Panic buying

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    Seems people are emptying the shelves again panic buying..

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    Same thing Tharg my Wife has registered with Sainsbury too,(thanks to Georgie’s tip 👍). Glad you sorted something out.

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    Still going to the supermarket myself but at quite times, what it’s the only freedom I have now and there not taking that away from me.😁

    Supermarkets I use are Sainsbury’s, Asda and Lidi and not seen any empty shelves, they’ve all been well stocked.

    Made a bit of a mess of things last week as we decided to get a little bit more than we normally do, not panicking no, but we just thought we try and cut down shopping to a fortnight.

    With that in mind I bought two boxes of Lidi mince pies as we like them this time of year for desserts but we’ve only had Sainsbury and Asda pies for years and years before now and have never tried Lidi pies and that was a big mistake with them being the worst mince pies I’ve ever tasted, all pastry and no mince, and worst still, I have two boxes of them.😁😢


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    I reckon Asda luxury mince pies are the best this year and I’ve tried them all bar Morrisons!

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    ChrisK – very jealous of your trips to supermarkets. We’ve now been self-isolating/shielding for nearly nine months. And I miss going into shops and choosing what food I want; also get to check the quality of stuff which ain’t so with deliveries; the number of, say, mangoes/pineapples I’ve had to dump because they’re so overripe as to be uneatable don’t bear thinking about. Moreover, one’s supermarkets have staff, some of whom have become friends, and I miss chatting with them. All of this is, I know, well sad and, yeah, I should get a life but that’s rather difficult right now.

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    Most of my/our main shopping is online, I do the odd trip to Asda for a click-n-collect as it’s a min basket of £25.

    I can’t afford to do 2 deliveries a week with the £40 min basket for deliveries, I did a few and we now have a cupboard full of beans, soup and rice pudding tins 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    The only shop I still physically go into is our local butcher where only one customer allowed at a time and Nick the butcher always dons all the protective gear, mask, visor etc. Transactions are contact-free. Only mention this because the subject of Xmas Pud’s has arisen and the home-made ones sold in Nick’s place are really unbeatable. Have two in fridge right now. They will not last till December, let alone Xmas. Now, must order the clotted cream…

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    We go for a mid-range Xmas pud for DH and an alternate for me (I don’t like Xmas pud) – this year its a ginger sponge pudding, last year it was a chocolate sponge pudding.  But DH always makes the mince pies and jam tarts and they are gorgeous.  Might also make some individual apple pies as well, if the apples last that long in the garage.  So far, so good.

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    There’s plenty of roadkill pheasant around if anyone fancies a brace rather than venture into the supermarkets for lesser foods (pheasant don’t appear to hear an approaching EV…. sorry!).

    Pheasant mincemeat should make great mince pies.

    Not to sure about the ones that look like pizza.



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