Audi Q3 ordered

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    Went for the black edition in Daytona grey, there were a few in stock but not in grey so decided to wait the 10-12weeks, tho I did see an article saying Audi ordered will be delayed due to chip shortages.

    Anyway it was between the xc40 r design pro or the Audi, went for the Audi as someone in my family ordered the xc40 which would be ready soon and I’m insured on it so ill be driving it plenty anyway

    didnt go for the comfort package as I don’t feel heated seats / reverse camera is worth 1.2k, did go for the £100 extended lights package just for the kids

    Will update everyone with time scale etc and of course pictures when it’s ready

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    Yup me too. Ordered Q3 black edition just before Christmas. Been told I have build week 13 but the Audi systems have been down for quite some time so can’t track my order/build which is a bit annoying.

    Let us know how yours progresses!

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    How’s was the order process? I’m probably going to cancel my current order and place a q3 order.

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    Lou I honestly think I broke the record for fastest car order in history, it took 5min on the phone and one email with (proof of pip and license), this was done on Tuesday, Wednesday received the email from motability saying order confirmed

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    Was it easy to inform them of any extras you needed? I placed an order when the show rooms were open but looking online Iv noticed there’s options that were not mentioned. The dealer only offered me the packs and Iv been trying unsuccessfully since mid Dec to contact the dealer and make some changes, it seems everything Iv currently paid for comes as standard with the q3

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    Very easy, I made sure I knew the exact name of the option and price, what options were you thinking about


    nice Boosie I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything

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    Reclining back bench (I think this is standard on the q3?)

    heated seats

    electric seat controls

    assisted parking (front & rear camera)

    sun protection/privacy glass

    is heated steering an option?

    Can you open the boot by the key?

    can you get keyless start?

    how much is the extra comfort/sound pack?

    Thankyou very much!

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    this is what you get with the sound and comfort pack, personally ive never used a reverse camera, family currently have the ateca xclux which has a camera and heated seats and when parking I never use it and even when it’s cold I never use the heated seats.

    sunroof would be really nice, it’s around 1k

    don’t think you can get keyless which is annoying but I could be wrong

    there’s another 800 package that includes ACC and a few other things but again, I’m fine with just CC, I find ACC weird on the motorway

    have a look at the the car configurator and check out the options part really useful😁

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    Thankyou, would def need the heated seats & cameras…is ashame about the keyless and would have been a really massive help (this is partly why I’m stuck with choosing) and because it doesn’t have heated steering either. I have been trying for the configuration thing for a while but it says the motability page is under maintenance 😕

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    Glos Guy

    Strange that a premium car doesn’t have heated seats as standard, as the vast majority of cars seem to have them nowadays. Personally, I couldn’t be without them especially on leather seats – brrrr! There may be some confusion about the £1,195 option pack that you have to buy in order to get them on the Q3, as that isn’t just for heated front seats and a reversing camera. The Comfort & Sound Pack includes Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System + Rear View Camera + Heated Front Seats + Front Parking Sensors + Cross Traffic Assist Rear, all for £1,195. The Q3 is on our short list although I fear it may be too small for us, but if we do go for it we would definitely add the Comfort and Sound pack, as well as the full leather upgrade, which is only £250. Personal choice, but I prefer the S-Line over the black edition. I don’t like all black interiors, especially black roof linings if there is no panoramic sunroof, and I also prefer the exterior styling of the S-Line, but it’s great that both are available to allow the choice, given that the differences are purely cosmetic.

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    Glos Guy

    BTW, can I just ask those who may know more about the Q3 than me a few questions? When reviewing cars on my shortlist, I have a list of ‘essential’ features that are non-negotiable and I wouldn’t consider a car without them, and ‘preferred’ features that ideally the car would come with, but I would add as options if they weren’t ridiculous prices. By adding the Comfort and Sound Pack all my ‘essential’ features are sorted. Of the items on the ‘preferred’ list, again the Comfort & Sound pack covers a few of them and leather for £250 is very reasonable. I don’t think I could justify £800 for Adaptive Cruise as, although we have it currently, in some ways I prefer standard cruise control, but I do like Auto High Beam Assist which only seems to come with it? One thing I would really miss, having had them on my last 3 cars, is adaptive headlights. Unless I have missed it, they don’t even appear to be an option on the Q3. Is that correct? Or maybe the LED headlights are adaptive (but I don’t think it’s says that they are)? Also, I can’t find prices for keyless entry or head up display. As a premium brand these must surely be options? Again, am I missing something? Maybe there is an option pack that I have missed? Thanks.

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    Thankyou So much Glos guy! Really helpful info there, I would need both packs….it’s definitely a slightly smaller vehicle in the back but the boot space and everything else is good, I also prefer the s line over the black edition 🙂

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    Glos I don’t think in England it comes with keyless even as an option but it’s weird as the rest of the world including Ireland get it with keyless as standard

    and yeah it’s annoying you have to get packs etc for features such as heated seats etc

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    Glos Guy

    Glos I don’t think in England it comes with keyless even as an option but it’s weird as the rest of the world including Ireland get it with keyless as standard and yeah it’s annoying you have to get packs etc for features such as heated seats etc

    Thats weird isn’t it. Makes you wonder if it’s standard here as well and they’ve just forgotten to add it to the list of standard specifications? If they have the technology for the car then they would surely offer it as an option at the very least. Confused!

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    There are no electric seats on the Q3, that just seems bonkers and isn’t even an option, it’s only on spec not available on motability.

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    Glos Guy – you’d be surprised how many cars don’t come with heated seats these days!

    I’ve been able to order since December 4th but still haven’t. I don’t need a big car.

    Sporty, top of the range Renault Clio = no heated seats & not even available as an option.

    Top of the range Peugeot 208 130 GT Line = no heated seats & not even available as an option.

    VW Golf R-Line = no heated seats but available as an option (£300 if I remember correctly).

    The list goes on…

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    Glos Guy

    Fair enough, although those are all small cars and none are from the supposedly ‘prestige’ brands. Of the 8 cars on my ‘long shortlist’ (😂) all bar one are SUV’s and the Q3 is the only car that doesn’t have heated seats as standard. And they aren’t all prestige brands! Given that most cars have so much as standard now, I think that’s a big own goal for Audi. I would add the Comfort and Sound pack if I got the Q3, but at £1,195 that’s not an option for everyone and I bet quite a few people discount the car for that reason. Very strange.

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    It really does make selecting a car such a grind.

    I’m trying to spec up my Kuga ST Line X at the moment to have heated front seats and heated steering wheel (both standard on my Focus ST Line X).

    Titanium – available as the Winter Pack @£400

    Kuga ST Line – available as the Winter Pack @£400

    Kuga ST Line X – heated front and rear seats as standard but no heated steering wheel and can’t be ordered separately

    Vignale – heated front and rear seats and heated steering wheel as standard

    I would hate to have to give up on my preferred model option over the sake of a heated wheel but this anomaly really does confound me. A heated steering wheel has been a godsend recently as I have to drive in the early morning to take my son to work.

    I know I could order an ST Line with Winter Pack but then I would lose the extra ST Line X features – panorama roof, 19″ alloys, 10 way power adjustment driver seat and hands free power tailgate.

    Just seems daft.



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    Glos Guy

    Comfortablynumb – I am not 100% certain about this, but I believe that the 2021 Kuga ST Line X now has the winter pack as standard, which includes the heated steering wheel. Check out the thread started by HoneyMonster as he mentioned this.

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    Comfortablynumb – I am not 100% certain about this, but I believe that the 2021 Kuga ST Line X now has the winter pack as standard, which includes the heated steering wheel. Check out the thread started by HoneyMonster as he mentioned this.

    Oh Glos Guy, hopefully that is the case, because I’m at the point of screaming at my motability advisor who says “no wheel”. I even pointed out to her that the Winter Pack shows as standard in the build configurator but other brochures and spec lists do not mention heated wheel in the ST Line X. Unless they have swapped heated rear seats for heated wheel in the ST Line X only.

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    I thought it had the heated steering wheel as well as everything else.  Also heated rear seats. The st line x edition with drivers assistance and technology pack add another 1600, diesel awd  auto, adds 2700 so about 4.3 for  car that has everything I can think of, inc hud etc. Pano,  I would change tyres to all season and so add another 400, then you have everything. Except the badge. Those are the latest prices, at least that’s what the dealer told me.

    I would like some more choice, but its the only one that has all the extras as well as 4×4 and diesel.

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    Well done The Suv Guy!

    I ordered the same car as you !

    You must have good taste. Only thing different i went for is a change of wheels for an extra £150. Dealer (audi teeside) has been in regular touch and is being built next week (audi’s  week 5).

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    Davjg did you get any packs/options too? I’m impressed at the speed of build time & contact you have had, what colour have you gone for? Does this vehicle have comfort access? So the doors unlock upon touch? Thanks

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    Davjg, thanks! The wheels you went for were on my mind but decided to stick with the black edition ones, both really nice btw anyone interesting in audis check out this YouTube page that’s a dealership, if they’re close to you they have so many new audis in stock, here’s the car I ordered

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    Lou, due to budget i set myself of no more than £2500, i went for change of wheel style (+150) and added interior lighting (+100) = £2400. I think that is just 6.5 % of the list price. Very happy with that, not many cars have that value on Motorbility.

    Thanks TheSUVGuy for the video,the dealership cars are always fully speced, so unaffordable to most of us.

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    Can someone help explain this to me even though I think I’m right to assume they’re saying the car won’t start being built until June 6th, I messaged Audi on Twitter with my order number to track the build date, I was told this


    “Thank you for your patience. We can confirm that the order number is for Audi Q3 Black Edition and current order status has an estimated build week 23, which commences on 6 June. Once it gets closer to the date, your order should get assigned a confirmed build week by our Factory. Please, feel free to come back later on and we’ll be more than happy to check the updates for you”


    dealer told me it’ll be ready by end of March start of April lol

    At the moment I’m staying calm and positive, build date could be brought closer but waiting till November?? If I see better prices on April I will cancel and find in stock cars Idm travelling around the uk rather than wait till the winter

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