Shaun Murphy unhappy about amateurs competing in UK Open

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    🤣 So Shaun wants to sit back not filling pockets on the table, but happily filling the pockets in his pants and bank account…🤢

    Get over yourself Murphy, if you’ve lost form, it’s your fault…

    Maybe a couple of new players coming through is what the sport needs..

    Some of these players are brilliant, thrilling to watch, however same players just making up numbers can just become routine…

    Maybe there’s no space for another commentator yet…


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    The phrase “sour grapes” comes to mind. As it did when O’Sullivan make the same gripe when he was beaten in first round of something by an amateur who made his real living being a scaffolder (or something similar).

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    Yes I agree Tharg, I do enjoy watching the snooker, including Shaun Murphy great player, usually so composed too, however this really do seem sour grapes..

    I do find myself willing on a new face to the sport, it can be a bit repetitive seeing the same faces in the Finals, however it just goes to show the skill factor they have..


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    Would be nice to see another face in the finals. Yan Bintao fills the bill a bit, I suppose But he doesn’t have that “edge” that, say O’Sullivan or Higgins have got and which makes them so entertaining to watch. They just need to look at a shot and know instantly exactly what trickery to put on the cueball to get a pot and set up perfectly on next ball.

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