Volkswagen Golf 8 delivery delays

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    Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone is in the same situation as me. It is regarding delays in delivery of our VW Golf, my order is for a 1.5 DSG Life. Our car was ordered on 2/07, built on week 34 (24-29/08), received the Stage 5a notification on 03/09 from the VW tracker app, and that’s it, nothing since, contacted our local VW dealership here in Plymouth, and they’ve not been much help, last time I spoke to them, more than a month ago, I was told our car was waiting for a ‘certificate of conformity’, one thing though, Corona Virus has not been mentioned once as an excuse, is anyone else experiencing something similar?.

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    Dave G

    I’m on the same boat but with bmw. Ordered mid July. It’s been 3 and a half weeks now the vehicle is sitting at the Port and I was told delivery was the week of last week. Emailed the dealer to be only told they’re waiting on other vehicles also. Quite frustrating.

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    Clipped wings

    Not sure if Felixstowe is the relevant port, but it is allegedly in chaos and that is before any brexit influence.  Inbound container Ships have been diverted to Rotterdam due 10 days wait for a berth. Lorries cannot enter to collect containers. Partly due to 1000s of containers of uncollected NHS PPE clogging up the system. Hancock’s half hour strikes again.

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    Atiq Urrehman

    Im in the same situation with bmw i ordered in july and i contacted them the other day and now they said i should expect delivery on first week of new year due to the lockdown

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    andrew meaney

    Yes I heard that too about Felixstowe, pretty sure VW only use Sheerness and Grimsby, not sure if BMW use those ports though. The hold ups appear to be once the cars have been built rather than the production side. I shall have to contact my dealership this, just make sure my car insurance etc has been extended, and to find out if they know anymore, that’s if I can get hold of anybody.

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    Dave G

    I mean if there was a delay or problem at the Port, the dealer would inform me. The only response I get is we’re waiting for upto 10 other vehicles also to arrive on a transporter. I hope i’m wrong but here’s me thinking I have to wait for other vehicles YOUR dealership orders to build, wait for them also and sacrifice my time?

    I love it how dealers try and play it smart. On my order note it says est 30/11/20. Live chat say it is built earlier than expected and should’ve arrived last week. Now the dealer says the 30th is not arrived yet. I hope it is a Port issue otherwise I will get answers and forward a complaint to Motability about them.

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    John Newton

    Hi guys at least your cars are close I ordered my Merc B200 in July and my dealer is saying it might not get it until maybe March. On the upside at least it will be a 21 plate.

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    Dave G

    Yes John it may be close but the question is it’s been in the UK since 27/10. What on earth is going on? It should only take a week from there which is i’d say 9th Nov. Live chat also said week of 8th Nov. It’s the 20th today, still no clear answer. If it is built earlier than expected it should be delivered earlier just as fellow members are receiving it early.

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