How the hell are you?

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    It’s been a catastrophic 18 months and if your reading this then, fingers crossed, you’ve survived the worse. Pandemic aside most people on this forum will be suffering from other ailments and, without giving personal details, I think its good to talk about health issues.

    I am fortunate to be relatively healthy, bar I minor heart problem, but mentally this past year or so have been a bit of a struggle but thankfully I’m coming through it.

    So how the hell are you?

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    Oh, Phaedra. What can I say? Sympathies don’t really cut it. Life sucks sometimes. Social Services suck all the bloody time.

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    Well here we are, it’s about 4 weeks since we signed for the flat.

    It’s taken this long for me to paint over the walls and get a friend to paper over the chimney breast.

    Gas and electric are now sorted after the housing association gave us the wrong meter reading, only took 3 one hour phone calls, 2 emails and a rant on Twitter to SSE to get them to correct it!.

    I won’t tell you what it’s cost to fully furnish it but I’m glad I had an increase on my credit card limit and Argos did 9 months interest free on the white goods and electricals!.

    We still need a bed and a sofa, the fridge freezer, washing machine, wardrobe and other larger electrical items are coming on the 7th so we’ll have to stuff everything in the kitchen untilย  the carpets are fitted on the 13th.ย  Broadband goes in on the 14th.ย  Hopefully we’ll have a bed shortly after that and he can spend his first night in his new home.

    Thanks to all for the support ๐Ÿ™‚


    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Great job, Phaedra. Well done. Hope you get it all finished soon and the lad can enjoy his new place.

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    Your Son is a lucky lad having such a loving Dad, well done and hope it all works out for you both..


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