ok now its getting silly!!

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    i have to admit that i start looking at what car i am going to get far in advance of the renewal date, well over a year usually.

    but now i think theres something wrong with me, lol my new car a countryman isnt even here yet due 14 march ish. and i find myself looking at the search sites etc to see what is likely going to be on the shortlist in 3 years time, or even 5 years if i like the countryman.

    do you think i am addicted????

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    @Georgie You’re  a star 👍

    Welcome 👋

    & @vinalspin The guilt thing is a difficult one for me. Being born with a very obvious disability and now at 53, you think i’d know better. I’ve always had an ‘embarrassment’ about my appearance but due to sheer pigheadedness, I’ve always tried to do things better. I’ve always felt like I’ve something to prove. The guilt has manifested as I promised myself I’d struggle to retirement as I truly needed this to prove myself for my own sanity.
    Now the guilt of not being able to work (my company still want me back which gives me some pride) is crushing me. Add to this the need to have to ask for help for everything from dressing to odd jobs, gardening, etc is hard to take.
    I honestly wish I was more thick skinned.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I applaud anyone who tries to carry on when it would be so much easier to just pack it in, working with the pain alone is debilitating never mind all the other problems that tend to come as part of the package.

    I always intended to retire at 55 (providing I lived that long) but I had to throw the towel in aged just 36 and it killed me to do it but I just put my sensible head on and figured I’d lived with pain since I was 15 years old and 21 years wasn’t that bad. 14 years on I wish I had stopped sooner as the extra damage I did through struggling on has caused lots more problems but it’s lovely outside today and I’m going to go for a coffee this afternoon and possibly blow some cash on something I totally don’t need but what the hell. 😎😁

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    I had the added guilt trip of having my own business so I had my own young family with 4 kids plus a mortgage then the guys who worked for me and their families who relied on me too. I’ve had to sell up and work from home but I still try my best to do a bit.
    My father in law is 78 and is fitter then me he comes round and does gardening helps me move things in my workshop that I just can’t.

    @bionicrusty I’ve been called names since school and even now kids mainly but not always stare and point but I’m so used to it it doesn’t bother me at all, I think you grow thicker skin once you except that it’s their problem not yours.
    Im not quite retirement age but I’d just planned on working less and less not stopping completely, i know that’s going to have to change now.
    In truth the thought that I am still working helps my mood even if in reality I’m hardly working at all.

    But I look out the window the sun is out I’m full of meds and i realise this is as good as it gets for now and I’m fine with that. But Christ the pain and lack of sleep is something I do wish I could change.


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    @vinalspin & @Philjb Wise words both and both are to be applauded for your attitude to it all. You may not have meant your comments to be, but they’re quite inspirational.
    I used to get really upset as a child. Kids are vicious. I can remember it all as clear as day. Even the times when parents & teachers had to step in. And it’s not as if I was in school that much. I literally spent more time in hospital than I did in primary school. 😞

    During my late teens, 20’s – 40’s I did manage to grow thicker skin but I’m afraid now I’m done. I’ve shed that skin and I’m struggling to grow it back. It all feels so hopeless now and worse, I don’t feel in charge anymore. It’s a very claustrophobic feeling.

    Sunny side up though. You’re both spot on. It’s sunny outside so I’m gonna hobble, shuffle and slide outside and talk to the birds. ☕️ 👍

    And thank you. A problem shared…..

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Lucky for me I’m a twin so he’s always put people in their place if they’ve looking at my walking or made comment

    some people are just rude

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    Going back to the OP’s post, although I like to keep my eyes on the car market, so I know what is available at the time I am due to order, a few things I never do are:

    1.      Check the AP of a vehicle after I have collected it – I would rather not know if the Advance Payment has gone down after I have got the vehicle.

    2.      Look at ‘updated versions’ of the car I currently have – again I would rather not know that it now comes as standard with something that I ordered as a paid option.

    3.      Look at the quoted mpg – I get what mpg I get, not what is quoted.

    Re 1 above, I do the same when booking flights, holidays etc. As long as I am happy with the price I paid (and I wouldn’t have paid it if I was unhappy with the price), I never ‘recheck’ the price because there is bu**er all to be done if it is suddenly cheaper at a later time.  I would just rather not know.

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    They are Walter.

    You are very lucky to have a twin brother.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Big Dave the same here I’d rather not know either.
    I don’t change vehicles for another 18 months so nearer that time I’ll be looking up what the new Volvo XC90 hybrid Ap is. lol,

    but for now I’ll just wait and enjoy the car we have.

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