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    hi i am new to this so here i go. I am disabled and have a son of 22 and a son of 20 who are disabled one is quite severe. I also have a daughter of 19 and 17.  i am a single mum who is in need for advice please. I have had a nissan elgrand for many years which is an import but before xmas a young person wrote my fantastic mpv off while it was parked outside my home. Now i am having to look at going through the mobility scheme to get a car suitable for us. I need at least 7/8 seats not a low down car as getting in and out is a problem and space for 2 wheelchairs. I wish that this scheme did the nissan elgrand as it is fab but when i spoke with nissan they said no. Could anyone tell me please if the scheme will allow me to have a second hand nissan elgrand or not and any suggestions on what i should look at thank you

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    why dont you use some of your motability money  to buy  the car you want on finace there are loads on autotrader

    Nissan Elgrand 3.0 4dr

    2000 (W reg)
    25,000 miles



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    You can get a 7 seat ssangyong Turismo on motability but that is the biggest you can get with an advance payment under £3000 (I think). It has 7 full size seats and a big boot. Other than that, I suppose you go on to the WAV vehicles over 5 years instaed of 3 but most have huge advance payments. SSangyong dealers are thin on the grand but it might be worth googling your nearest and having a look if you can male do with 7 seats.

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    Deborah, both the Citroen SpaceTourer and the Peugeot Traveller are on the scheme this quarter. They are both eight seaters and you have to pay a hefty £2999 advance payment for either of them. £2999 is for a manual in both cases.

    Both vehicles are van conversions with slightly lowered roof lines. They are both reasonably well kitted out, although with eight seats in use there isn’t a lot of space for wheelchairs. The Citroen has both the  XS and M lengths on offer (M gives you 30+ cms extra length).

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