ok now its getting silly!!

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    i have to admit that i start looking at what car i am going to get far in advance of the renewal date, well over a year usually.

    but now i think theres something wrong with me, lol my new car a countryman isnt even here yet due 14 march ish. and i find myself looking at the search sites etc to see what is likely going to be on the shortlist in 3 years time, or even 5 years if i like the countryman.

    do you think i am addicted????

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    It’s the latter young Georgie

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    BionicRusty wrote:

    “My days of fast, sporty cars are sadly long gone but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my love of all things automotive.”

    <sigh> Sad news of that front.  The Lease for DH’s Audi TT Quattro (his 3rd) ends next month and he’s not getting another one.  He can’t justify having one now he Works from home.  This current one’s going back with less than 3k on the clock after 4 years.  Woe, Woe, Woe I say.

    “In fact I’ve recently taken to perusing what tractor I’d have. (I know, I know!)”

    Hey! – there’s nothing wrong with Tractor Fancying.  Ever since that episode of Top Gear when Hammond rolled up in a Case STX Steiger.  If you want ‘really weird’, before I got broken I used to go to Langrish to watch the local Ploughing Competition.  And the Sheepdog Trails at Petersfield (though I don’t now why they bother – the dogs always get off . . . )

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    Mike – Yes.  I think it probably is. 🙂

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    BionicRusty – Sorry, I got interrupted and just realised I didn’t finish reading your message.  Sorry.

    Yup, pain sucks.  It really does.  There’s no other way to describe it.  It SUCKS.  Last year my back slipped and then my right sciatic nerve decided to get involved as well.  One month in bed with every twitch shooting bolts down my left leg.  Back in January it happened again, only this time with my right leg to the knee.  Now I’m waiting to see a new Consultant.  That will make 4.  Ho-hum.  As you say – “Some days I truly do think….. ”

    Which is why we come here, to chat with all our friends who ‘understand’ exactly how we are feeling.

    Very gentle {{{{{Wayne}}}}}



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    georgie, i have a slipped disc thats pressing on the sciatic nerve so i get where your coming from.

    and this is in addition to the conditions i get wpms for , so just an added bonus.

    my specialist got the ok to give me a spinal injection and for 6 months i had no pain from it, its wearing off a bit now but i dont get the shooting pains anymore just general lumbar pain around the disc site.

    its not perfect but it is a big difference.but i have had to change the car for something easier to get in/out of.

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    I have 3 missing discs and 2 of the vertebrae have fused, the other 2 enjoy a game of “who can grind the other away fastest so the nerve damage just gradually gets worse and worse, the shooting pains are the absolute pits (not had a full night’s sleep in over 20 years) only the morphine has any affect and all that does is make you care less about the pain.

    If only there was a way to artificially allow the DWP assessors to spend a couple of days being able to feel what we feel every minute of every day, that might help them make a more honest decision.

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    Thankyou I agree the new 208 looks fab I do like the met blue

    I waited till the new mk5 renault clio came onto the scheme in nov 19 and i am very happy with it the RS LINE 130 edc 7 speed is very quick i leave it in sport mode all the time auto express names it there best small car i would have considered the peugeot 208 gt line but the boot is smaller so my 40kg hoist might not have been able to fit and also the standard equipment is better in the clio.

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    I still get excited looking at the new quarter prices although being on the scheme since 2001 on and off  i’m like a kid in a candy shop i  thought i had an addiction to new cars but its a hobby i like.

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    So  i am not  alone.  Only  one of the worst.

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    So i am not alone. Only one of the worst.

    No its so addictive lol, but very good to have the scheme though.

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    BionicRusty – Sorry, I got interrupted and just realised I didn’t finish reading your message. Sorry. Yup, pain sucks. It really does. There’s no other way to describe it. It SUCKS. Last year my back slipped and then my right sciatic nerve decided to get involved as well………Very gentle {{{{{Wayne}}}}}

    Thank you so much Georgie. Yesterday was a bad day in all respects. I really feel it for you. It’s not fair is it? I always knew I’d break fully but was adamant I’d get to retirement and be proud of that. I’ve not managed it. I’m a little over ten years away and the panic, stress, guilt, etc, added to my condition along with it’s pain  is difficult to deal with to say the least.

    Thank you for your kind words. 😘

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Glad you’re feeling (at least) a bit better today, BR.  We just have to Keep on rolling, however we may – right?


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    Well you only have to look at a recent post of mine to know you can count me in as well!

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    Ive always been a petrol head and used to spend months hunting for the right vehicle, I used to be in good enough health to test drive any car I wanted any distance, sadly nothing is that easy anymore planning anything is pointless as a lot of the time i can’t even sit in my chair. The pain and the guilt and the feelings of not knowing what tomorrow or the future holds is tough to deal with but for the sake of my family I keep going.
    A good sense of humour is a must or you’ll go stir crazy.
    My spine and SI joints are fully fused, as is my sternum and ribs so breathing  is difficult, my joints have constant inflammation. I have stenosis in my lumber spine and my thoracic spine is curved at 97 degrees and the top two vertebrae in my cervical spine have deformed so my head has dropped to one side. I’ve had this degenerative condition over 40 years now.
    Then I find a few years back I have a heart condition as well to deal with as a side effect of all of this, to say I rattle with medication is an understatement.
    So now when I consider a new car it has to be right for me and right for my daughters who do the majority of the driving.
    I have thought many times about returning my car as driving just isn’t enjoyable for me, but then I’d be even more stuck within my house as it’s not possible for me to even be a passenger in a vehicle that’s not big enough or comfortable even for a short journey.

    I keep every copy of evo magazine and live reading the old road tests and still keep a bucket list of cars I’d still love to put in my garage. No 1 being a McLaren  f1.

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    Oh, what a sorry bunch we are. 🙂

    The weather isn’t helping, of course.  Flippin’ rain.  I can’t wait for the weather to improve.  I think we could all do with a couple of dry days and a healthy dose of Sunshine.

    Until then, I suggest we all go and Google something funny.  Billy Connolly’s Bus Story always works for me.



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    Canny beat The Big Yin

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    Hey guys!

    I’ve been lurking for the last few weeks and finally decided to register.

    I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one who checks the Motability website on a near weekly basis! It’s quite addictive but I enjoy viewing the new cars added and their APs.

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    Welcome to the forum Aygo.

    I have to ask… how did you manage to write off your C-HR (same engine/trim as mine) if you don’t mind my asking? I’m intrigued!

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    I agree with the pain aspect but I don’t do guilt, I think I must have skipped that gene, my mate sent me a card that he had modified to suit, it read.

    Everybody just wants to be liked and accepted.

    Except for Matt.

    Matt doesn’t give a shit!

    Sums me up perfectly. 😁

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    Hi solent60,


    I parked the car on the street outside of a relative’s home, within the marked lines with no cars parked near. It’s a quiet, one way residential street. Literally, 30 minutes later, we heard a loud bang outside and rushed to the windows to find my car no longer parked in its space!

    Turned out, a 3.5T delivery truck struck the driver-side rear-quarters and pushed the CH-R (lovingly referred to as the ‘Spaceship’ due to its design) a good 10 feet forward with the rear wheel pushed into the rear cabin (rear door couldn’t open).

    I was quite surprised to find car had crinkled so much but the driver, who escaped unharmed and was in a state of shock, admitted that he wasn’t paying attention and was speeding, doing around 40mph.

    After swapping details, I informed Motability of the accident and they were more than accommodating. A few weeks later, we were surprised to find a £250 “good condition” cheque from them and a goodwill gesture, partially refunding the initial AP. The car was 6 weeks old at the time with 5k on the clock.

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    Ouch! That sucks Aygo. It’s a good job you weren’t sat in the car at the time!

    My last Motability car was written off just over 2-years ago – the one and only accident I’ve had in 40-plus years of driving. A big, nasty Volvo XC90 decided to pull out of a side road in front of my Mini Cooper with an impact speed of 38 mph. The Mini was written off and the QA hospital in Portsmouth patched up a couple of cuts & did x-rays/carried out tests before letting me go home several hours later.

    My Mini was 15-months old – but the old fella driving the Volvo had only picked it up 4-days earlier – brand new. Not sure what the total insurance bill would have been but it must have run into thousands & thousands of pounds.

    Motability were terrific by the way. They sorted me a brand new Mercedes C-class to run around in until I had chosen another car on the scheme (my curent C-HR).

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    Vinal don’t get me wrong I couldn’t give a shite what anyone thinks about me or the way I now am or look I’ve had this long enough.
    But I had been caring for my wife and 2 of my grandkids.
    so now asking for help myself is a guilt trip. My generation was expected to just suck it in and  get on with it.

    Anyway I’m really looking forward to our £2 a week rise  in pip in April just think of all the great things we can spend it on. 🤔 lol

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    If I’d have known it was going to be so much I might have splashed out on some new socks!

    I see your point about asking for help but the way I see it is if they love you they will help anyway and don’t trip about it as I’m sure they know if the shoe was on the other foot you’d be saying they would never have to ask let alone feel guilty, also I’m as thick skinned as a Rhino and my short term memory basically doesn’t exist so I have already forgotten about feeling guilty before I’ve left the room. (it comes in handy when I’m still sat on the sofa instead of doing a chore) 🤫😁

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    Ha ha yeah my memory is the same down to my lovely meds and my special pain numbing edibles.

    Ive spent years saying I’m fine just because I can’t be arsed to explain why I’m not. Then I end up believing it myself.

    we have to be thick skinned or we’d all be hiding under the bed. lol

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    Lee Edwards

    I haven’t had mine a year and want a new one but I have always went through cars quickly

    Plus being limited to what I cant have kills me I have always had hot hatches or big performance cars


    A 2.0tdi cross over thing just isn’t me lol
    <p style=”text-align: right;”></p>

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