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    Decided I may cancel my current ICE order, and bite the bullet in regards to ordering an EV due to rising fuel costs, more ULEZ zones being implemented etc.

    I have discarded the Peugeot 2008, Vauxhall Mokka and the like due to quite short range in relation to the others available.

    Currently narrowed down to Hyundai Kona, Kia Soul or VW id3. I know the Kona represents fantastic value for money but just looking for people’s experiences and opinions.

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    The Kia Soul and Hyundai Niro, are largely identical vehicles, and you can and seen people’s views on them here, so no point going over those again, apart from saying that all have been positive (That said, not heard any negative’s about any EV’s overall from people on here that actually drive one).

    The ID.3 seems to have sorted out most of its teething problems, main criticism is over the economy, which is pretty poor, the old e Golf was better!  Also if you go that route, make sure you are fully aware of the spec and what is included and what isn’t, there are some very odd choices on what kit is standard.

    I’m sure others will suggest looking at MG’s offerings too.

    Without a doubt though, currently, the Hyundai Niro Ultimate is the car to go for if you can order now, it has EVERYTHING included, has a range of around 300 miles, the AP is the bargain of the decade, and importantly in the current situation, you can get one without maybe having to wait 6-9 months or more.

    I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you choose.

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    John Newton

    I don’t have one but from everything I’ve read and watched the Hyundai is one of the very best EV at any price.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve ordered the kona and think on paper it’s the best. I’ve just read the reviews for the kia and they are pretty much the same tbh.</p>
    For me it comes down to looks and I believe the kona is beautiful and the kia ugly lol

    Know nothing about the VW as I had no interest in it. Actually had no interest in any ev until the kona came on at that ap.

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    Cheers folks, kind of reinforces what I was thinking. Going down to have a look and play with the Kona on Thursday, all.going well I will cancel my current order and place one for the Hyundai

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    I have researched them many many times. Differences of Kona, Soul and ID seem to be down largely to aesthetics and physical disparity. The Kia Soul is easiest to drive, given better all round visibility and higher stance. Kona Ultimate is best value, looks more conventional and has sunroof. ID is more car like, lower and relatively expensive when compared to the Kona. For me, the value of the Kona Ultimate is difficult to beat, though the quirky design of the Soul and higher stance would make it an easier car to drive. Bigger windows etc. More room in the back and increased headroom.  You need to drive them all and find a favourite. I know dealers have been suggesting that the Kona is under priced and will rise next quarter. The Kia is very idiosyncratic and the ID3, one for the car like VW fans, of which there are many.

    I did a big breakdown of all the costs involving typical drives over the course of a year and for me a fossil fuel hybrid car carries a penalty per year of between £1388 and £1794 over electric. Pure fossil fuel cars don’t bear thinking about if Petrol appears anywhere in the spec.  Don’t forget to add in the value of a free charger too.

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    The kona is definitely winning the race, on paper at least. I don’t think I’ll be able to get a home charger currently due to my parking situation, but even using the public chargers (located next to my house) I’m still looking at cutting my fuel bill roughly in half.

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    I’ve chosen the id3 family over the Kona………not enough room in back seats for my son who’s 6’3.Kona spec is amazing though.

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    Only thing that let’s the Kona down is rear room & boot to an extent.

    Id3 has strange foibles like only 2 window switches & you have to press a “shift” button to open/close the rears plus the touch controls & whether you trust VW.

    I kept a diary for several weeks on what journeys we did & as our are rarely more than 50 miles I decided the ZS was good enough despite the reduced range vs the Kona etc. The spec is almost as good as the Kona, fake leather is lovely, drives superb and I’m over the moon with it for £199 rear leg room is huge & boot big enough for 2 GSDs.

    I see why people get a bee in their bonnet over range but it’s worth considering if that really is a huge issue in your choice. Some for example only use their car for Dr’s, hospital & shops so is a 300 mile range a big necessity there?

    Anyway I think whatever you choose between any of the cars you’ve listed you’ll be delighted they all have Pros & cons but they’re all fantastic cars. I looked at most of them myself too before opting for the biggest interior.

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    Tried the new Kona on Saturday – In-Laws popped round with it as they had just picked it up on Friday. It was the hybrid, not the electric, but basically much the same space wise etc.

    Sadly guide dog does not really fit, she can get in, but can’t turn around & her head is somewhat squashed between the seat & rear window if she stands/sits. Wife pronounced it a no-go.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Looked at the mg, but its range put it in the same bracket as the mokka, 2008 etc and we do need the range, not all the time but often enough that not haven’t it would be more than an inconvenience. Space wise, it’s often just the wife and I, and if the 2 kids are there then they are not very big anyways.  For some perspective I’m 5’6″ and considered a giant in my house 🤣

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    I prefer the interior and the overall look of the soul over the Hyundai but it`s down to personal preference really, if you want rear space the soul is cavernous although the boot is small but very deep. However i could never ever get used to those touch sensitive buttons in the iD3 so it was a none starter for me.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Was the same process we went thru but none of the other EVs on the scheme are realistically big enough for 4 adults comfortably. The Kona I wouldn’t be able to fit one of our big shops in it without using the rear seats so I reconsidered on range looked again and it didn’t make much sense to me longest we’d really do is probably under 90 miles in one journey & car can charge once there. Even a journey to Tattershall Lakes to my mums van is under 60 miles so thought what the Hell plus charge times aren’t what they were. Difference for us is I kept the grand voyager for 7 seats & towing so there’s that too.

    I think personally if you don’t need more space the Kona is an absolute no brainer value for money, range, tech. If you’re under 6′ I expect there’s lots of room in the back when I had the seat where I need it I could still just about fit back there not comfortably for long journeys but did fit.

    We’ve been out in the MG today pootled all over North Norfolk plant stall hunting & still come home with 108 miles left & getting 3.7miles/kwh without trying so quite happy with that. Put it in sport mode & nearly gave the wife whiplash lol.

    did you put the boot floor on lower setting? Didn’t think a dog would be comfortable in there tbh when we looked, hence the MG ZS 2 adult GSDs quite comfortably

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    Yup, boot at lowest, but it was the gap between the rear headrests and the rear window & the overall depth that caused the issue, rather than height. Took one look at the dog in the boot and that was that.

    If all we needed it for was to take a dog for 5 mins to the park/woods now and again then it’d be ok, but she regularly spends 2-3 hours there & whole days on long trips. We have our other dog too – so would need space for two on the park/woods jaunts…

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Ahhh that was what did it for us too just thought id check

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    Not wanting to sound like a stuck record but that was exactly the situation we’re in 2 dogs, most of ours is just 5 mins to the beach or playing field rather than several hours but even so there’s no way we could fit one of our dogs in the Kona, Zoe, Corsa etc (he’s a super large GSD) out of all the EVs we checked only 2 were suitable both the MGs and then you pay for it with the lower range so at the moment until more models arrive that’s the choice unless I missed any but don’t think I did.

    At the moment at 12C I’m very impressed with the range of the ZS vs expectations did 60 miles got home with 108 still on the dash, obv I haven’t run it down super low yet to see how far I can go & latest economy is 3.8 miles/kWh.

    Some of the new models due out this year might be much better in terms of range & size for dogs especially

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    A different option … extend your lease another year (if you can), there will be a lot more options at the end of this year, for the sake of waiting an extra few months.

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    see having had a id.3 for over a week why car was in, I would have to say I managed range each and every time

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    by that I mean within 5 to 10 percent (what you expect from a electric, although one day it did go much over expected range, but lets just say i was driving like chauffeur from driving miss daisy lol.

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    My e2008 GOM went kinda mad today, it was warmer than it has been & I also got the battery even warmer at Gridserve Braintree, it was at 25C in the pack when I headed home & I was getting 4.3 m/kW for a while until the battery cooled a bit & the hills of Surrey took their toll & took it back to 4.1 m/kW. Recent weeks I’ve been averaging around 3.7 m/kW, so the GOM was tripping over itself to produce better figures. GOM went completely haywire after descending Reigate Hill, it thought it could do rather more miles than it really could, but you get used to these foibles, after all GOM = Guessometer.



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    Mike 700

    A different option … extend your lease another year (if you can), there will be a lot more options at the end of this year, for the sake of waiting an extra few months.


    That is exactly what I have done!

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    The problem in waiting is what EV could possibly be coming onto the scheme that’s suitable and with a decent low ap.

    Im in the exact same situation in that I’m not  sure what EV to go for , do I wait a few months longer but i personally look at what could be coming on and nothing stands out as worth waiting for.

    The kona ultimate which I drove was pretty good and seems brilliant value, the only down side was the rear room wasn’t the best.

    if the ionic 5 was coming on I think it looks great though would probably be a quite low spec.

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    Took the kona out today, quite impressed. Roomy enough for what we need, and the value of the ultimate model can’t be ignored so placed the order there and then. Delivery in 3 weeks

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    Atlas white, could have had any but would have been a longer wait. The white had just arrived in

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    Ian Price

    Decisions. Decisions. We have extended our lease until March 22. At the end we intended to get an EV.  The reason for this is we do a lot of miles. Although there are a few EV’s on the scheme, none as of yet fully meet our requirements.  Ideally we would like something close to what we already have, bmwx1. Do we hold out until the end of the lease in the hope that similar cars come onto the scheme. Or do we make the move now. The Kona for price is excellent. But the boot is too small and rear seat space. The E niro is bigger but not on the scheme. If only there was an EV on the scheme the same as our BMW. If there was I expect the AP will be £4k +. Do we go for the Kona and live with it for £499 or wait and pay £4k.

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