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    I placed an order for my first mobility car which was  a bmw 2 series GC,  in June 2020 for delivery in december.  The delivery date then changed to January, then February and now March.  The time delay was not a problem as I have a private car.

    The problem – the original sales man placed the order on the BMW system and I had the corresponding BMW paperwork that day, I chose the colour of the car and corresponding leather interior.  The AP of the vehicle at that time was I belive £1799 for the M Sport model.

    However, that sales man never placed the order on the mobility system and during the covid lock down has left the company.   I had an email from a new salesman who stated the vehicle was now in and ready for collection in March but a mobility application would have to be submitted now, as it wasn’t completed at that time.    However the AP for that vehicle is now  £2799. And they expect that full payment which is £1000 more than when I ordered the vehicle.

    Any advice is welcomed.

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    Thank you all for your positivity 😁👍

    Lord muc,  I have gone for black msport 2 series GC.  With the red leather combo.  Just fancied something dufrent from the regular black.   I’ve been waiting so long for this car, that’s I am super excited!

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    I had the same sort of experience with my X1 the salesperson left without entering the right paperwork I only found out after 3 months when I phoned for an update!

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    Lord Muc


    Nice one, very stylish, I have white with red, this car looks so good and drives so well. You will love it.

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    Lord muc, that’s a good combo that you have.

    How you getting on with the Red Leather?  I pushed the boat out as I didnt want the standard black leather.

    How does it drive, havent actually test driven it due to covid restrictions.   Getting excited now,  had an email and it’s due for collection on saturday.

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Carl, the red leather is great, I just love the looks, it will look stunning contrasting on black. Seats are very comfortable, I have mine low and reclining back. Just get get in and drive it home, no spoilers from me now. You won’t be disappointed, try and get a motorway journey in, sublime.</p>

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    Lord muc, you are getting my juices flowing now ha ha. .

    I have a 5 mile short motorway journey on routine home so I will open her out a bit!! I’m provisionally picking it up on saturday afternoon, cant wait.

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