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    Finally the all new Toyota Camry is in the showrooms.

    This looks like a great family saloon and looks great, to me anyway.

    All the toys and very smart, plus the kudos of being a hybrid.

    Nearly time for us to order, so does anyone hear if this will be on the scheme?

    Got me hopes up for this quarter as the RAV4 appeared half way through last quarter



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    To my knowledge the Toyota Avensis, was never on the Motability list and was within the price limitation. Toyota were never known for including their larger saloon/estate cars on the list, however who knows, you could try asking Motability, sometimes they will tell you in advance, it seems your luck who you talk too.

    I was told last year by Motability that the new Volvo V60 would appear, probably in January 2019, however it never did, it was just as well I never held off.

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    Oldenstar it`s a very nice looking car.

    New Toyota Camry prices announced ahead of 2019 UK launch

    Pricing information for the upcoming Toyota Camry has been released, which will start from £29,995 when it reaches the UK market in April
    After a 14-year hiatus, the Toyota Camry will return to UK dealerships this year. It will replace the Japanese firm’s slow-selling Avensis, with prices starting from £29,995. Order books for the new Camry are open from April and first deliveries are expected by July.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Thank you for those thoughts guys.

    Super  picture Brydo

    Will be going to the Exeter Big Day next Saturday so will do some digging.

    Take your point callmejohn but at £29k it is just within the usual price point so still got my

    fingers crossed.

    This choice thing is hard ain’t it!

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    This would be a nice addition to the scheme if it were to make it on. I would definitely take a closer look when change time comes around if it was available.

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    Very nice

    It’s now on the Toyota UK website, full specs and build.

    Lets hope Motability uses there discretionary Cap rule where if the base model is eligible/available. That way the next model up may appear.

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    Marina Brian

    They love the Camry in America.

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    As a side note. And a couple of questions. After a quick look over.

    motability horse power (HP) Cap is 200hp (normal) & 225hp(electric)

    now the Camry states (Din 218hp)

    But! Is Hybrid classed as Normal or Electric ?

    Im not mechanically minded and I’m not bothered with top speeds etc but with a reasonable electric motor and a 2.5ltr engine it seems underwhelming 0 to 60 and top speed of 111 mph compared to the trends of others smaller new engines. Are these old engines adapted or have they just not got it right yet ?

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    Just been on to Motability.

    I’m told that the facelifted BMW X1 and 1 series will be back on anytime now. End of July, beginning of August, but the Camry will be later in 2019. Hmm, do I wait?

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    I Phoned Motability and they checked with a manager.

    hybrid’s ARE Classed in the 225bhp Electric category (plug in & none plug in)



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    A pity they don’t do an estate, probably due to America falling out of love with estates, they do the Kia Optima saloon, but not the estate.

    It is getting very hard to get a large estate car, especially on Motability, as some that could be on the list such as the Hyundai i40, are for some reason excluded from the list.

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    I used to have an ’89 Camry Estate, wallowy old barge but so relaxed and comfy to drive.

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