Trump or Biden, does it matter?

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    The American election is immanent does the outcome matter to us?

    I really do think that trump is a clown but is the best option for the UK with regard to a beneficial trade deal.

    Biden is likely to put America back on an even keel but I’m not sure he is pro UK, with the Democratic parties Irish ties I think a EU deal that doesn’t hurt Ireland would be a prerequisit to a UK/USA trade deal

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    Wigwam – just Google ‘Trump crimes’ and knock yourself out.

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    Oh, I see, it’s on the internet so it must be true.

    In my past job, in very simple terms I learn’t that to establish a criminal offence I had to be able to cite the legislation which made an act criminal, provide evidence that showed someone had breeched that legislation and then satisfy a court of law that I was right.

    I didn’t know Google had replaced all that and I’m not saying he isn’t a criminal, I just asked what his particular crimes were…

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    But they just spent 3 years with there best lawyers trying to find dirt on trump and his family and they got a total of no charges ,zilch. Lets see if the bidens, clintons, pelosi’s and there families can stand the same sort of scrutiny .

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    Stav if the others you mention are crooked that doesn’t mean being crooked is ok. Trump is desperate to stay in power for another four years as the statute of limitation on some of his crimes would mean he wouldn’t stand trial for them.

    The mueller trial found a list of misdemeanours but he bottled it and left any further action to Bill Barr who is in Trumps pocket.

    There are a few investigations ongoing against trump some of which, at state level, he may be able to pardon himself, it’s never been done before but that won’t stop him trying.
    At state level the President can’t pardon himself and this is likely where he will meet his Waterloo and jail is the likely outcome.

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    Brydo, I repeat the question – what crimes?

    Investigations aren’t crimes, allegations aren’t crimes.  What is it that you believe he will end up in jail for doing?

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    Three wise Monkeys time Wigwam. If you really cant see what sort of creature Trump is I feel sorry for you. He’s a racist, a bigot, a professional liar, misogynist and there are several women who have accused him of sexual assault all waiting for the chance to take him to court. Then there are the Federal authorities waiting to talk to him about his “business affairs” in Russia. Perhaps they will find out what Putin has on him to make him so pliable in his dealings with the Russian dictator.

    He faces charges for obstruction of Justice, Federal taxes violations, Campaign finance violations, New York Tax violations, Real estate Fraud etc etc. A real pillar of the community and of course his biggest crime is that he has left the USA divided as never before having legitimised fascist organisations. You can find many more examples of his misdemeanours on the internet, if you really want to.

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    As I said, I’m not defending Trump. I was looking for clarity about his alleged crimes. And you quote me the internet Daf!

    I rest my case.

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    At least we won’t have to suffer Government by Tweet. I’m sure he will still tap away into Twitter but at least he won’t be forming world-changing policy like a 14-year-old schoolkid who wants to impress his/her mates. At least, I hope not – he might still find a way to hold on to power. Declare war on China? Nuke Philadelphia? Don’t put anything past Donny Orange!

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    Mike 700

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    If you’re unwilling to believe all the easily verified and proven reliable Information Sources available via the internet (as opposed to Trump’s Twitter or the Daily Moan), I think you’ll just have to do your own, independent, research.  Maybe you could call a few of the Lawyers involved in the multiple investigations and ask them to send you copies of the files pertaining to Trump’s criminal activities?


    Cyrus Vance (Manhattan District Attorney) and Prof. Corey Brettschneider (Professor of Political Science at Brown University) regarding sexual harassment cases; Nick Akerman of Dorsey & Whitney (Lawyer and former Federal Prosecutor) regarding Tax Evasion; New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James, also has an active Tax Fraud investigation into Trump and his family company, the Trump Organization . . .

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    Wigwam, I realise that with your conspiracy theory tendencies, it is difficult to accept any source of information you disagree with. However I have found the mainstream internet a reliable source of accurate information. The instances highlighted are actual ongoing legal investigations that were only suspended due to Presidential immunity.

    I have no doubt that these investigations will gain new momentum now Trump is exposed to fresh scrutiny. I also believe lots more examples of misconduct and criminality will also come to light. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul, even though he has similar views to yours on Man made climate change and Covid.

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    How come that did not apply to bill clinton then, I think you slightly right and very much wrong. history tell us alot, but in the end he settled out of court for $850,000.

    I don’t like trump but i see the hate campaign is still well alive and why exactly is that.. to deflect from the real criminal cartells. the bush’s, the clintons, the obama’s maybe. Who put there by the central bankers and are all career politicians. it’s the same here in the uk.. it’s all a scam like a magic trick, look over here while they over there where something is happening under the table that everyone can see but just doesn’t see..

    The thing is, is trump part of it all or is he an outsider, as pretty much no one gets to be at the top without the nod from the shadows, is that the reason for all the kick back. the scandal only happened once he was running for president.. With a huge empire already? makes me think of arni and him running to expose corruption. or Matteo Salvini’s war against the mafia. they hated by the mainstream and how dare they mess it up for us all on the payroll and expose us.. We will close ranks on them and the people will fall for it over and over.. we will call them names paint them as this or that and turn angry mobs on them..

    Any alternative view is conspiracy theory. Thats so convenient for whom.. now it’s just removed as misinformation but who decides that.. The same people telling you the lies you believe and follow and trust.

    Who dropped the most bombs of any american president and got a nobel peace prize also.

    Who went to war because of weapons of mass destruction that was not there.. and who covered it all up and fixed it so it all went away.. Sometimes the maths don’t add up, covert ops, regime change and wars and selling drugs to fund black ops not sanctioned.

    I guess next the cia and mi5 don’t really exist as if they do then you got to ask what else are they capable off doing if they can plan regime change and other wars in the name of something they stired up.. as then you get spoils of war, ie contracts….$$$.

    Promising two sides the same thing to get them on side to fight the germans was not relly a good idea by the uk, but they was desperate. Opened a can of worms that’s been going for thousands of years. The uk was the peace force but had to call in the UN after it all turned nasty, but look someone bank rolled hitler also, and it probally is the same entities bank rolling us all now due to covid. As with all wars in the past you need funds / a war chest. A smart one would back both sides then when one wins over the other he wins..

    Real or not it don’t matter, i do think our days as free people are gone already the faces change but the policy gets worse and worse. How will it all panout, one cannot say there are many ways it can but in the other battle against the bric nations well, one needs to look way back in history to the opium war days with china, is a good place to start. East against west one will win out one way or another, The germans used to buy companies in countries they would soon invade and then when they did invade them, levelled all the non german ones.. bric money is buying up asset’s after asset in the west and they are scared of the people waking up to it all.. There’s deffo a transfer of wealth going on to the east as they buying all the gold right now as well. I do think the usa has had it’s day and is on borrowed time and we will go down with it..

    hence all this talk of the reset and like anything they need something to blame it on.. brexit, covid or a war it don’t matter..

    The bankers at the city of london are a bigpart of the system, moving the offshore money about, thats also very key to all of this as it hides the tracks of those involved. just look at wiki leaks and assange or snowdon the whistleblowers pay bigtime and other will think twice of doing the same… So really it don’t matter who’s in power, it only matters who’s never gonna get anywhere near power as the narrative is controlled by the agenda setout by the few..




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    True, there is a History of Presidents and Prime Ministers quietly ‘forgetting’ the political crimes of their predecessors – e.g. Ford granted Nixon an Unconditional Pardon and Eden was allowed to ‘retire on health grounds’ after the Suez Crisis – but Capone thought he was untouchable and they nailed him for Tax Evasion.

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    Well I’ve tried to post twice now, and neither attempt has gone through.

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    Six days left to make a Deal and I think Bo-Jo is, quite frankly, screwed.  I’ve been watching a few videos by Phil Moorhouse and I think this one, posted this morning, sums up the situation nicely, both regarding Brexit and Biden:

    If you want to know about the ERG he refers to, it’s purpose, intentions and members past and present, try:


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    Mike 700

    Let’s get above this Trump and the Republicans are the Devil incarnate and Sleepy Jo, Kamala and the Democrats are a gift from God.

    It’s ironic really that the people now elated that Sleepy Joe’s win, are likely to be the very same people who previously hated America and everything it stands for, or was it that they hated the Republicans ( conservatives)?

    I am not a Trump supporter in any way ,and frankly I don’t really like him , nor the Republicans particularly, but they attract huge numbers of supporters ( 63 million in 2016, and 71 million in 2020 ) and frankly the election is not our business, even though the BBC and other media outlets have made it no1 News Story , conveniently burying Brexit and Coronavirus, which frankly, are of far more significance to us than what happens in the US.

    It’s also ironic that the claims of electoral fraud are dismissed out of hand , but if there were such claims over electoral fraud in any other country ,or had there been any suspicions about the Scottish Independence referendum, or the Brexit vote, there would have been massive demands for re – runs etc.

    I don’t know if there were electoral frauds going on in Arizona , Nevada or Pennsylvania, but if it is proven that there were, then Trump’s assertion that the whole result is questionable, is legitimate?

    Not supporting either side –  I dislike Trump and think that Biden really is ‘Sleepy Jo‘?



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    I agree mike 700 plus bidens plan is just to change what trump did and we could talk geo politics forever and some would still say it’s not true. The world we live in is so polarised and that in it’s self is an age old form of control, divide and conquer.

    The only reason i care about the usa is because the dollar is the reserve currency of the world.

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    Mike, rox I’m not delighted Biden is in, I’m just delighted that Trump is out.

    I also think calling Republicans Tories is incorrect, both Democrats and Republicans would pass as Tories from our prospective. The Republicans are more like the ERG wing of the Tories.

    I do believe if there have been irregularities they should be addressed and fully scrutinised however i think all of this mud slinging is just Trumps way of deflecting the fact that he has lost. There would need to be thousands of fake ballots to get Trump back into the lead in Pennsylvania.


    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Is it just me or do Trump’s recent actions seem even more suss than normal? Refuses to admit defeat. Goes dead silent for a while. Then starts spouting world-class piffle about the vaccine AND, it seems, encouraging his supporters to take action over the “vote fixing”. Will the vaccine introduction and engineered unrest demand a State of Emergency and/or martial law in early 2021 and thus the need for the Orange One to stay in power? Wouldn’t surprise me one little bit.

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    Nor me tharg.

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