Volvo XC40 R Design Pro available 4 weeks

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    I’m having to cancel an order for a Volvo XC40 R Design Pro in Glacier Silver which is due to be delivered in 4 weeks. Just wondered if anyone interested in taking the order over. It does have a few extras – panoramic sunroof, rear camera & sensors and Android/Apple car play.

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    👍. Thanks for the reply.

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    Hi Kenny

    @Kenny As Andy enquired first I obviously have to give him first option but if you let me have your contact details, I can let you know if that doesn’t proceed for any reason. Cheers Rowland

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    No worries.  We just put down a deposit in the last couple of days, so unsure they would be able to change/swap it over now for us personally anyway.

    Good luck on the new vehicle when you get it 👍

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    I just thought I’d provide an update on this thread…

    @Rowls1958 kindly offered his new car order to me (it is exactly the same spec as mine, but also includes a sunroof). Thankfully Motability did not have an issue with this arrangement and stated it was really up to the dealer.

    We both contacted the dealer individually, who confirmed they were happy for me to take on the new car order.👍🏻

    Hopefully, the new car will be delivered to the dealer within the next few days, and we shall be able to collect shortly thereafter.

    All that remains, is for me to thank:

    Firstly, this forum. Without which I wouldn’t have been able to make contact with @Rowls1958.👍🏻

    Secondly to @Rowls1958 for his kind offer in starting this thread. 👍🏻

    Thirdly to Motability in enabling this transaction to happen.👍🏻

    Finally to the dealer who could have sold this car to a private buyer (at better commission?).👍🏻

    I shall report again, once I collect the car…

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    Brilliant – pleased it has all worked out. Look forward to an update when you collect the car.

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    Well done Andy.  Good news!

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    Excellent congratulations, great choice 👍

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    I’ve just been called by the dealer. The car is being delivered to them tomorrow, and we shall collect it on Thursday…👍🏻

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