vw id3/4 in this months motability magazine

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    i got this months motability magazine in , i was looking through it and there was a picture of a vw id3 or id4 i think , it was not saying you can get it .

    i was excited , so i would think they only put cars in adverts of cars we are getting  or are already on .

    so will the id3 or id4 be on soon

    or  was it a different car




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    Is it the one with the women of the TV on the front from Watchdog ?? if so just looked through it and i cannot see anything associated with the VW ID3 or 4 unless ive missed it.

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    can’t see it either

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    i dont know iv binned it


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    the Id4 and 3 were in the May 2020 addition as coming soon so maybe, the Feb 2021 edition is not online to download yet. it should be updated online soon. November 2020 is present online addition, but some will receive the February one in the post now as they are sent out upto 10 days in advance.


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    It was in the magazine a few months back as “coming soon” but masked a motability agent about them in December and they had heard nothing about it.

    This false reporting happens now and again in the magazine, if I remember correctly the Nissan leaf was reported as coming on soon but didn’t appear for years.

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    Hi.. You are correct… On page 50 in the section “Getting your new car” there is a picture of the ID3.

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    I think the id3 will come on shortly as I often check normal leasing deals and all leasing companies are pushing the id3 out at about £299 a month mark with £1500 up front, so this would suggest vw are keen to shift these cars and they would be mad to miss out on a lucrative mobility market.

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    carl that would be good , just one point your spelling error made me laugh thanks

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    Martinod, I received the motability magazine today and I’ve seen it too. I’m hoping that it will be on the scheme next quarter as it would be ideal for me.

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    For an electric car the ID 3 is so slooooooow. Hopefully with Motability we are not destined for a life in the slow lane when it comes to electric cars.

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    Martinod I should learn to proof read before I post ha ha.

    Harry the vw id3 does 0-62 in 7.3 seconds find me an ice car on the scheme that even comes close to that performance.  Its maximum speed is in excess of 70mph, motorway speed limits are 70 mph any more and you are breaking the law!  So I guess it’s got that covered aswell.   I would love to know what you are comparing it’s slow speed to…… a Ferrari 😆

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    Carl – something speedier than the ID3 on scheme? Go look at 3 door Cooper S. Comfortably prompt I reckon. Still, as far as I know, it’s about the only one to go sub-7secs for 0-60.

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    Thang you are spot on that mini 2.0 cooper s is sub 7 seconds and an outstanding little car.   But that type of engine and performance on the scheme is limited and possibly coming to the end, most new model cars are huge body tiny engines vehicles that propell at a slightly leisurely pace.  Even the mercedes cla coupe and bmw grand coupe are more towards the 8 half second mark and they are classed as sports cars!! Lol.

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    So when harry days they are slow what is he comparing it to?  I’m still puzzled by that one!!

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    I think it’s worth noting that the id3 (along with the majority of EV’s) wasn’t built to be a performance car or break speed records. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube and it still seems pretty quick


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    Getting back to a thread I posted about asking motability, why doesn’t someone phone them and ask if it’s coming on the scheme. They have a list of cars coming in the future.

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    When I had a chat with our VW Motability guy a few weeks ago he did not think the iD3 would come onto Q1 or Q2. He said private sales were going very well so didn’t think it would come onto the scheme, he would let me know as soon as he knew.  When I spoke to Motability just before Christmas they couldn’t say yes or no to the iD3. I will try on Monday.

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    Sadly, Carl, I suspect you’re correct about the Mini. Glad I’ve got two years left on my one! Chose it just before the end of Q4 2019. Plenty of choice for those of us who want some power-to-weight of the positive variety. Could have had Alfa Giulia or any number of BMW and VAG machine doing 0-60 in less than 7secs. All gone. The motoring Morality Squad see only the performance figures and, thus, want to stop us all racing up to 155mph in shortest possible time. They completely ignore, and wouldn’t understand, the advantages in comfort and safety of an under-stressed engine.

    Must assume that the “slow” thing about the ID3 comes from comparison with Tesla  vehicles which are, some would say, unnecessarily quick. A 0-60 of 4secs or less?

    Hope ID3 does make it on to scheme within next two years. Would have one in a moment! Almost the same performance as the Mini but with RWD. But that configuration means we can get it drifting and the Morality Squad won’t like that!

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    Ohhhh no I just ordered the Mokka thinking ID3 wasn’t coming out any time soon. I am now regretting it as I would love a Id3 😭😭😭😭

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    when I spoke to Motab about new cars coming out on the scheme, I was told new cars join the scheme towards the end of the quarter.

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    Dunno, Chub. You’ve probably done the right thing. Give the ID3 a year or two (or three) to get itself sorted. That is, wait for wonky software to make itself known and wait for VW to get enough complaints about touch-screen dangers to fit a good set of levers and buttons!

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    Thank you Tharg, ☺️. I’ve been trying to find things to make me feel like have made the right decision. It’s hard. My last VW was a ok. My illness makes me very indecisive 🤷. I like the look of the ID 3 more then the mokka – 10 year old is reading this saying wow you haven’t even got it and your shaming it👀👀.
    Eeeeeeek!! If the VW does not park for you then MoKka is the winner😂

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    Thargs right imo chub it’s better to have something that is practical as well as functional that meets your needs now, than wait for something to come along (who knows when and at what price) That you might not even like whemn you drive it or see the specs.

    vw’s new model seems to be less as standard and more addon’s

    I am so glad i did not wait for the golf 8 to arrive as i had a mk7 which i liked alot only not the seats. After 20/30 mins my back would get pain that just got worse and worse.

    3 years comes around pretty quickly really and i reckon prices and what ev’s are on offer will be alot better than now..

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    The x1 xline 20i x drive 8speed auto is 0-62 in 7.4 seconds.

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