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    Thought it only fair to report on our new car having had it for one month now, including one 700 mile round trip.

    Car is a Citroen C5 Aircross, 2lt diesel Flair Plus. Hefty AP but I had saved up.

    Basically I love it!! Read the reviews and they say the suspension is too soft, but so what .. I’m not interested in speeding round windy roads at my time of life!

    It has ALL the toys, and I LOVE the Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Guidance .. once I got the hang of it that is.

    it is ultra comfortable, quiet, and has bags of oomph if you need it. First car that I had to slow down at the top of Telegraph Hill using Cruise Conttol.  47mpg on the long trip, will do 600 miles on one fill, and basically I can’t fault.

    Hth someone


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    Good list.

    I have test driven many SUV’s in the last few weeks.

    So far I would put 5008 on top, but I was impressed by the Tiguan and the Tucson. The RAV4 was good but I was not as impressed as I expected. Liked the X-Trail and good for 4wd but interior a bit dated. XC40 was good but somehow it didn’t grab me.

    Most surprised to be impressed by the Outlander PHEV. Liked the drive and in about 10 or 12 miles I didn’t use any petrol, and I loved the retardation paddles on the steering wheel. Almost one pedal driving.

    Hilly where I live so I wonder. Any Outlander PHEVers out there who can comment?

    Most video and written reviews are not very encouraging

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    Thank you for those thoughts guys.

    Super  picture Brydo

    Will be going to the Exeter Big Day next Saturday so will do some digging.

    Take your point callmejohn but at £29k it is just within the usual price point so still got my

    fingers crossed.

    This choice thing is hard ain’t it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)