Have You Been In A Queue For Fuel

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    First time for me yesterday at my secluded Waitrose run Shell Fuel Station,here in Sheffield central.

    I go to this one every week at the same time as i do a shopping trip,i really did not expect to see cars waiting about 15 all in line,there was no std unleaded available just V-power,and just 3 pumps giving out Derv.

    Is this country on the verge of going t1ts up.

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    Shirley he can’t be serious?!


    don’t call me Shirley

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    Petrol boss blames hauliers for fuel crisis as station pumps run dry after weekend of panic buying



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    Petrol boss blames hauliers for fuel crisis as station pumps run dry after weekend of panic buying https://inews.co.uk/news/petrol-fuel-crisis-hgv-shortage-hauliers-station-pumps-dry-panic-buying-weekend-1219782?

    i blame BO for putting out the original press release to say they had a minor problem. This just made the BBC etc jump on it and that caused the issue

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    Mike 700

    There is a shortage of HGV. Drivers, and there is no doubt about it not just in the UK, but all over Europe as well, so, if our Government is to get a kicking , then so must the other European governments, and I am not talking Party Politics .

    HGV drivers cannot drive a tanker without additional qualifications- Tanker drivers have an (PDP) ADR qualification as well as a HGV licence, without which, they could not drive petrol tanker lorries.

    The UK had ADR drivers last week.

    NOTHING repeat NOTHING changed much in a week.

    Maybe some holiday or some sickness but not, I doubt a dramatic change.

    The ADR drivers that were driving last week are still driving this week delivering fuel-So nothing has changed.

    The petrol panic we are now experiencing is all down to media hype, and of course the Labour Conference!

    Further, It’s not because of brexit because all the EU drivers went back to Europe.

    These EU HGV driver’s, left months ago, and yet the country was still getting fuel without problems up until this week!

    So what’s changed? Nothing !!

    Apart from the disgraceful media hype and scaremongering to make anti Brexit anti Government news, to coincide with the conference – no not paranoia, just simple facts!

    They simply sensationalised the fact that a couple of petrol stations were getting a late delivery so had to close !

    The Result of the media scaremongering, is Massive panic and chaos ,which is now causing a shortage of fuel at the filling stations, that is, until the ADR drivers, that we already had delivering fuel a few days ago, can deliver again.

    The media should be ashamed!

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    The media does what the media does. If it wasn’t fed the information, it couldn’t have gone all out Tonto with it

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    Mike 700

    I agree, that they do , eagerly some times, go with what they are fed.

    However, they have a responsibility to check their facts, before ‘ grabbing a story with both hands’ and publishing, but of course they each have their own agenda!


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    Came back of holiday yesterday towing our caravan in Hampshire they have hiked the prices to around £1.49 a litre for petrol, luckily we filled up a few days earlier.

    On the way home I thought I would try the petrol station up the road from us filled up with just over 25 litres unfortunately they only had super unleaded, 10 minutes later they shut up shop.

    I read in the press the Guardian has highlighted the second largest oil refinery may closed down due to none payment on taxes it is a foreign company owned by two billionaire brothers . Plus another article drivers are finding the new E10 not very fuel efficient compared to the E5 personally I have noticed any difference whatsoever towing using E10

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    I almost had to queue last week, 2 cars were at the bank of 4 rapid chargers in Forfar & I was told that three of the chargers were allegedly out out of order. Worse still, my car was in turtle of doom mode with 4% left, so I couldn’t really go elsewhere.

    Thankfully trying a “broken” charger a couple of times had me filling up with free electrons & I put 225 miles worth in. Whew!

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    I foolishly decided not to put in our normal weekly amount last weekend (due to potentially picking up our new X1….which didn’t happen…)  and I didn’t pay as much attention during the week to events (given I take the train into work daily).   Come Friday when I figured it was getting to 60 miles left in the tank, all forecourts in the area were dry from diesel.  I managed to find one station selling petrol.

    Got up early on Saturday  to walk to some of the fuel stations and none had been replenished.  One station had no idea when they might get deliveries, whilst the other expected some 24hours previous.   It was only on Sunday that I managed to find a station 10 miles down the road and only allowing no more than £20 for each driver.   That didn’t stop the person in front of me sticking £60 in….. Oddly my pump stopped running just before £20   so I reckon some folk were not releasing the handle thus taking more than the £20.   It simply shows the nature of people as to why we are in this mess…

    Still in slightly better news our X1 has been built and its on its way…now if they can find a spare HGV driver for when the boat docks…. 🙂




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