If Subaru could be tempted back…

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      Sadly after a recent enquiry to Subaru, they still tell me that they have no plans to rejoin the scheme.

      I think thats a great shame personally as the new Forester looks great with big improvements to the interior, and having dropped diesel engines will offer a petrol self charging ‘e-boxer’ hybrid.

      So am I alone in being drawn to unique cars, or here’s the question, would you have an interest in a Subaru if Motability could tempt them back to the scheme?

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        I wouldn’t call any of the Subaru’s I’ve been in as premium.


          I would just appreciate having the choice of Subaru as an option, because for our chariot of choice, an SUV, they have an excellent offering. Its not like they’ve never been on the scheme, I’dsimy like to see a relaxation of the scheme entry requirements to widen the brand capture.

          I’ve looked at Mercedes before now and was unimpressed. I’ve looked at a BMW X1 and was disappointed that such a ‘premium’ brand doesn’t put seatbelt adjusters in it.

          I did look at an Audi Q3 and was impressed with the quality, but it was simply too small so a non starter for us.

          Ultimately I guess we all have two types of car …  the type we like and the type we don’t, different for everyone.



            Had an interesting message exchange with Subaru this morning. It would seem that they and Motability are at least talking.

            Time will tell if they can get themselves in the same groove, but I’m watching this space on it for sure.


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              I’d certainly be up for a boxer, especially now that we’ve had to let our VW T25 camper go?.

              On another note I’d also love to see Japanese Kai class cars for sale in UK and on the scheme!


                Kai class Subaru?



                  I thought I’d seen the Ora Funky Cat before somewhere ?


                    Maybe, just maybe one step closer to being able to check out the AWD Forester …


                      If they brought the 2022 WRX sti back to the UK and it happened to join the scheme, I would have one like shot – if only to bring back memories my younger days ?


                        Kipling wrote a poem called If….


                          Kipling wrote a poem called If….



                            And his cherry bakewells were exceedingly good too ?


                              At one place my company car choice included a WRX and an Impreza amongst some other completely ridiculous options.  You do have wonder with a service interval of 3,700 miles just how much time you spend driving an Impreza on business or how long your licence would last.


                                2.5 monster. You don’t end up in a WRX STI if you’re arsed about fuel either.


                                  As we were heading into North Wales this week it was no bother to nip into a Subaru dealer that I’m aware of, and which has a great reputation for quality service.

                                  We wanted to get up close to a Forester e-boxer after a brief glimpse a few years back. It did not disappoint.

                                  A marmite SUV to most I’m sure, but it ticked lots of boxes for us and is the perfect size, being a little bigger than our current compact XC40.

                                  We’re particularly attracted to the Subaru Eyesight and associated safety systems married to the symmetrical all wheel drive.

                                  We’re patiently waiting to see if the current discussions taking place between Subaru and Motability prove fruitful. If so, and the brand comes back on scheme, then we’ll look forward to revisiting the Forester and getting it out on those clwydian roads over the summer.

                                  Those stars may just align yet .. ?


                                    Realistically all 3 trims including the hybrid have the scope of being on the scheme, given they are all under the price cap. The base trim not to have tints is a bit of a shocker. Other than that I don’t mind the looks and prefer the interior over Volvo xc range.  I still however prefer the XT.

                                    Don’t know about stars but Jupitor, Venus and the moon are aligned if thats any help 🙂


                                      I’m a  SUV driver all day long, but I was surprised to see this take on a sports car from Subaru, I think it’s fair to say, they were never shy of being unique.

                                      Check out those seatbelts …



                                        When Subaru were last on scheme in 2014, they had the XV and Forester on.

                                        Theoretically all of the XV’s, all of the Foresters, and all of the Outbacks baring the top spec Touring could make it on if there us a will to do it.

                                        Whilst the Forester is the SUV in XE Premium spec, that holds our interest, we did take the opportunity to look over the Outback too whilst we were there. It’s a remarkable machine. Ultra comfortable, acres of room, and whilst it’s not a hybrid, having a 2.5 petrol engine, it is the first if their models to receive a dash upgrade to the central large portrait touch screen like we see in the Volvo’s. For an estate it’s certainly got ‘the sexy’ …



                                          There are changes on the way for the smaller Subaru XV too.

                                          It’s called the Crosstrek in the US, and so the model will drop the XV badging and adopt the same name here in the UK.

                                          Subaru has now released the refreshed 2024 model in the US and Canada, and I do like it. The UK market will follow in due course.

                                          It’s not for us sadly as its just a little tight for me being 6’2″, I end up polishing my head on the rooflining.

                                          Looks like this has followed in the footsteps of the Outback in receiving the dash update to the large portrait touch screen ? …



                                            The one I woukd be interested in is the Solterra,msame price as the VW I.d.5 but with 4 wheel drive.

                                            wife was at a show today and they had one there, so=he was quite impressed plus enough boot space for our two days, plus battery heater as standard compared to many as an optional extra if £1,000 plus.

                                            the car is built in same platform as the Toyotas BZ4


                                              Well, with Motability’s price cap that seems to wander about freely when an EV is in the mix, wait and see ….


                                                A great run down on the Solterra from the talented and watchable car enthusiast Paul Cowland, who just happens to be a Subaru nut too …


                                                  The biggest problem for MB will be resale values which could push the AP’s out of most people’s reach.


                                                    Not sure why Elliot. Subaru seem to have very low levels if depreciation compared to other brands.

                                                    Plenty of reading material on it on Google


                                                      The Outback that we saw this week whilst in the Subaru showroom, just happened to be in Subaru Ice Silver paintwork. It did strike me as a superb sleek looking silver.

                                                      So checking out how the Forester would look in that same colour, it’s very tidy looking, and whereas i’ve always liked the look of the Horizon Blue, the silver is one of those colours that stays looking cleaner for much longer.

                                                      Crossing our fingers for the opportunity to move it forward.

                                                      Just need that Motability / Subaru reconciliation to happen ?


                                                        Well clearly the whole Subaru discussion is still ongoing for the time being, but if we can’t consider their vehicles yet, have no fear, there’s another option …

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