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    I’m gonna try keep this short

    2018 spring time we got a Peugeot 3008, some of you may remember me posting on how I got the last 120bhp one in the uk as Peugeot discontinued that engine and changed it into a 130bhp, as a u25 driver I couldn’t get the new engine but luckily found one even tho it was 2 hours away.


    anyway fast forward to two months ago, the 8inch screen (that controls climate / sat nav) started restarting once and that’s it, then around early jan it’ll restart 4 times then completely go off.


    took it into my closest Peugeot (who I hate with a passion as when I was trying to get the 120bhp version they lied to me and said they had 12, also said disabled people should be happy with whatever car they get, don’t worry I got that guy fired and also got motability to set the dealership straight.

    anyway, took it on the 15th they said they fixed it, literally left the dealership and it happened again, then went back on the 21st, they said they don’t know what to do so they’ve contacted Peugeot in France, today they just got back to them and said to run more tests… I’m skipping a lot of other nonsense from Peugeot but now, even tho I love the car, Im turning 25 on Sunday and I’m thinking to cancel the Peugeot and go back to the Tiguan (had the first model and latest model but both s trim as u25, now I can get an r line) but part of me keeps hoping that motability will add more electric cars this year so I should hold out, eg VW are release 30 cars this year some electric such as the ID Crozz which is an suv starting around £30k so who knows…


    anyway I know some of us, me included know that motability can do much more when it comes to cars on the scheme but they’ve done some good things for me and my dad such as paying for train tickets there and back twice to Peterborough (where I got this car)

    payinh for my fuel as I keep going back and forth to Peugeot to fix this stupid problem

    and proving me a cab for the day when my cars at the dealership


    sorry for the long rant I tried to keep it short 😂


    actually before I end, I would like to say I look forward to whenever the mk3 of the Peugeot’s come out as the current 3008/5008/new 2008 and 508 are beautiful inside and out, once they get their electrical problems sorted out they’ll be making almost perfect cars

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    Peugeot have always had a bad reputation for their electrics

    Remember the old saying

    Once bitten twice shy? I rest my case

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    I think it’s quite harsh lumping Peugeot as shite because the piece of tech that wasn’t manufactured by Peugeot and the same piece of tech that is in 5 other brands cars has gone faulty on one car, I have had a VAG car for almost 3 years now and lots of things have gone wrong with that and quite a few are still faulty even after 6 attempts at fixing, should we all avoid any car made by the German manufacturer or would you say I was just unlucky to not just have one fault like the Peugeot but 7 persistent and apparently unfixable faults?!

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    Facelifted version of 3008 out in November this year.


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    Not a fan of Peugeot We have always go for Japanese cars

    me and my partner drive a mitsubishi mirage and as never gone wrong in 15 months

    of have it

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    I’ve personally owned a 106, 306 and 407 and while they all had “niggles” I never had any issues annoying enough to put me off of the brand, in fact, if they had been a little more reasonable in terms of AP, the 5008 and 508 would have been very high on my shortlist this time around.

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    Had a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso with the dodgy screen turning off, working sometimes but not others, problem… which was a problem because it lost the speedo so wasn’t legal to drive.

    Current SEAT Alhambra has other electrical gremlins, boot opening by itself in the middle of the night, parking sensors going crazy, etc.

    Trouble is I’ve already seen the next car I’m thinking of have a dashboard reboot, & that’s not even a european car.

    I’ll manage with these dodgy cars, but worry that the same gremlins are happening on aircraft, & that’s a bit more serious.

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    We have a Peugeot 3008 Gt Line now…three months left on its three year lease…never missed s beat….its been superb.

    Just fancy a change for the next one, hence a Tiguan RLine DSG now on order.



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    My Alhambra has opened all windows/sunroof/both sliding doors and boot during the night a few times, parking sensors go mental all the time and the right rear corner has a massive blind spot, the infotainment screen has frozen many times and only way to reset is to stop and switch off, switch back on and perform a reset that takes a couple of minutes (not great on the motorway), the window switches only work 40% of the time, my heating system is totally screwed, cold air until you get to “HI” and then boiling, satnav has no on-screen directions at all and looses addresses all the time, stop/start is rubbish turns the engine off way before you come to a standstill, keeps running when in queueing in traffic right until you put your foot on the gas to set off and then cuts the engine, traction control is lethal, when trying to accelerate with any steering lock on it cuts power completely until it decides you probably want to drive now and then it switches off as you have your foot hard down by this time and just spins the wheels wildly, last but not least is the 30mpg.

    There are other problems but I’ve lost the will to tell.

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    My brothers got an ateca XCL and it has the parking sensor issue as well, but it’s only happened once or twice.


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    It’s odd the open widows thing with VAG cars as I had that with my 64 plate Golf and 61 plate Seat Leon though never ever happened with my 58 plate Golf. Did it about once a year and always on hot summer nights so wonder what it is and why they have never address it.

    A part from that the 2 Golf’s and 1 Leon never let me down once other than maybe one or possibly two software hiccups that turning off and on again fixed over the 10 years I had the cars.

    Back to topic and the only thing I’ve got against Citroen or Peugeot is there French, the don’t buy our Beef, I don’t buy there cars. 😂

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    Pretty soon PSA group will have a huge share of the car market and it will be increasingly difficult to avoid buying a car with French ties, I don’t really car who owns shares in the company that builds my car as well as who actually builds it because not many are built in France, some non French cars are built in France, the AllSpace is built in Mexico, hardly a name for quality and reliability there.

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    Hi Vinalspin,   Will you be thinking of buying your Alhambra now it’s 3 yrs old?

    Regards, wonky

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    We looked at the Vauxhall grand land until we found out it was pug 3008 based so walked away, some of the french motors are stunning but the gremlins most of them come with would be unbearable to live with. Likewise any car can have bugs but onto our 5th German car ( I’m counting MINI as German) and never had any major problems.

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    Are there, in fact, any cars that were ‘Designed by Italians and Built by Germans’ – i.e the perfect car?

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    No way would I ever consider buying the Alhambra.

    It’s still got all the faults and only had a service at 13,000 miles and then went 2 years and 29,500 miles without any maintenance at all until it had it’s last service & MOT 2 weeks ago.

    I pity the poor sucker who gets this lemon that will no doubt be touted as “one careful motability owner” car, the cost of fixing all the problems now it’s out of warranty will be in the thousands.

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    Hi Vinalspin,  I was just teasing about buying, (ha ha ).  I’ve noted over several months your disgraceful problems including lack of service. I too have an Alhambra!!

    Good luck with your new PEUGEOT 😊

    Regards,  wonky

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    Same here had problems with my 3008 right from the get go which is why i returned it after just 8 months. Woke up one morning with all the windows down on about 4 occasions. Came out of the supermarket and the wipers were going like the clappers. Entertainment screen locking up and randomly re booting at least 3 times a week and the drivers seat started to unpick its stitching on the edges for no apparent reason. I will never touch another french car ever.

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    Just went to the dealership for the 4th time, they’re just running tests again to send to Peugeot in France so will have to go for a 5th and probably even a 6th…

    it’s a shame because like I said before the cars have so much going for them, been looking at 3008 forums and too many people experiencing the same problem.

    anyway I’ll wait for them to fix it as I can’t be bothered to cancel it then wait 3-5 months for another car, nothing appeals to me atm anyway

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    On the subject of French cars ; I have never actually owned a Peugeot but I have had two Citroens on the scheme – a C2 1.6 VTR back in the day & a few years later a stunning DS3 when they first came out. Never had a single problem with either of them & I have to say that to this day – Citroen remains one of my favourite brands!

    I’m not due to change cars for almost a year yet but the new DS3 Crossback looks stunning and will be on my shortlist. I also love the look of the new Peugeot 208 GT Line which is winning lots of plaudits & rave reviews.


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    Trouble these days with lumping cars by country “never get another French car” etc is that when you check where each car is actually built and what parts are shared amongst different manufacturers then apart from some east Asian companies they all have lots of fingers in the same pies so to speak and none of them are trouble free, you only have to do a search on any car for sale about problems and dozens of threads on multiple forums pop up with folks all screaming about never again this and should have bought that, in short, it’s all about luck and not which country the badge originated in.

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    A fact to consider is that many new models can and do improve as production proceeds and being first in line of a new production can have it disadvantages

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    If buying it’s usually best to get something around the 2-3 year old mark as most will have had the niggles ironed out and the factory recalls mostly done, I know that’s not set in stone but you only have to look at things like phone software and the many problems they have with new editions.

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    Solent I sat in the new 208 today it’s really nice, you should consider the 2008 too if it meets your needs

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    I was gonna write yesterday that Peugeot finally fixed the car but of course I knew it was too good to be true and now after FOUR times of them saying they’ve fixed it, the same problem happens again, I’m not even angry anymore I just find it funny now

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    Solent I sat in the new 208 today it’s really nice, you should consider the 2008 too if it meets your needs

    Indeed – the new 2008 GT looks terrific too. Good to see Peugeot’s design department have got their mojo back after years of bland & boring designs.

    I am seriously considering the new Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2.0L Hybrid that’s just come out and ready to order from now… and it’s just joined the scheme too. Not a bad AP at £1,575 either…

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