If Subaru could be tempted back…

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      Sadly after a recent enquiry to Subaru, they still tell me that they have no plans to rejoin the scheme.

      I think thats a great shame personally as the new Forester looks great with big improvements to the interior, and having dropped diesel engines will offer a petrol self charging ‘e-boxer’ hybrid.

      So am I alone in being drawn to unique cars, or here’s the question, would you have an interest in a Subaru if Motability could tempt them back to the scheme?

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          as far as suburu are concerned personally no. however i do veer towards the less mainstream in that a pick up type vehicle would appeal or an easy to get in cabrio. i am on my own but now have a back problem so dont need 4 seats but could do with a higher seat. if the suzuki jimny came on the scheme or a swb landrover type vehicle i would be there in a heartbeat.

          in the states and canada these vehicles are all over yet here they are purely classed as commercial vehicles bonkers.

          some of the vw e vehicle concepts i like the one thats like a dune buggy or the camper van pity they wont get under the cap. i reckon a camper van would do great on the scheme.


            Got to admit, i didn’t think the Subaru fan club would be such a cold and lonely place guys.

            Still it is a bit of a niche brand, and whilst sales in the US are apparently very healthy, I think its a different case altogether here in the UK.


              So I decided to pop in to my local Subaru dealership. I wanted to satisfy my curiousity on the XV. Very nice interior but on the whole, it has a compact boot and the look of the car doesn’t quite float my boat.

              Did have a good chat with the sales guy though to pick his brain on the new Forester eboxer hybrid coming shortly.

              Bad news is the price of the XE Premium lineartronic (cvt) is a shade over £36k, so i’m guessing that even if Subaru wanted to rejoin the scheme, the premium spec would likely be a problem. I remember last time they were on only the XE spec was available not the Premium.

              Shame that. We’ll just have to see if anything changes in time eh?


                Although based on the outgoing model, a great reminder of Subaru’s all wheel drive capability. The incoming Forester will be no less capable for sure…

                Which Mobility Car

                  I’m a Subaru fan, I love the boxer engine and their build quality is astounding. They do make themselves a little niche though. Take the Levorg –  smallish estate, petrol only and a CVT gearbox.

                  Little room for niche or innovation it seems, bring back the rotary engined Toyota i say.

                  Subaru and the Scheme – It is a shame but as they only manufacture in Japan and the US, the import deal struck with the EU – we are going to miss out on going forward and it seems that Subaru just cannot or will not offer the discount required to join the Scheme.



                    Subaru uk got a new MD last year in the form of Chris Graham. After doing an amount of reading it seems that he is a very positive upwards looking kind of fella, and was very definitely setting out to increase their uk sales figures. They appear to have a stronger relationship with the manufacturer now with guarateed production as opposed to order reactive production so availability has improved. They also seem to have done some positive work on improving relations with the dealer network.

                    I recall viewing a Forester at Mangoletsi in Knutsford a few years back, now they longer seem to be a Subaru dealer, so Chris appears to have recognised that damaging trend and made real improvements to not only stop the leaks but begin to bring new dealerships on board also.
                    The re-addition of Subaru to the scheme would certainly give us a wider choice, and I for one would have a great interest in the Forester. Bringing them back on board would also broaden the self charging hybrid technology options, and that surely has to appeal to Motability too?

                    My hesitation some years back on fuel consumption in the petrol variant, would now be put to rest by both the new hybrid technology, and a reduction in our annual mileage to around 5k
                    The Subaru’s won’t appeal to everyone of course so whilst I feel the scheme could help their UK sales, and improve our choice, it would still remain a niche product, and so retain some of its exclusivity.


                      Love this …


                        Well having asked Subaru directly I now understand why they are not currently on the scheme, and it actually isn’t because they don’t want to be.

                        Apparently for a manufacturer to be able to join the scheme, they must have a car in their range with an OTR price of less than £24000, and they don’t. I’m guessing that rule was introduced after they were last on.
                        <p style=”text-align: left;”>So until Motability raise or remove this rule, then that is the barrier to them joining.</p>
                        Thats a real shame, as they have a great offering.


                          Would you belive that the Subaru UK website advises that the entry level Impreza is £24,325 on the road. Yes, just £325 over the threshold. That just seems to make no sense ???


                            Ok, so after Subaru shedding some light on why they are not currently on the scheme, I was moved to write to Motability, i.e. from the customer’s perspective.

                            I took Subaru’s response to mean that from all of the cars that they offer in their range, i.e. not just the Forester, then at least one of them i.e. their entry level Impreza, needs to be priced at below the £24000 threshold in order for Subaru to be able to join the scheme, assuming that each particular vehicle and specification that they want offer would then be negotiated with Motability to determine Advance Payment figures. Knowing that the Impreza starts at £24325 on the road, it ‘at least appeared’ to be very harsh that just £325 was preventing Subaru from joining the scheme.

                            I received a call from one of the motability staff who advised that she had spoken to one of her pricing colleagues to clarify scheme entry requirements. She explained that the threshold of £24000 is applicable to each particular vehicle as opposed to the entry level vehicle in their range i.e. her explanation set out that for Subaru to join and offer the Forester for example, then there would need to be an entry level specification of Forester that sits below £24000 on the road.

                            That then seemed to make sense to me, and given that even the base XE spec of Forester will be a good bit more than £24000 I could then understand why there was a scheme entry barrier for the Foester.

                            However that then got me thinking about how other manufacturers offer particular cars. To explain where I’m coming from take these examples –

                            i) Mazda currently offer the CX5 Sport Nav+ Diesel 4wd Auto on the scheme, yet their published price list has the entry level CX5 SE-L 2wd Manual at £25,600.00 OTR i.e. £1600 above the £24000 threshold

                            ii) Volkswagon currently offer the Tiguan R Line 2wd Diesel Auto on the scheme, yet their published price list has the entry level Tiguan S 2wd manual at £25,350.00 OTR i.e. £1350 above the £24000 threshold

                            So even over just those two examples (and there will be more) I’m struggling to make sense of Motability’s explanation.

                            Can anyone shed any light on this as the more I dig into, it just seems to make less sense, not more.


                            Cheers, Mac


                              Plenty more examples,

                              Peugeot Traveller from £33,935.00

                              Peugeot 5008 from £29,165.00

                              Peugeot 508 from £25,560

                              Peugeot 508SW from £27,160.00

                              Honda CRV from £26,310.00

                              Mercedes B Class from £25,460.00

                              Mercedes C Class from £29,040.00

                              Mercedes C Class Estate from £32,130.00

                              I could go on and on but it seems to me that they are telling porkies as far as Subaru are concerned.


                                It can’t be that there is a desire not to have them on as a ‘Premium’ brand. Theres plenty of Audi, BMW, and Mercs already on. Plus I would describe them more as a ‘niche’ brand than premium.

                                Tomas (Tomas)

                                  It could be that Motability don’t want them back as usually the depreciation on Subaru cars is massive over 3 years.


                                    Autotrader tells us that average depreciation over 3 years is 35%.

                                    I punched ‘Subaru depreciation’ into the interweb and it tells me that on average Subaru cars depreciate by 30% over 3 years from new.

                                    I punched the same query in on Hyundai, as that is what we currently run, and it tells me that Hyundai cars depreciate by an average of 45% over 3 years from new.

                                    If the interweb is to be believed that doesn’t say poor depreciation on Subarus. It suggests their depreciation is better than average.

                                    So if that is the case, wouldn’t they be an assett to the motability fleet from a financial perspective?


                                      The brand also appears to be picking up recognition for the safety of their vehicles :


                                      No doubt their Eyesight tech is playing a big part in that.


                                        So my local Subaru dealer has had a pre-production Forester eboxer for a couple days. It would have been rude not to at least go and have a look. Very interesting car, and fits the very individual needs of me and mrs mac size and accessibility wise very well.

                                        I would definitely be interested in a more thorough look at the car and to get it out on the road should it ever make it back on the scheme.

                                        Just have to patiently see how that plays out but its not for the want of Subaru trying.


                                          Very much like the car in silver ….



                                            Hi all, so I’ve maintained a dialogue with Subaru’s current and previous MD’s on the topic of Subaru possibly returning to the Motability scheme. No progress as yet, and the current supply chain issues impacting production have kinda pushed it to the back burner somewhat.

                                            That said, positive communication can only help.

                                            I’m thinking their Forester and Outback with permanent all wheel drive, self charging hybrid engines, and great load capacities could be really useful additions. Maybe even their XV.

                                            If you’ve any interest in seeing them rejoin the scheme, then perhaps it will go some small way to communicate that interest directly to Subaru via the messaging tool on their Facebook page :



                                              2022 Subaru Forester :



                                              2022 Subaru Outback :



                                              2022 Subaru XV :



                                                While I do like Subaru as a brand and their products certainly appeal to me, they could be leaving the UK market altogether as I remember reading that in 2021, they had a market share of 0.07%.

                                                Motability cars:

                                                2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
                                                2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
                                                2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport
                                                2023 Nissan Qashqai e-Power N-Connecta

                                                Which Mobility Car

                                                  All their cars are made in Japan and there were issues over importation costs. I don’t know if that has been solved, but I suspect it’s still in limbo.


                                                    A lot of positive changes were made to improve the Subaru supply process. The production issues that are impacting all manufacturers now however are impacting them in the same way.

                                                    It is a niche brand for sure, and even a used search on autotrader or similar reveals just how narrow the supply is in the UK.

                                                    They dropped their diesels, and due to emissions restrictions, its not now worth their while importing the performance turbo models.

                                                    The new Forester STI is being produced for the Japanese market only.

                                                    I think the vehicles have a lot to offer safety wise. Yes, there is a quirkiness, but I also like that there aren’t too many around.

                                                    I would welcome their return to the scheme.


                                                      Stunning ….



                                                      Come on Motability, sort it out ?


                                                        With an updated Subaru XV due for release in 2 weeks, the renderers have been busy trying to figure out from the spy shots how it will look.

                                                        If this is anywhere near accurate it could look pretty tasty ….

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