Bmw delivery date extended again.

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    Richard hewett

    I drove to marshalls in kent to order my bmw x1 this was in June the last day of period 2 i did not order any out of the ordinary extras i was told car will be ready end of september. I then received a phone call stating the vehicle will be ready around a week before Christmas i then received another call yesterday to tell me the car will be defiantly ready  at the end of February and i may get a 2021 model ( yeh Right).

    I was not expecting  to wait this long but i understand there are issues with covid 19 and  Brexit just thought that i would give any one that has ordered a bmw a heads up on waiting times.


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    Dave G

    Dealer could be bluffing you. The only delays i’m aware of is the 2 Series GC given quotes until Jan 2021 the same time you’ve ordered and Feb/Mar if ordered now.

    Ordered my 3 Series in mid July. Got a updated 2 days ago from production that it has started to take its shape with added features. Have you been provided with a order number? If not, get one off them and have a look for yourself on the Live Chat.

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    i have just Cancelled my bmw 2 gc orded beging off aug said would be jan then got info last week it would mid feb so went to local merc dealer and got a cla200 amg line premium plus they had in stock pick up next week wait times are crazy at bmw at min

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    Some advice when ordering with bmw get them to show you they have a build allocation before ordering. Some dealers will wait on a order until they have allocation and that will cause delays. Once its been allocated a build slot a couple of days later you will have a vin number that proves your car has entered production and you can use that to track your order with bmw live chat or you can use your order number but be sure to ask as they won’t give you it without asking. The dates can be a bit misleading with live chat I was told mine would be ready in the week commencing November 23rd. I pick mine up Thursday this week. My 3 series took 8 weeks after going into production to arrive on the UK. Good luck getting it earlier February seems a long time to wait.

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    A different model, I know but Anthony, in another post, is being told that the 3 Series’ are taking, according to BMW, 2.5 months for a factory order.

    So BMW are taking nearly four times as long for your X1?!
    Theres something not right there. More likely, they’ve sold your original car and reallocated you’re third to another customer for more profit.
    It’s easy to think this if you realise that the updates you’re being given show the build time again from scratch.
    I’d present your information to Motability.

    The last thing I want to do on this forum is cause alarm but if we are being mugged, we are being mugged.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Lord Muc

    Richard, did you get the £500 off the AP, and did you put a deposit down. It does seem a long time,  Robs advice above is good, when dealing with BMW.

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    Matt is your merc the shooting brake version? And did your get an discounts on this ?


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    no its the coup and got £500 off

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    Richard hewett

    I got £500 off the ap and paid another £1000 on top.

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    Matt May I ask which Mercedes garage did you order from? Looking to order the cla also

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    jtc600 sheffiled but am sure you can go in and ask what stock they have at any jtc600

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    How did you manage to get the cla200 in premium plus didn’t think it was on the scheme 😳?

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    sorry cla180 not cla200 as they only had the shooting brake in white my bad 🙂

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    We ordered our X1 11 September with a delivery date of late December/early January.  Today I asked them for a VIN number to check on the build progress.  I was told “the car has been scheduled for build so does not have a VIN as this will not be issued until it starts the build process”. If Wales were not going into a national lockdown from this Friday I would have taken a look at the Mercedes GLA.

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    Ask them for your order number that can be used to check when it is scheduled to be built.

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    Thanks Zoe, but they are not very fourth coming with any information at the moment.  I will email the garage once a week for an update (make them aware of me)

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    if i was you i would ring them up not email them

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    I’m finding that Marshalls are not very good when it comes to customer service.

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    They must not have a build slot if that’s the case otherwise they would give you it. I ordered mine from Thames Ditton and on ordering they said September but once accepted it said late November/early December and gave me the order number and BMW live chat said build date November 8th so I know it’s definitely ordered

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    Dave G

    Yes Zoe is correct. I was in the same position. Hearing everyone elses horrible experience with the dealerships (mainly Mercedes) I had to email my dealer for a order number (quite responsive). They can be offended as in their response is we will keep you updated, in other words, why do you need to know about it for 🙄. So it’s best if you check regularly with Live Chat (great experience I must say).

    You will get more updates on there than your dealer will ever give you, the only update they will give you is “vehicle is due in the next few days” or “the vehicle has had some delay/delivery problems” only to realise it’s been sold! Mine is due well before the est time of arrival.

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    Yes after my comment the other day I went back on BMW live chat and they said delivery expected 14th November and it have been assigned a chassi number but it was previously December. If the dealer won’t give you the order number personally I would cancel and go elsewhere.

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    Not bmw related, I ordered a new vw sharan beginning of August, only heard from the sales lady once that was to give me my order number, never heard from her since, I was told it would be maximum 20 weeks, only to be told by vw customer services car is not due for production until 2021 didn’t even give me a rough delivery timeframe either.

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    Jeff Allen

    Ordered a BMW 5 Series at the beginning of July. Was told delivery by November 30th. First told the car would be delayed until week  December 14th. Now its December 16th and I dont know when I will actually get the car. It has been built and I have the VIN number but evidentially production delays coupled with delays at European ports mean they (the dealer Sytner) dont know when they will receive the car. Merry Christmas!

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    Ordered the X1 very beg of Nov and was told end of March for collection which has now been pushed back to the end of April…quite disheartening for a new customer and worrying after being told il be booked for major surgery when it’s safe enough….hopefully there will be no further delays. How or what info do I need to ask for to be informed if my car is being built or has a slot etc? Thanks

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    I didn’t think the 5 series was on the scheme?

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    I didn’t think the 5 series was on the scheme?

    The 5-Series is definitely not on the scheme but the smaller 3-Series is.

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