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    Seems people are emptying the shelves again panic buying..

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    Well they probably are panic buying – and a hefty reason for this is the supermarkets’ actions for xmas. They are making it very difficult if you need, should say “must have” deliveries:

    Waitrose just changed their lead-in period for home deliveries from 25 days to 15 days. Result – deliveries sell out within minutes of dates going on site (midnight). Deliveries gone by morning. All xmas week slots sold out two weeks ago!

    Tesco deliveries, at present, still keep 21-day notice period but deliveries, again, are gone within minutes of midnight. Collections not too bad but will get worse.

    Asda have been excellent until today; they offer a regular slot which you get automatically without need to book. Just got email saying this will not work from 19 Dec to 2 Jan. But I can book an ordinary slot for this period (as a crumbly priority customer). Sadly, I can’t make this booking because the booking site won’t make those dates available.

    This is a disgrace. These companies just do not understand the hassle and trauma this causes. We have to have deliveries because of health issues. We also buy for house-bound 80+ yr-old neighbour. I must spend 3 or four hours each week on computer not just booking orders, but making checks that booking procedures have not changed (they do, regularly) and trying to book the slots I want. The latter means staying up until midnight to get slots before they sell out. Difficult because of drugs I must take at 10pm which knock me out well before midnight.

    It’s bad enough having to cope with new lockdown; not knowing whether we’ll get essential deliveries is a bluddy nightmare.

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    Its very frustrating even more so waiting for a motability car that should’ve been already here.
    Back to the car hire company for the cheapest smallest car for a few days to stock up on essentials, that’s if the shelves stocked.

    Being a large tall guy these small cars are uncomfortably painful.

    As you say Tharg I had the shielding letter and never once a delivery slot..

    So maybe there is a reason for some to shop unreasonably..

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    It’s the Perfect Storm of Uncertainty: Lock-down #2, then Christmas and then Brexit from January 1st.  Can’t really blame people for prepping early and/or stockpiling some essentials.

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    Which Mobility Car

    We have kept our weekly delivery slot from the first lockdown. I’ve just placed an online order, 30% of my regular items are out of stock, meat choice very, very limited along with bread, no skimmed milk (back to the UHT) along with the old favourites – toilet roll and anything to do with baking.

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    We don’t have any problems yet and hopefully it stays like that.

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    Well we just ventured out to the local Tesco express no bread at all, not even the bake home stuff.
    Last pack toilet roll, lots of chickens so curry for tea.

    Maybe it will be worse than last time.


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    Seems all supermarkets are in freefall. E.G. tried Asda helpline; listened to crap music for 10 mins or so then it told me to hang up because it couldn’t manage to answer, at all!

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    Hmmm, considered going shopping tomorrow, but with reports of bread running out I’ll just fire up the breadmaker tonight. Flour/yeast/unsalted butter I have lots of these things.

    First thing I’ll run out of is fresh veg, followed by dairy (not milk, I have enough sterilised milk for a fair few weeks).

    I’ll run out of tinned food, loo paper, etc., sometime next year, possibly March.

    Luckily I have enough wine for years (I open 1 or 2 bottles per year).

    I still have an Xmas cake from last year, probably won’t eat that unless I’ve run out of everything else as they’re simply too sweet for me.


    Fuel for the car comes out of a cable now, Octopus Agile will go live very soon, and has the added bonus of Brydo getting a cut so he’s well on his way to being a bloated plutocrat!


    Enjoy the lockdown, enjoy watching the panic buying of pasta & loo paper, time to hibernate for the winter anyway.




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    @gothitjulie sounds amazing, maybe you could keep a look out for some elderly nearby’s and deliver some of your stock in your cable dependent car if need be..


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    I’ll be doing my usual deliveries of fresh fruit to a couple of disabled neighbours.

    Main problem with the other neighbours is that they have steps to their gardens to keep rif-raf wheelchair users like me out. They haven’t helped their cases by telling me that I’m too young to be disabled, so I don’t much care if COVID wipes them out.



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    Was in Supermarket today and supplies seemed pretty much as usual – think they were making some changes on some aisles but don’t know if this was lookdown related or changes for Christmas.

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    Amazon have Morrison’s on amazon website you can buy most food from there they do someday or next day delivery iv used it (sorry other half) lots of time  that might help

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    @ Martinod Thanks for the info my Wife uses both I’ll let her know, again Thanks

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    Sainsbury’s release one day at a time and they’ve still got some for Monday 9th and plenty for Tuesday 10th.

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    CarHiring out this whilst waiting for our xc40 being delayed, must admit the shelves are well stocked at the shops we’ve visited.


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    @Georgie Thanks for Sainsbury’s tip. With the others you have to TRY to book a slot up to 25 days in advance and often still cannot get one. I don’t know how Sainsburgers are doing a workable (it seems) system only six or so days up. Will have to try them as I’m sure Waitrose and Asda will fail to offer any slots soon.

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    @Georgie yes Georgie as Tharg mentioned and to any other replies Thanks for the tip.👍


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    Is it just me or does anyone else find it patently absurd that we are having to handle the trauma of ordering xmas food and stuff at the beginning of November? AND that some supermarkets have already got fully booked delivery slots two months before the event. Some have already sold out of xmas specials like flashy turkey, exotic ham joints and the like. Simply bonkers.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I drove into town to take advantage of the cheap fuel at Asda. Everything was open!  Banks, phone shops, b&m, Argos, home bargains, tile shops, home furnishing shop. The high street was what can only be described as busy. I went to get the van washed yesterday as I thought it would be the last chance for a while – wrong. car wash open. This appears to be lockdown in name only.

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    Agreed, WMCforum. Had to go to local fish stall. About 3 mile round trip. Almost everything open. Some hairdressers shut, similarly some charity shops. Amount of traffic as abundant as ever; nothing like the deserted landscapes of March and April. As you say, seems like the Lockdown applies everywhere, “Except not for me…”

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    Well, finally took the leap and switched my panic buying to Sainsbury’s. No longer have to stay up till midnight to get a delivery from Tesco or Waitrose. No longer have to spend hours planning for two-weeks AND three-weeks in advance. Plenty of available slots for one week ahead. This should remove much trauma from the shopping experience..

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    Had our Sainsbury’s ‘Xmas Shop’ delivered a couple of weeks ago.  Only about £50 worth, but there’s always stuff I want that Waitrose don’t stock which means I have to nip into Sainsbury’s from time to time – ‘reduced salt’ Chicken Oxo being the most frequently needed.  And affordable mud packs (Blue mud! What’s not to like? :-D).  And roasted Monkey Nuts for DH (Waitrose version are foul, apparently).  And their own brand Irish Cream, which I prefer to Baileys.

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    Same thing Tharg my Wife has registered with Sainsbury too,(thanks to George’s tip 👍).

    Glad you sorted something out.


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    We’ll have to think up a new name for Georgie. Given the general motoring theme here, how about the DS (as in Goddess by Citroen) of Super Stuff? The whole Sainsbury’s thing is a gift from above. Aside from aspects mentioned above, I also had to check every slot-booking system every day because the shops are constantly changing them with no advice to customers and sometimes cancelling long-booked slots. Thank you really, REALLY lots, Georgie. 👌

    Only, very small downside is that Sainsbury’s Christmas-time Brunswick ham is not in yet. Will be patient!

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