vw id3/4 in this months motability magazine

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    i got this months motability magazine in , i was looking through it and there was a picture of a vw id3 or id4 i think , it was not saying you can get it .

    i was excited , so i would think they only put cars in adverts of cars we are getting  or are already on .

    so will the id3 or id4 be on soon

    or  was it a different car




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    I’m here thinking and feeling very ungrateful. Vauxhall have been quite nice and the Mokka looks interesting so I’m sticking to Mokka 🙏🏽😬. It’s electric, heated electric seats that gives you a massage heated steering wheel and parks for you. My last 2 cars parked for me which helps a lot. I’m just going to give thanks and stick to the MOKKA for sure 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

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    Thank you Rox
    Hope your back stopped playing up.
    yes I’m going to stick with Mokka I need to stop and be great full for what I have and what I’m going to have Mokka looks impressive and it’s got some good add ins I’m sticking with Mokka. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    Chub “like the look of the ID3″… must agree. I’ve now seen one in the metal rather than in photos. They look “right” straight away, like Issigonis’ Mini or the old DS.

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    Comfort and safety of an understressed engine. Yes very funny. I am sure all ferarri’s are designed with that in mind. Suspension tweaked too, for that comfortable, middle aged ride. The new HS on the scheme does 0-60 in under 7 seconds. But doesn’t go around bends. What engines in modern cars of two litres plus are stressed today? get a BMW. 4×4 that’s quick, goes around bends quickly. I don’t undertstand what people expect from a charity set up to get the disabled mobile. We all have the option of buying or leasing our own cars. If you want something else get a caterham, keep it in the garage and take it out in summer. Get a clio 172 for well under 5k and thrash it around. Being disabled is just like everyone else’s life, if you want something special, save for it or work harder or study and earn more.

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    Even the Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2.0L – which is a eCVT – does 0-60 in 7.9 seconds!

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    Good try. But I’m not taking the bait. Try elsewhere…

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