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    Received my X1 on Friday the car has a lot more added to it but also things have been removed CD player has now gone 2 12volt sockets are know longer there and l don’t know whether it’s my imagination but the rear seats seem a lot smaller than in my previous X1 also l have noticed on the government website that emissions number has risen from 141 grams to 161grams with the same engine as l had before.

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    Glos Guy

    John We had a test drive in an Msport X1 (no xline available to test) and liked the sports seats (the test had the alcantara option) . My wife commented that they supported her back better. I found they held me in firmly as I threw the car around corners ;-)….all in the name of testing! Both my wife and I are not that tall/big so the seats are a good fit. If they are anything like my dad’s 330e seats then we can’t wait for the car.

    Same experience as you AlanBang (see above). Sorry to disappoint you, but the Sport Seats in the X1 are not the same as the Sport Seats in the new 3 Series. Those in the 3 series are bigger, less hard and far more comfortable than those in the X1.

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    I can live with that….certainly better than our Smax seats!



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    I had the sports seats in my previous X1 l did find them a bit hard. My present X1 has standard seats which l prefer. They have done something to the rear seats on this latest X1 l don’t recall having a large space underneath the seat. I did read somewhere that it has to do with making provision for the batteries on the hybrid version.

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    It’s obviously a very individual thing when it comes to seats. All I can say is that we have had a 2 series Gran Tourer with Sports seats for the past 3 years. Initially they may seem a little firm but after many long journeys  I can safely say that I have found them supremely comfortable and supportive, even after an 11 hour journey to the Isle of Skye. 10/10 for us.

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    I would agree with Richard, I have sport seat in my X2 and while initially firm, they mellow with use.

    I am a big guy (FAT)  and I find them very comfortable.

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