the joys of living in a “council house”

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    last oct i moved into what used to be a council bungalow now by an arms length housing association.

    basically the back garden if you can call it that consists of 8m x 12m of uneven grass and grass is being generous with a path down the centre from the back door to the back hedge. the left hand side is relatively flat. but the right hand side slopes away from the bungalow and from the path to next doors fence. the bottom right hand corner is approx 18 inches lower than the path.

    being a good boy i wrote and asked for permission to lift the grass on the right hand side level the top half of the right hand side and step the bottom half put down weedproof membrane and gravel. build some raised beds.

    boy what a palaver i unleashed, got a letter yesterday with a list of conditions and requirements the killer being that all work must be carried out by a qualified contractor etc etc.

    you would have thought that they would be grateful someone wants to improve it.

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    Pics @Karenj we love pics if possible, 😆, well done though sounds great👍


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    had a conversation with our local dobbies yesterday and it turns out they will deliver bulk orders and are happy to bring it up to the house. many bulk deliveries will only deliver roadside which is a pain as its 20 odd meters from the road to the gate to the back garden.

    so bags of compost,manure,barkchippings and  decorative 20mm stone chips will be delivered on the 10th. to get it all myself in the car apart from the effort involved would take i reckon 10 trips or more so to get it all in one hit for £30 delivery is reasonable and theyve said i can add to the order if i want anytime up to the 9th.

    just need the weather and the “grass” to play ball.

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