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    Ordered a bmw gran coupe 3 weeks ago. Chose the privacy glass option. Motability are asking the dealership why it’s necessary for it.  What’s other people’s experience with adding privacy glass/ black windows?

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    Fitted as a manufacturer’s option it shouldn’t cause any issues, aftermarket fitting another kettle of fish altogether.

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    72 dudes

    Yes but what Brad is saying, it looks as though Motability are questioning the factory fit option.

    Not sure why it’s anything to do with them. Nobody questioned our choice of options which were rear view camera and winter pack.

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    Quite agree, never heard of factory fitted options being queried, presumably this is a no cost option or at the clients expense ?

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    Paid £300 for the windows and they wanted to know if it’s necessary and wanted to know if it’s a medical reason for the tinted windows

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    Ok understood, the only thing I can think of, if it’s required for medical reasons, is that a grant might be applicable, otherwise I don’t see reason for their involvement

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    The medical stuff you keep in the back seat is expensive and you don’t want people seeing it.

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    Brad, is your AP being paid by a grant? that’s the only reason I can see that Motability should ask the question, otherwise its really got nothing do do with them.

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    Hi, Could it be more of a sales problem when you hand it back in, maybe other people would not want black rear windows, so as motability own the car and not any one of us, yes they have a vested interest in the car, cheers Michael

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    If you paid the AP yourself and not by a Grant i dont see the problem. Some of us need tinted windows to keep prying eyes out what we have in the back.

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    @Michael I’d say it would have the opposite effect and make the car more desirable to the aftermarket. As would most option we pay for and add to motability cars.

    It’s almost like someone at motability isn’t aware of there own policy and is questioning the option. Unless as Gary states it’s been paid for with a grant then you’d presume you wouldn’t be able to fund options yourself.

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    The Motability position is that you need ‘their’ permission to add optional extras to ‘their’ car.

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    This is what motability say. It seems to be the understanding of factory fitted optional extras allowed and after market accessories need permission. It keeps cropping up a lot at the moment.

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    Mike Cooper

    I don’t understand it,there are plenty of cars with tinted rear windows as standard on the scheme.

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    Also, in addition to my previous post; if they are not authorised then they’re not insured.

    Non-standard equipment or modifications.
    This means any optional extras, audio or other equipment fitted to the car, which are not essential to enable you to use the vehicle. If you have fitted essential equipment without agreement from us or and RSAM, this will not be covered.

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    Just wonder if Brad made any comments about the privacy glass to the dealer while ordering the car?

    I know it should not matter but it brings to mind when I ordered my third Motability car in 2014 and mentioned to the dealer that my license has a code on it for adapted brakes even though I’ve never had any braking adaption added to my previous two cars.

    The adaption in mind is a button/lever that helps press the hand-brake button on the lever but after trying it with my first car it was agreed between me and the dealer of my first car I did not need that adaption as I have a strong right-hand.

    Pointed this out to Motability then and on my second car but said nothing on my third except to the dealer that it was agreed in the past it wasn’t needed.

    Anyway about whispers to dealer out of the blue a week after I ordered the car I had a three way conference call between myself, Motability and DVLA and to this day I’m not sure what the call was about other than the handbrake adaption but when I asked if that’s what is about they just said it was general call but never had that before or since.

    Careless whispers.😁

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    72 dudes


    No, that’s after market accessories referred to there, not factory fit options which are paid for at the time of the order.

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    I’m shocking the bmw gran coupe doesn’t come with standard privacy glass.

    Personally I wouldn’t pay £300 to have it fitted on a lease car.

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    Lord Muc


    Yup i agree with you, i dont normally add anything to a lease car, but I had a private quote of £200 plus vat. So the £300, as factory fit wasn’t too bad, it swallows up a bit of the discount, but for a £1000 AP. It’s just about ok.

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    Another aspect then..

    The Motabilty car needs to meet the requirements of the disabled person.
    Let’s consider a ‘basic’ car to which you wish to add LED headlights, a panoramic roof, leather upholstery, special paint, larger alloys, and a few other items. Maybe these extras could add up to £8,000 (for example).

    1.  Are these extras necessary to meet the needs of the disabled person, for whom the car is considered appropriate – and signed for as being so?

    2.  Although paid for by the disabled person, why should RSAM insure the extras at no further cost if they are not essential to benefit the disabled person?


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    +Have had two Skoda Superbs on the scheme. Both came with tinted rear windows as part of AP, at least, I think they did because I certainly didn’t pay extra for them. No questions from Motability on subject.

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    When I have insured a car I have never been asked what factory fitted options are on the car. MB can only benefit from options fitted as they make the car more desirable when selling on and at no cost to them.

    When choosing a car you have a set of basic requirements that have to be met. Once this criteria is fulfilled it is a case of what your personal budget will allow to include any additional luxuries. We pay a lot for these cars and need to be happy and comfortable for the 3 years we have use of them.

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    As stated by Ianfca, “…it is a case of what your personal budget will allow to include any additional luxuries.”

    True, but if they’re not authorised then they’re not insured.

    On a total loss claim, Motability will replace the vehicle on a like-for-like basis, including authorised extras. If they’re not authorised, they will only replace the vehicle as per the (current equivalent) standard specification vehicle – as is the case for a ‘normal’ PCH contract.

    You cannot expect a third-party insurer, in this case RSAM, to insure unauthorised equipment at zero cost.

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    The thing is it’s not quite the same for us because if a car is written off we are then free to choose any car any make as long as it’s on the scheme.
    we don’t have to wait for a direct replacement with basic spec.

    Even If we just decided to change cars because of our needs changing we wouldn’t get the cost of any extras back anyway.

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    Lord muc

    factory tinted glass is way better then stick on tints anyway.
    Stick on tints can be scratched or damaged if not careful with it.

    we’ve been lucky in the past as in the vehicle we chose came with all the kit we’d need and more as standard.

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    Factory Tints, no extra cost.

    Factory Tints, no extra cost.

    As for insurance not paying out for extras that were not authorised, if your car is written off you only get back a percentage of the AP Pro Rata and never anything for the extras on the car so RSAM not insuring the extras doesn’t come in to it at all.

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