The £30,000 cap

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    Why don’t Motability raise the cap every year? It could be done using the same figure used by the railways to raise their prices.

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    Good idea. We war pensioners can get a free Oyster card, I’ve never bothered as I’m very rarely in the city.

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    It’s only available if you live in one of the London boroughs and receive high rate mobility and meet the criteria of the scheme.



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    you dont have to live in a london borough, i have one i live in derbyshire, you cant have one if you live in a london borough and have a 60+ card because otherwise you would have 2 cards and may abuse them.

    from tfl website

    Who is it for?
    You can get a Veterans Oyster photocard if you:

    Receive ongoing payments under the War Pensions Scheme in your name. This includes widows, widowers and dependants
    Receive Guaranteed Income Payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme in your name. This includes widows, widowers and dependants
    Ongoing payments are awarded to service personnel who’ve sustained a certain level of physical or psychological injury in the line of duty. If you received a one-off gratuity payment instead, you can’t get a Veterans Oyster photocard.

    You also can’t get a Veterans Oyster photocard if you live in a London borough and are eligible for a 60+ London Oyster photocard or Freedom Pass.

    How to apply?
    You fill out an application form to apply for a Veterans Oyster photocard. Call us on 0343 222 1234 (call charges may apply) to get your form.

    Complete and return your form with:

    A photocopy of your Awards Notification or annual uprating letter from Veterans UK or the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (dated in the last two years)
    A passport-sized full-face photo including your head and shoulders. Don’t wear anything that covers your head unless worn for religious or medical reasons
    How to use
    Once you get your Veterans Oyster photocard, you can use it straight away.

    Make sure you touch in at the start of your journey and touch out at the end on yellow card readers. You only need to touch in on buses and trams.

    Your Veterans Oyster photocard expires on the date shown on the front of your card.


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    mitch  i dont  qualify     But  to  me  that was a great post !    And  i  imagine  it will help  a lot of  members  on  the  forum  and  outside .

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    Although a bit confusing as he didn’t quote the post to which he was replying, I think Phil’s post above yours about needing to live in London and receiving high rate mobility was about the Taxi-card (per posts on previous page of this thread), not the Veterans Oyster.

    I also have the Veterans Oyster and use it all the time when in and around London. It really is a decent ‘perk’, especially now such as TFL Rail (formerly Heathrow Connect) can be used on the stopping trains between Paddington and Heathrow.

    I would urge any War Pensioner/AFCS recipient to apply for one, whether a frequent or only occasional visitor to London.

    Linky to for details/how to apply for Veterans Oyster:


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    I meant a taxi card I’m not a veteran.

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    Posts do get a bit confused when a new page starts you can’t see the previous posts.

    But I also have a disabled Oyster card for tubes, buses and overground trains  in London.

    I’ve had both for several years now, so I did get about ok with those without a car.


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