Have You Been In A Queue For Fuel

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    First time for me yesterday at my secluded Waitrose run Shell Fuel Station,here in Sheffield central.

    I go to this one every week at the same time as i do a shopping trip,i really did not expect to see cars waiting about 15 all in line,there was no std unleaded available just V-power,and just 3 pumps giving out Derv.

    Is this country on the verge of going t1ts up.

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    I abandoned a long trip yesterday (family visit) because I would have needed petrol and saw the stupidity of queues at local petrol stations.  Having a PHEV and living in a town we can manage fine until the country recovers. Will lessons be learnt?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Long queues everywhere it seems, it will settle once everyone has a full tank. Keep calm everyone.


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    where i live no ques at all they have how ever put a limit on bying fuel only £30 a go so went to diffrent garages and i filled up

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    Except many petrol stations now have empty tanks. You know what happens when underground storage tanks get to be empty? A new delivery stirs up the water in the bottom of the tank. So expect problems with contaminated fuel over the next few weeks and don’t buy fuel if there’s a tanker on the forecourt..

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    steve phillips

    Got a new Corolla two weeks ago,filled it up and still got over 400 miles left in the tank.
    Thank god for hybrids.

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    Nipped to the Petrol Station yesterday and the queues were basically normal, plenty of unleaded and diesel, however, friends in London say its a nightmare there.

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    No queues but very little fuel, plenty diesel but almost no unleaded.

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    Menorca Mike

    Got a new Corolla two weeks ago,filled it up and still got over 400 miles left in the tank. Thank god for hybrids.

    Got a new Corolla two weeks ago,filled it up and still got over 400 miles left in the tank. Thank god for hybrids.

    yes same here with my new CHR

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Mostly the cheaper supermarket outlets with the queues here but OK at the more expensive main stream stations.

    I say more expensive as the price gap between cheap supermarket and other station has narrowed the past year or so and even though supermarkets are a tiny bit cheaper there’s no problem for me to drive 5 miles out of town to a station and pay £3 a tank full more but no queuing so guess that’s what I’m doing in a couple of weeks time when I’m at a 25% of a tank but with my diesel turning 470 miles to the tank I only need a fuel stop once a month now where winding down into the cold dark nights.

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    But the question is to you guys that filled up, did you need to?

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    I doubt anybody needs to, Elliot.

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    Bobby brown

    Yes you do need to fill up otherwise you risk running out of fuel

    No good having the moral highground with an empty tank and no knowledge of when you can get more fuel

    The government had more than 2 years to get prepared

    So its not Brexit its bad planning

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    Went to fill up on my way hone yesterday but the queues were too long.
    Thought it was funny that it takes longer to fill a car up with petrol than it does to charge an EV these days

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    Quite a few queues at forecourts yesterday and this morning in rural Shropshire. I couldn’t believe it.

    I bet the folks with BEVs have big smiles on their faces, and I don’t blame them.😁

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    Our tesco carpark exits into a roundabout – first exit leads you out of the “complex”, second exit takes you to the petrol station (and the third further into the complex to Lidl, McD etc). Because everyone seems to have shut their brains off when they heard “petrol” and “out” in the same sentence, of course everyone was queuing for petrol – through the outside lane of the roundabout, ensuring that people who aren’t as stupid (and yes, there’s no other way to describe it) sit in the same queue to get to the first exit/leave. Hundreds of cars, and only two pumps of eight going (for the following reason). Doesn’t help that road planners seem to have sniffed glue too, since the cars coming OUT of the petrol station can only go back into the blocked roundabout and have to cross it past the petrol station exit (or round it) to get away, hence they only let two cars in to prevent them queuing at the station exit back into the pumps.

    No, we didn’t queue for petrol, but it took us almost an hour to get off the parking lot and through to the first exit of the roundabout (around 300m).

    Safe to say i wasn’t impressed. To put mildly.

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    So its not Brexit its bad planning

    This is just such dishonest nonsense.

    Of course it’s Brexit. We ensured that european hauliers make a big detour around us, while kicking “our” staff out of the country – and made sure they can’t return by vetoing to add HGV Drivers to the skilled visa application.

    This isn’t a job where you just put out an application and people swarm you for that job, i know that i couldn’t be an HGV Driver, for multiple reasons. Everyone has seen a 40t lorry struggle at one point or another, i wouldn’t want to be the guy blocking a roundabout for half an hour being stuck.

    This isn’t “bad planning”, it’s a direct result of one of the main promises of Brexit.

    The prime minister and his cabinet have publicly played down the extent of the problem. A senior government source said some ministers appeared keen to avoid the perception that Brexit was to blame, and were therefore reluctant to relax immigration rules.

    “They” know who/what’s to blame. I don’t understand how people can talk themselves into believing it’s anything but. This is a direct result of Brexit (in fact, as mentioned, it was one of the main promises, and we knew this beforehand and were told that “brits” will fill the gaps). At some point people need to accept that.

    I’ll freely admit that if it were just me, i’d have not left the EU – but we did, i accept the result, at some point Brexiters need to accept that they have to take responsibility for what’s happening now rather than making up excuses like “covid” (which is absolute bollocks, no other country currently faces mile long queues at the petrol station and empty shelves in the supermarket – we drove to fricking two tescos and one asdas yesterday to FIND mineral water).

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    Bobby brown

    Over 2 years to plan for this


    Did they plan

    No they didn’t otherwise this would not be happening


    So bad planning

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    Have You Been In A Queue For Fuel

    Yes, I had to queue behind my sister-in-law a couple of minutes ago!

    Mind you, it was at our farm’s Derv pump so I didn’t have to wait too long (we have a 5,000 litre tank of ‘white’ diesel and pay the farming business for what we use privately).

    Much quicker and easier than queuing at the fuel station down in Reeth or over at Hawes and cheaper too.


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    Can the shortage of hgv drivers in Germany and Poland possibly be because of Brexit?

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    Filled up Thursday, but only because the car was at the point of asking if we wanted directions to the nearest fuel station! Did put an extra £10 worth in so it’s just over half full, will last probably 3 weeks, there was no queue then but it’s been a bit manic since, only a small town.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Can the shortage of hgv drivers in Germany and Poland possibly be because of Brexit?

    Presumably their shortage is because of Covid, where no one was able to sit a test, the same in America. BUT, with the average UK HGV driver being over 50 and it being so expensive to train here, everyone in the industry knew there was a problem looming pre Brexit and pre Covid. I think in political speak it’s called a ‘perfect storm’

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    to say its the fault of brexit alone is nonsense. its been coming for 5 or 6 years haulage firms have been scraping around for drivers as they wanted to keep wages low, because of covid/brexit/ir35. many european drivers decided to go home to family and havent/arent able to return. many who werent paying uk tax were being stung by the ir35 changes.

    the haulage industry have known for years there was a shortfall in drivers getting their licenses and drivers retiring etc. thats why companies like stobart spent a fortune trying to attract ex military drivers when the forces were reducing.

    but of course the fact its been brewing for years doesnt suit some peoples political bias.

    theres plenty of blame to go around, lack of planning and refusal to pay the decent wage by hauliers,getting caught out when their cheap roumanians etc had to go home. govt not thinking through the effects of ir35 and that with covid people want to be with family.i know of many poles who had settled status here so could have stayed but with covid they went home to help parents/grandparents. govt again over complicating and not enabling testing and training to be done through covid.

    so now at least the hauliers etc are being forced to pay decent wages etc.

    not every problem is a result of brexit.

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    Govt needs to have words with news outlets printing such shite that started it all.. a few garages closed due to low supply and they make it sound like there will be no fuel in a week.. WELL THERE AINT NOW!!  these scaremongers did same with food and bog roll. they need to be sorted out.

    rant over lol

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    Struth rant or no rant what you say is true, as far as the media’s concerned they have no responsibility they sensationalise everything no matter the cost.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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