train with a dozen bottles of water. It´s a hot day and suddenly the train stops and the guard tells passengers it will be at least an hour before they move. The air conditioning grinds to a stop. Suddenly the water´s value has increased.

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    Good points. I agree. Thank you for helping me see it a little clearer.

    Good luck finding a suitable vehicle…


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    I see the point.

    But those bottles of water are quite old ( still thirst quenching) but the labels are so last year!

    Perhaps turn the water into wine.

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    Fwippers. I see the point. But those bottles of water are quite old ( still thirst quenching) but the labels are so last year! Perhaps turn the water into wine.

    Non alcoholic! I think it´ll be a 9am switchover and then we can see the wood for the trees

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    This appears on Motability’s website

    “Please note: Car and WAV prices are not yet updated for October-December 2021. We are experiencing delays but aim to publish the new price list as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”


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    Audi Q3 removed.

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    wow, we got completely screwed.


    XC40 up 1k, 3008 PHEV up…. everything way up.

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    qashqai tenka+ up £200. less than i thought.

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    5008 1.6 180ps Petrol up from 2400 to 4k. ouch

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    Well.. After seeing this clusterf..mayhem, we booked a test drive for an ID3 for tomorrow.

    If that doesn’t suit us, well.. here’s hoping. So frustrating.

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    Which Mobility Car

    New Vehicles, Hyundai Bayon and Kia E-Niro

    Returning vehicles:  SEAT: Arona, Ateca, Tarraco and Ibiza. Skoda: Kodiaq, Kamiq, Suberb, Octavia Scala. Volkswagen: Tiguan

    (working on what has disappeared and the full numbers now)


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    The ID3 is a nice car and if it were not for the fact we needed the extra space/comfort and smoother ride over the bumps I was happy to go with it. The AP is much lower than the ID4 we ordered and in truth I preferred the more involving/nippy drive on twisty roads and it being smaller would be easier in tight spots for parking etc.

    Which model would you be going for the family, max pro performance or the tour?



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    Think your fighting a losing battle @wmcforum.

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